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Index of The Haunting of Hill House Series (Cast, All Seasons & Episodes Recap)


The series has the potential to make you cry while sending a chill down your spine. It’s much more than just a Hollywood Horror series in 2020 which has so many emotions entwined that it leaves you stunned by the last episode.

It’s a gem that everyone needs to explore, and the Best horror tv show to watch and received huge critical acclaim for its acting, production, script and directing. And that’s exactly why we have brought you its index. We don’t want you to miss out on this masterpiece! Dive right in!

The Haunting of Hill House Poster
The Haunting of Hill House Poster
  • Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery
  • IMDb Rating: 8.7/10
  • Written By: Mike Flanagan, Elizabeth Ann Phang, Meredith Averill, Jeff Howard
  • Directed By: Mike Flanagan
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Flicks AU
  • Total Seasons: 2 Seasons
  • Total Episodes: 10 Episodes
  • Running Period: 2018-2020

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The Haunting Of Hill House Cast & All Characters List

  • Michiel Huisman and Paxton Singleton as Steven Crain
Steven Crain
Steven Crain
  • Carla Gugino as Olivia Crain
Olivia crain
Olivia crain
  • Timothy Hutton and Henry Thomas as Hugh Crain
Hugh crain
Hugh crain
  • Elizabeth Reaser and Lulu Wilson as Shirley Crain Harris
Shirley Crain Harris
Shirley Crain Harris
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Julian Hilliard as Luke Crain
Luke Crain
Luke Crain
  • Kate Siegel and Mckenna Grace as Theodora
  • Victoria Pedretti and Violet McGraw as Eleanor
  • Annabeth Gish as Clara Dudley
Clara Dudley
Clara Dudley
  • Anthony Ruivivar as Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris
  • Samantha Sloyan as Leigh Crain
Leigh Crain
Leigh Crain
  • Robert Longstreet as Horace Dudley
Horace Dudley
Horace Dudley
  • Levy Tran as Trish Park
Trish Park
Trish Park
  • James Lafferty as Ryan Quale
Ryan Quale
Ryan Quale
  • James Flanagan as Funeral Director
Funeral Director
Funeral Director
  • Jordane Christie as Arthur Vance
Arthur Vance
Arthur Vance
  • Elizabeth Becka as Aunt Janet
Aunt Janet
Aunt Janet
  • Logan Medina as Jayden Harris
Jayden Harris
Jayden Harris
  • May Badr as Allie Harris
Allie Harris
Allie Harris
  • Anna Enger as Joey
  • Fedor Steer as William Hill
William Hill
William Hill

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Index Of The Haunting Of Hill House (All Episodes)

A detailed Haunting of hill house synopsis for each episode written below and presented one table for the haunting of hill house Index about all episodes along with official watch links. check them below.

Index Of The Haunting Of Hill House Season 1

The Haunting of Hill House season 1 poster
The Haunting of Hill House season 1 poster
  • Number of Episodes: 10
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime

| | Name of The Episode | Availability | | --- | --- | --- | | Episode 1 | Steven Sees a Ghost | Watch It Now | | Episode 2 | Open Casket | Watch It Now | | Episode 3 | Touch | Watch It Now | | Episode 4 | The Twin Thing | Watch It Now | | Episode 5 | The Bent-Neck Lady | Watch It Now | | Episode 6 | Two Storms | Watch It Now | | Episode 7 | Eulogy | Watch It Now | | Episode 8 | Witness Marks | Watch It Now | | Episode 9 | Screaming Meemies | Watch It Now | | Episode 10 | Silence Lay Steadily | Watch It Now |

Haunting Of Hill House Season 1 Episode 1: Steven Sees A Ghost

Recap: The pilot episode starts with a narration of Steve’s, which happens to be from his book “The Haunting of the Hill House one that is based on his early childhood experience while living in a haunted hill house with his parents Hugh and Olivia, and also his siblings Shirley, Theo, Nell, Steve, and Luke.

Repeated paranormal activities which were left neglected under the belief that ghosts don’t exist, build up to a fatal incident which causes everyone to flee, leaving Olivia in the mansion. Olivia dies due to the influence of the spirits, leaving a permanent, sad dent in the family’s heart.

Years down the line, Steve decides to write a book on the same. However, he doesn’t mention, or rather misses most of the haunting incidents because he never seemed to believe in ghosts rather, found it crazy or maniac.

Meanwhile, Theodora is seen in a bar, flirting with a woman called Trish with whom she goes home and sleeps after. Elsewhere, Nell has been actively trying to contact Shirly and Steve, but none of them responds causing her to resort to her father Hugh to express concern about Luke. Luke is in rehab, dealing with staying clean from drugs, but Nell feels as though he is not alright.

Steve returns home and sees Luke fleeing with his costly equipment. He asks him to leave behind some, not steal, and hands him money instead. When he reaches his room, he finds Nell where she acts awry and scared, as though something terrible was happening and she wanted to communicate that.

Moments later he gets a call from Hugh informing him that Nell went to the Hill House and is now dead. This makes Steve realise that he just saw Nell’s ghost. you need to take a trail account of Netflix to watch the haunting of hill house free online in 2020.


Episode 2: Open Casket

Recap: Flash backwards in time and we see Shirley discovering a bunch of kittens in a box under a shed. She runs to Hugh and Olivia and somehow convinces them to allow her to keep it. She and Nell sit together adoring them, and they go downstairs to fetch a bottle of milk to feed the crying kittens.

They waltz back into the room to find an ice-cold, dead, frozen kitten. A sicky looking, weak and frail dead body of it; Shirley enters a state of shock. She touches it and presses it multiple times but to no avail. And as days passed by, no matter how well she took care of them, all of them died one by one.

After Olivia’s death during her funeral, Shirley walks up to her mother’s mortified dead body along with a mortician, and is surprised how her dead mother looked so alive and beautiful, ironically. It’s that day that she resolves to grow up and become a mortician herself.

Years later, she and her husband run a funeral business together. She rents out her guest house to Theodora, who practically stays there and is a child therapist. Steven calls Shirley up and conveys the news that Nell’s dead. Devastated and petrified, Shirley somehow manages to recover and asks Steven to get her Nell’s dead body, as she was willing to embalm her sister with her own hands.

However, while doing so, Shirley has a ghastly, ghoulish encounter with a ghost from her past, that leaves her distraught.


Episode 3: Touch

Recap: The audience revisits the past and gets to know that Theodora has a special ability to be able to feel things when she touches them with her bare hands which is why she always wears gloves. Back in the Hill House days, she once helped Luke go to the basement cellar of the mansion in the dumbwaiter, merely because Luke was curious.

Luke has a ghastly encounter with a spirit there, which shakes him to his core. However, what was even more surprising was that there was no sign or mark of it in the Hill House blueprints, much to Hugh and Olivia’s surprise.

Luke tries to tell everyone what happened but no one believes it. But Theo was an eye witness, so she investigates and finds the basement cellar herself. Her mother, Olivia, sits her down and tells her how her grandmother and her daughters (her own self included) have the ability to feel things which can get bad sometimes. So she hands her a pair of gloves to wear at all times.

Theo is currently dealing with a little girl who is seeking therapy, who says that Mr.Smiley torments her, a monster that lives in her basement. Frankly amusing, apparently, Theo finds herself unable to read the child with her bare hands as well.

So she visits the foster house, goes to the basement, and sits on the couch touching it with her bare hands. She sees that the child’s own foster father had been molesting her for nights straight, which manifested in her vision as Mr Smiley.

Theo visits the morgue and touches Nell with her bare hands, only to scream and cry and sit back, shaken. The episode ends with a flashback of how Theo touched her father when they were leaving Hill House, and saw that Hugh and Olivia had fought with Olivia being pushed against a wall and hitting her head.


Episode 4: The Twin Thing

Recap: As a child, Luke was always frustrated that his family never believed him. He had a friend Abigail, who would come visit her often and lived in the woods, but her family thought of her to be imaginary as well. Since a kid, he wore a baseball hat at all times one which Olivia found in the Hill Mansion’s attic. As a child, Luke had a tall man’s spirit visit him almost every night, asking for the baseball hat.

Today, Luke has been clean for 90 days and he plans on staying that way. Luke and Nell a share a twin thing, a special, weird feeling that one feels when the other is physically ill or in a pickle. In the rehab, Luke’s best friend Joey decides to plunge back into drugs and runs away after being clean for so long.

Luke follows her, trying to bring her back and stop her from doing so. However, he runs cold and stiff when he does find her. With nowhere to go and no place to live, Luke breaks into Steven’s house and steals stuff to sell. When he does get the money, Joey mugs him, and people come and hit him – leaving him shoeless, wandering around the street with the tall man following him constantly.

Having no safe place to seek refuge in, he calls the halfway house and implores them to take him back. In the meantime, Steven calls him and informs him that Nell’s no more. But the twin thing had already indicated to Luke that something was wrong with Nell. With the ghosts revisiting him from his past, it all started to make sense. He told Steven shakily that he was positive that Nell did not die of suicide.


Episode 5: The Bent-Neck Lady

Recap: As a child, throughout her time in the Hill House, Nell always encountered a ghastly looking lady with a broken neck, almost every night. Every time she would see the spirit she would freeze out of fear, which is grew into an acute condition of sleep paralysis that Nell was suffering from, even as an adult.

She is seeing a sleep technologist, Arthur, to deal with the same. The two of them click and start dating, and eventually get married. However, during one such night when Nell again gets paralysed in her sleep, Arthur tries to help her but dies due to brain aneurysm. And surprisingly so, the Bent-Neck lady was standing there, all along, and was probably the cause why Arthur died in the first place.

Nell started to get off her meds, which caused Theo and Steve to be mad at her. When her current therapist refers to the Hill House as a mere carcass in the woods, she gets enraged and drives down to the mansion.

When she enters the mansion, she enters a dream state which she begins to think is real. In an idyllic scenario, where her mother asks her to put on her wedding gown and acts normal like she normally would when Nell was a child. Arthur is alive too, and they both dance too as it was their wedding.

The house was beautifully decorated with warm lights and a gorgeous setting, but in reality, she was dancing all alone, in a shabby, web filled house that was in a broken state. She puts a noose around her neck, imagining it to be her mother’s locked, as Olivia pushes her and she hangs from the ceiling with a bent neck.

And time flashes and reveals that the Bent-Neck Lady that Nell had been seeing since a child was none other than her older self, haunting her young self, and the Hill House.


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Episode 6: Two Storms

Recap: This episode follows two timelines. One, back in the past in the Hill House when Nell goes missing, sending everyone in a frantic attempt to find her back. Olivia enters a strange state and starts acting weird or abnormal, much unlike her usual self.

When they do find Nell, she says that she had been standing there the whole time, but apparently, nobody could see her. She kept calling out and reaching out, but no one paid any heed.

The second timeline shows the whole of the Crain family meeting during Nell’s funeral, for the first time forever. Everyone demands answers from Hugh as to why Olivia was left behind, how did she die, what happened to her why were they left in the dark.

One confrontation led to the other, and several secrets were spilt. All of this keeps escalating and increasing till Nell’s coffin falls by itself, catching everyone’s attention and causing pin-drop silence. Nell’s spirit had been there the whole time, but no one could see her.


Episode 7: Eulogy

Recap: Hugh is shown prepping up and getting ready for the funeral, and confessing how he had been talking to Olivia all this while. He tries talking to Shirley, but she acts too constraint and restrictive to allow him to do so. He gets a chance to talk to Theo, and thankfully, they do have a heart to heart.

Flashback to the time when there was a build-up of mould and moisture, and while fixing it with Mr Dudley’s assistance, the latter reveals the similar past of the former occupants of the mansion. He then suggests Hugh let Olivia go and spend time away from the house, as she was acting erratic and insanely obsessive over it to which both Olivia and Hugh agree.

During the funeral, Olivia’s spirit attacks Luke and then attacks Theo and Hugh in Shirley’s office too. She even places buttons on Nell’s eyes (Nell loved buttons as a kid), to everyone’s horror. Luke goes missing after the funeral and we know where yes, he leaves for Hill House.


Episode 8: Witness Marks

Recap: Steven and Hugh drive in search of Luke, which gives the father-son duo to have a quality conversation. Steven tells his father that he always thought crazy ran in the family’s blood, and thus he got a vasectomy done to not pass it on.

Hugh then explains that the spirits were real, and Steven had been seeing them all along he just didn’t know that they were spirits. Meanwhile, Theo and Shirly get scared by repeated banging on the doors and windows, but every time they open it there’s no one there.

Shirley gets a message that Luke was using her credit card at a gas station that falls in the way to Hill house. They leave to get Luke back, and Hugh reveals to Steven that the family is like an “unfinished meal” to the Hill House and thus, going near the mansion is not safe.


Episode 9: Screaming Meemies

Recap: The whole story of how Olivia died is revealed. Olivia gets manipulated by the ghost of the previous owner of the mansion, Poppy Hill. She tells her how if she kills her children, they will always be safe be with her, and won’t have to face the world.

She thus wakes Abigail, Luke, and Nell up for a secret tea party in the Red Room. The senses that Olivia had been acting weird, and wakes Hugh up. Hugh realizes that the tea Olivia was serving was poisoned, and thus runs to stop just in time to save Nell and Luke, but too late to save Abigail. He gets the kids into the car and rushes them to somewhere safe; leaving behind a devastated Olivia who slips from the top spiral staircase and dies.


Episode 10: Silence Lay Steadily

Recap: Luke gets locked in the Red Room with Steven where the spirits try to kill her. Hugh tries to get in but is locked outside. Suddenly, Shirley and Theo find themselves there too. Everyone enters a horrid dream where they face their worst of fears, and before it turns any worse, Nell’s spirit appears in everyone’s dreams and takes them out of it.

Nell appears and explains everything, and tells everyone that everyone loved each other wholly, and there was no regret. Hugh asks Olivia to open the door of the Red Room, telling her that she needs to let her children go.

Hugh commits suicide to stay with Nell and Olivia in the Hill Mansion, and the rest of the siblings leave. Two years later they celebrate Luke’s sobriety, along with their parents and Nell.


Note: If you want to download the haunting of hill house season 1 to watch offline later anytime then you can make use the Netflix app offline feature.


Haunting of the Hill House is not just a horror story. It’s a story of broken families, unfinished reconciliations, and dark pasts that manifest from childhood fears. It’s about realizing the love you always had, accepting it, and restarting life all over again.

Sometimes, no matter how much you want someone or something, it’s best to let it go because sometimes letting go is the only way you can make sure that they’re happy. The series gives a whole new meaning to death.

Death can be beautiful sometimes too, just like when Hugh reconciles with Olivia and Nell’s ghosts. It was the closure he had been looking for all these years, and he gets it, and that makes everything alright. Nell’s last speech is a tearjerker, and it will always be like a podcast that you’d listen to every time you feel down.

The lines ring through your ears and send a chill down your spine “Forgiveness is warm. Like a tear on a cheek. Think of that and me when you stand in the rain. I loved you completely. And you loved me the same. That’s all. The rest is confetti. I learned a secret there’s no ‘without.’ I am not gone. I am shattered into so many pieces and sprinkled on your life like new snow.” A magnificent series, inside out. This is one of the best Horror web series you should watch online in 2020 and you should wait for the Haunting of hill house 2nd season to binge-watch.

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