Index Of The Office Series

The documentary-style series, called The Office, won hearts worldwide with its quirky, dark sense of humour, and the amazing poker faces that the characters manage to put up. With no background music or laughs assisting the show, the show manages to make you fall into ripples of laughter. And that’s exactly why this series is one of the best comedy series ever.

The series is the American counterpart of the British original, The Office adapted by Greg Daniels, starring the Golden Globe Award winner, Steve Carell. It has received a ton of awards, such as the Peabody Award, Outstanding Comedy Series, Primetime Emmy Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Highly acclaimed by critics and loved worldwide, this show is a binge-worthy series. Here’s an index prepared for you, so get your binge-mode on! 

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  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sitcom
  • IMDb Rating: 8.9/10
  • Written By: Mindy Kaling, Michael Schur, Greg Daniels, Ricky Gervais, Ken Wapis
  • Directed By: Randall Einhorn, Greg Daniels, B. J. Novak, Rainn Wilson, Ricky Gervais
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, Direc TV, Neon TV
  • Total Seasons: 9 Seasons
  • Total Episodes: 201 Episodes

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The Office Series All Cast & Characters

  • John Krasinski As Jim Halpert

jim halpert character pic

  • Rainn Wilson As Dwight Schrute

dwight schrute character pic

  • Jenna Fischer As Pam Beesly

pam beesley character pic

  • Leslie David Baker As Stanley Hudson

stanley hudson character pic

  • Brian Baumgartner As Kevin Malone

kevin malone character pic

  • Angela Kinsey As Angela Martin

angela martin character pic

  • Phyllis Smith As Phyllis Vance

phyllis vance character pic

  • Kate Flannery As Meredith Palmer

meradith palmer character pic

  • Creed Bratton As Creed Bratton

creed bratton character pic

  • Oscar Nuñez As Oscar Martinez

oscar martinez character pic

  • B.J. Novak As Ryan Howard

ryan howard character pic

  • Mindy Kaling As Kelly Kapoor

kelly kapoor character pic

  • Ed Helms As Andy Bernard

andy bernad character pic

  • Paul Lieberstein As Toby Flenderson

Toby Flenderson character pic

  • Steve Carell As Michael Scott

michael scott character pic

  • Craig Robinson As Darryl Philbin

darryl philbin character pic

  • Catherine Tate As Nellie Bertram

nellie bertram character pic

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Index Of The Office Series (Season 1 To Season 9)

Index Of The Office Season 1

index of the office season 1

  • Number of Episodes: 6
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, Direc TV, Neon TV
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The Office: An American WorkplaceWatch It Now
Episode 2Diversity DayWatch It Now
Episode 3Health CareWatch It Now
Episode 4The AllianceWatch It Now
Episode 5BasketballWatch It Now
Episode 6Hot GirlWatch It Now

Season Recap: Michael Scott gives a tour of the office, both for Ryan (who was a temporary employee, hired from the temp agency) and the cameramen for this comedy documentary. 

We meet the office’s chocolate boy, Jim Halpert who works in sales. Consequently, he has a crush on the receptionist, Pam Beesly, who is engaged to the warehouse worker Roy. We also meet the accounting team, headed by a small, snarky lady – Angela Martin, under whom Oscar and Kevin work. 

Dwight Schrute, assistant to the regional manager (aka Michael Scott) is an able salesman with weird disciplinary measures and believes in mythical creatures. Pam and Jim are seen to constantly play pranks on Dwight, as he is always on a paranoid streak, making him an easy target. 

Season 1 entails the storyline of how there have been speculations of the corporate deciding to downsize the branch. Thus, Michael tries to avoid the whole situation by not addressing his employees’ anxiety or downplaying it all to keep their morale intact. You can watch The Office popular Series season one through Netflix and Amazon Prime Online.

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Index Of The Office Season 2

index of the office season 2

  • Number of Episodes: 22
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, Direc TV, Neon TV
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The DundiesWatch It Now
Episode 2Sexual HarassmentWatch It Now
Episode 3Office OlympicsWatch It Now
Episode 4The FireWatch It Now
Episode 5HalloweenWatch It Now
Episode 6The FightWatch It Now
Episode 7The ClientWatch It Now
Episode 8Performance ReviewWatch It Now
Episode 9E-mail SurveillanceWatch It Now
Episode 10Christmas PartyWatch It Now
Episode 11Booze CruiseWatch It Now
Episode 12The InjuryWatch It Now
Episode 13The SecretWatch It Now
Episode 14The CarpetWatch It Now
Episode 15Boys and GirlsWatch It Now
Episode 16Valentine's DayWatch It Now
Episode 17Dwight's SpeechWatch It Now
Episode 18Take Your Daughter To Work DayWatch It Now
Episode 19Michael's BirthdayWatch It Now
Episode 20Drug TestingWatch It Now
Episode 21Conflict ResolutionWatch It Now
Episode 22Casino NightWatch It Now

Season Recap: Kelly is seen to have developed a crush on Ryan, while Michael hooks up with his boss, Jan Levinson. Dwight and Angela start to develop feelings for each other, however, they keep their relationship under covers. 

Meanwhile, Jim starts dating Kathy to get over Pam, but unfortunately, is still head over heels for her. However, Roy sets the date for the wedding in the Booze Cruise episode, much to Jim’s dismay. He gets depressed and breaks up with Kathy. 

Jim finally confesses his feelings for Pam on Casino night, and they both share a kiss. However, Pam is not ready to leave Roy just yet and things were bound to get hard for Jim after they’d gotten married. Henceforth, he transfers to the Stamford branch. you will enjoy watching this season a lot. You can watch The Office popular Series season two through Netflix and Amazon Prime Online.

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Index Of The Office Season 3

index of the office season 3

  • Number of Episodes: 23
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, Direc TV, Neon TV
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Gay Witch HuntWatch It Now
Episode 2The ConventionWatch It Now
Episode 3The CoupWatch It Now
Episode 4Grief CounselingWatch It Now
Episode 5InitiationWatch It Now
Episode 6DiwaliWatch It Now
Episode 7Branch ClosingWatch It Now
Episode 8The MergerWatch It Now
Episode 9The ConvictWatch It Now
Episode 10A Benihana Christmas-Parts 1 & 2Watch It Now
Episode 11Back From VacationWatch It Now
Episode 12Traveling SalesmenWatch It Now
Episode 13The ReturnWatch It Now
Episode 14Ben FranklinWatch It Now
Episode 15Phyllis' WeddingWatch It Now
Episode 16Business SchoolWatch It Now
Episode 17CocktailsWatch It Now
Episode 18The NegotiationWatch It Now
Episode 19Safety TrainingWatch It Now
Episode 20Product RecallWatch It Now
Episode 21Women's AppreciationWatch It Now
Episode 22Beach GamesWatch It Now
Episode 22The JobWatch It Now

Season Recap: Jim gets transferred to Stamford, and we are introduced to two new characters. The brown, beautiful Italian saleswoman, Karen Filippelli, and the preppy, angry wound man, Andrew Bernard. Karen develops a crush on Jim, and they both eventually start dating. 

Corporate decides to downsize the Stamford Branch, causing a merger between Scranton and Stamford. Most of the new employees from Stamford resign, thanks to Michael’s offensive, weird antics. 

Meanwhile, Pam has called off her wedding, and Jim’s suppressed feelings for her creates tension between Karen and him. By the end of the season, Jim, Michael and Karen interview for an opening in the corporate. 

When Jim hands over his files to Wallace, he sees a cute note from Pam and decides to stay in Scranton. He asks Pam out on a date, to which she gleefully says a yes. You can watch The Office popular Series season three through Netflix and Amazon Prime Online.

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Index Of The Office Season 4

index of the office season 4

  • Number of Episodes: 14
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, Direc TV, Neon TV
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Fun Run - Part 1 & 2Watch It Now
Episode 2Dunder-Mifflin Infinity - Part 1 & 2Watch It Now
Episode 3Launch Party - Pt 1 & 2Watch It Now
Episode 4Money - Pt 1 & 2Watch It Now
Episode 5Local AdWatch It Now
Episode 6Branch WarsWatch It Now
Episode 7Survivor ManWatch It Now
Episode 8The DepositionWatch It Now
Episode 9Dinner PartyWatch It Now
Episode 10Chair ModelWatch It Now
Episode 11Night OutWatch It Now
Episode 12Did I Stutter?Watch It Now
Episode 13Job FairWatch It Now
Episode 14Goodbye Toby - Parts 1 & 2Watch It Now

Season Recap: Jim and Karen break up, with the latter getting promoted as the regional manager of the Utica branch. Dwight accidentally kills Angela’s cat, making Angela leave him for Andy. Jan and Michael move in, and Jan starts her own candle business, “Serenity by Jan,” but they break up mid-season itself. 

Ryan fills in for Jan in the corporate, but gets imprisoned (and fired) for forging numbers in shares and sales. Toby leaves the company to go to Costa Rica, which introduces us to Holly Flax. 

She fills in for Toby as HR, and she and Michael instantly hit it off when they see the initial spark. Jim finally decides to propose to Pam, but Andy proposes to Angela at the same time, making Jim hold back. Pam also gets accepted into a design course at Pratt Institute and goes away for three months. You can watch The Office popular Series season four through Netflix and Amazon Prime Online.

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Index Of The Office Season 5

index of the office season 5

  • Number of Episodes: 26
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, Direc TV, Neon TV
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Weight Loss, Parts 1 and 2Watch It Now
Episode 2Business EthicsWatch It Now
Episode 3Baby ShowerWatch It Now
Episode 4Crime AidWatch It Now
Episode 5Employee TransferWatch It Now
Episode 6Customer SurveyWatch It Now
Episode 7Business TripWatch It Now
Episode 8Frame TobyWatch It Now
Episode 9The SurplusWatch It Now
Episode 10Moroccan ChristmasWatch It Now
Episode 11DuelWatch It Now
Episode 12Prince Family PaperWatch It Now
Episode 13Stress ReliefWatch It Now
Episode 14Lecture Circuit - Part 1Watch It Now
Episode 15Lecture Circuit - Part 2Watch It Now
Episode 16Blood DriveWatch It Now
Episode 17Golden TicketWatch It Now
Episode 18New BossWatch It Now
Episode 19Two WeeksWatch It Now
Episode 20Dream TeamWatch It Now
Episode 21The Michael Scott Paper CompanyWatch It Now
Episode 22Heavy CompetitionWatch It Now
Episode 23BrokeWatch It Now
Episode 24Casual FridayWatch It Now
Episode 25Cafe DiscoWatch It Now
Episode 26 Company PicnicWatch It Now

Season Recap: Jim finally proposes Pam at a gas station, midway between New York and Scranton. Holly and Michael’s relationship ends when Wallace transfers her to the Nashua branch. The new Vice President, Charles Miner, implements strict rules and restrictions in the office, causing Michael to resign. 

He starts his own business, “The Michael Scott Paper Company,” with Pam and Ryan. They successfully manage to steal clients from Dunder Mifflin, causing Dunder Mifflin to employ them back. Pam is now promoted as a salesperson, and Ryan is again, the temp. 

Meanwhile, Andy and Dwight get to know Angela has been cheating on them both, causing both of them to leave her. you will definitely like this season. You can watch The Office popular Series season five through Netflix and Amazon Prime Online.

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Index Of The Office Season 6

index of the office season 6

  • Number of Episodes: 26
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, Direc TV, Neon TV
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1GossipWatch It Now
Episode 2The MeetingWatch It Now
Episode 3The PromotionWatch It Now
Episode 4Niagara - Part 1Watch It Now
Episode 5Niagara - Part 2Watch It Now
Episode 6MafiaWatch It Now
Episode 7The LoverWatch It Now
Episode 8Koi PondWatch It Now
Episode 9Double DateWatch It Now
Episode 10MurderWatch It Now
Episode 11Shareholder MeetingWatch It Now
Episode 12Scott's TotsWatch It Now
Episode 13Secret SantaWatch It Now
Episode 14The BankerWatch It Now
Episode 15SabreWatch It Now
Episode 16Manager and SalesmanWatch It Now
Episode 17The Delivery, Pt 1Watch It Now
Episode 18The Delivery, Pt 2Watch It Now
Episode 19St. Patrick's DayWatch It Now
Episode 20New LeadsWatch It Now
Episode 21Happy HourWatch It Now
Episode 22Secretary's DayWatch It Now
Episode 23Body LanguageWatch It Now
Episode 24The Cover-UpWatch It Now
Episode 25The ChumpWatch It Now
Episode 26WhistleblowerWatch It Now

Season Recap: Jim and Pam get married, and Pam begets their daughter Cecelia Marie Halpert. Erin and Andy struggle to confess their romantic feelings to each other. Dunder Mifflin goes bankrupt and thus gets bought by Sabre. 

David Wallace and others get sacked out, making Michael the highest employee. Also, the Scranton branch survives because it was the only branch with strong sales. Michael agrees to make a press statement regarding Sabre’s fault printers. 

Jo asks him how she can repay him for this, and he asks her to bring Holly back from Nashua branch. You can watch The Office popular Series season six through Netflix and Amazon Prime Online.

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Index Of The Office Season 7

index of the office season 7

  • Number of Episodes: 26
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, Direc TV, Neon TV
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1NepotismWatch It Now
Episode 2CounselingWatch It Now
Episode 3Andy's PlayWatch It Now
Episode 4Sex EdWatch It Now
Episode 5The StingWatch It Now
Episode 6Costume ContestWatch It Now
Episode 7ChristeningWatch It Now
Episode 8Viewing PartyWatch It Now
Episode 9wuphf.comWatch It Now
Episode 10ChinaWatch It Now
Episode 11Classy Christmas, Part 1Watch It Now
Episode 12Classy Christmas, Part 2Watch It Now
Episode 13UltimatumWatch It Now
Episode 14The SeminarWatch It Now
Episode 15The SearchWatch It Now
Episode 16PDAWatch It Now
Episode 17Threat Level MidnightWatch It Now
Episode 18Todd PackerWatch It Now
Episode 19Garage SaleWatch It Now
Episode 20Training DayWatch It Now
Episode 21Michael's Last DundiesWatch It Now
Episode 22Goodbye MichaelWatch It Now
Episode 23The Inner CircleWatch It Now
Episode 24Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) ManagerWatch It Now
Episode 25Search Committee, Pt 1Watch It Now
Episode 26Search Committee, Pt 2Watch It Now

Season Recap: Sadly, this was the final season for Steve Carell (Michael Scott) as NBC did not renew his contract due to reasons. Erin and Gabe enter a romantic relationship, while Angela gets engaged to the state senator. 

Toby has to go on jury duty to investigate the “Scranton Strangler”, making Holly Flax come back to replace him. Andy tries to win Erin back but to no avail. Eventually, Michael and Holly get engaged, and he decides to move to Colorado with Holly to take care of her parents. 

Sabre gets a replacement for Michael, who injures himself and thus takes leave. Jo forms a committee of three Gabe, Jim and Toby to interview a new candidate. Till then, we see the office in Creed and Dwight’s reign. Meanwhile, Jim and Pam struggle while parenting Cece. we recommend you to don’t miss watching this season. You can watch The Office popular Series season seven through Netflix and Amazon Prime Online.

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Index Of The Office Season 8

index of the office season 8

  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, Direc TV, Neon TV
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1The ListWatch It Now
Episode 2The IncentiveWatch It Now
Episode 3LottoWatch It Now
Episode 4Garden PartyWatch It Now
Episode 5SpookedWatch It Now
Episode 6DoomsdayWatch It Now
Episode 7Pam's ReplacementWatch It Now
Episode 8GettysburgWatch It Now
Episode 9Mrs. CaliforniaWatch It Now
Episode 10Christmas WishesWatch It Now
Episode 11TriviaWatch It Now
Episode 12Pool PartyWatch It Now
Episode 13Jury DutyWatch It Now
Episode 14Special ProjectWatch It Now
Episode 15TallahasseeWatch It Now
Episode 16After HoursWatch It Now
Episode 17Test the StoreWatch It Now
Episode 18Last Day in FloridaWatch It Now
Episode 19Get the GirlWatch It Now
Episode 20Welcome PartyWatch It Now
Episode 21Angry AndyWatch It Now
Episode 22FundraiserWatch It Now
Episode 23Turf WarWatch It Now
Episode 24Free Family Portrait StudioWatch It Now

Season Recap: Robert California is now the new CEO of Dunder Mifflin instead of Jo, and Andy is the regional manager. Pam is pregnant with a child, Philip, and so is Angela with the State Senator’s child, who is also named Philip. 

However, it was subtly implied that the father was Dwight Schrute. Dwight travels to Tallahassee with Erin, Jim, Ryan, Cathay and Stanley to launch a series of stores with Nellie. Cathay tries to seduce Jim but fails terribly. 

Erin, upset with Andy, decides to stay in Florida to help an old woman out. Andy drives down to Floria and wins Erin back. In the meantime, Nellie takes up Andy’s position, and Robert demotes Andy to a mere salesman again. 

Andy enrages and offers David Wallace to buy out Dunder Mifflin. Wallace appoints Andy back as regional manager. everyone should watch the season finale. You can watch The Office popular Series season eight through Netflix and Amazon Prime Online.

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Index Of The Office Season 9

index of the office season 9

  • Number of Episodes: 28
  • Available Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC, Direc TV, Neon TV
 Name of The EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1New GuysWatch It Now
Episode 2Roy's WeddingWatch It Now
Episode 3Andy's AncestryWatch It Now
Episode 4Work BusWatch It Now
Episode 5Here Comes TrebleWatch It Now
Episode 6The BoatWatch It Now
Episode 7The WhaleWatch It Now
Episode 8The TargetWatch It Now
Episode 9Dwight ChristmasWatch It Now
Episode 10LiceWatch It Now
Episode 11Suit WarehouseWatch It Now
Episode 12 Customer LoyaltyWatch It Now
Episode 13Junior SalesmanWatch It Now
Episode 14VandalismWatch It Now
Episode 15Couple's DiscountWatch It Now
Episode 16Moving On, Pt 1Watch It Now
Episode 17Moving On, Pt 2Watch It Now
Episode 18The FarmWatch It Now
Episode 19PromosWatch It Now
Episode 20StairmageddonWatch It Now
Episode 21Paper AirplaneWatch It Now
Episode 22Livin' The Dream, Pt 1Watch It Now
Episode 23Livin' The Dream, Pt 2Watch It Now
Episode 24A.A.R.M., Pt 1Watch It Now
Episode 25A.A.R.M., Pt 2Watch It Now
Episode 26Finale, Pt 1Watch It Now
Episode 27Finale, Pt 2Watch It Now
Episode 28The Cast Looks BackWatch It Now

Season Recap: Andy becomes his earlier arrogant self again and heads off to pursue his career as a musician. He finally ends up as the member of the board of Cornell. Jim starts his new sports business in Philadelphia, and Pam and Jim sell their house and move to Austin. 

Angela and Dwight finally get married, and it is revealed that Philip is Dwight’s son. Darryl joins Jim in his venture, and they are now co-partners. Kelly was happy with Raj until she met Ryan again during Angela and Dwight’s wedding and ran away with him. 

Michael makes a comeback, much to fans’ joy. We learn he is happy settled in Colorado, and now has kids with Holly. Creed gets arrested, and Kevin is now a bartender and has bought a car. 

Toby too gets fired and moves to New York City. Oscar runs for State Senate, and Nellie adopts Ryan’s son. The series has a bittersweet ending, with every character completing their arc, just perfectly. You can watch The Office popular Series season nine through Netflix and Amazon Prime Online.

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FAQs About The Office Series (Season 1 To Season 9)

1. What is The Office Series all about?

The Office series is one of the best comedy and drama tv show on Netflix and amazon prime. This mockumentary follows the normal presences of the overseer and the employees he manages. The group of people pursues the agents throughout the day, consistently and gets their clever and irregular encounters as they will find a way to remain with the thriving. and we can not reveal any further information about it and watch it directly if you want to know more.

2. Will There Be The Office Series Season 10?

Yes, As per a few twitter sources the 10th season of this great show The Office will be aired in the starting of 2023 for sure. NBC network will be streaming their extraordinary show by Taking everything into account, the show’s driving star, Steve Carrell, imparted his reservations in 2018. If the show gets restored by then our best check is that The Office season 10 can start in 2023.

3. Is The Office Series worth Watching?

Yes. This series is definitely worth watching for all age group people. The Office is a spoof and comedy show. It is amusing, they don’t disregard to make you chuckle every single scene. You get genuinely associated with the characters and love every snapshot of it. watching The Office was incredible, you will genuinely get trapped to the characters and associations if you start watching it.

4. Where to watch & download The Office Series Season 1 to 9?

The Office is a comedy and drama story with all nine seasons available on Netflix Website and amazon prime to watch online anytime. you can watch The Office all seasons on Prime with the subtitles in Engish in HD Premium quality.

5. How many seasons of The Office are available Online?

So far, The Office series has 9 seasons available online to watch. We have listed detailed information on Its cast, crew, several episodes, and the Plot details. Please check this article for more detailed information.

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Wrapping It Up

The beautiful series will make you laugh with its cringe-worthy episodes, Michael’s lame yet weird sense of humour, and dark jokes. This one doesn’t need constant background music of the audience laughing, or an emotional tune to make you cry. So it’s a show worth binging. And yes, Jim and Pam will win your heart!

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