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Index of the Top 10 Most Watched Shows on Netflix 2020 (With Cast and Season Overview)


As the world was left with no choice but to self-quarantine due to the spread of the Coronavirus, many were left with a lot of time on their hands. With this, watching Netflix, along with other streaming platforms like Disney+, Hulu and Amazon Prime, was the go-to activity for almost every household. As Netflix released a new feature which shows the top 10 most viewed shows and moviesin your country, tracking what was a hit to the public has gotten much easier.

To wrap things up, here are the most watched shows on Netflix during the year 2020:


Darkis a German television series that currently has three seasons. As children keep on vanishing, the different characters of Darktry to uncover what happened to a certain child’s disappearance. The first season takes place in 2019 and also includes the years of 1953 and 1986 as the cast discovers a way to time travel. Withheld secrets from various families, like the Doppler, Kahnwald, Nielsen and Tiedemann families, were exposed when the lead stars of Darkwere able to figure them out.

The second season, released in June 2019, focused on the families’ attempt to deal with their exposed secrets and how they can regain the trust and love of others. Various storylines were added to the series as the years 1954 and 1987 were uncovered by the cast. Because of all the time travel, the second season of Darkmakes it clear that an apocalypse is about to happen.

As the cast races through time, the third and final season of the series follow the four families as they prepare and find their way through the apocalypse. Set in the year 2020, the cast realizes that a parallel world is connected to theirs. The years 1888, 1954, 1987, 2019, 2020, 2052 and 2053 were seen throughout the episodes.

Detailed Index Of Dark

Genre:Science-fiction, Thriller, Mystery

Written By:Jantje Friese, Ronny Schalk, Marc O. Send, Martin Behnke & Daphne Ferraro

Directed By:Baran bo Odar

Created By:Baran bo Odar & Jantje Friese

Country of Origin:Germany

Number of Seasons:3

Number of Episodes:26

Release Date:December 1, 2017 – June 27, 2020



Ratchedis a psychological thriller that follows Mildred Ratched, a character based on Ken Kesey’s ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ novel in 1962. Mildred arrives in Northern California and starts looking for a job as a nurse. With a hidden agenda, Mildred gets employed by a psychiatric doctor who made unsettling and new experiments on the human mind. She portrays herself as the perfect nurse as she secretly takes a hold of the hospital’s system to get her way. Mildred’s character is said to prove that monsters are made and not born.

Detailed Index Of Ratched

Genre:Psychological thriller, Drama

Created By:Evan Romansky

Country of Origin:United States

Number of Seasons:1

Number of Episodes:8

Running Time:45 – 63 minutes

Release Date:September 18, 2020 to present


The Crown

This famous historical drama series follows Queen Elizabeth II and her reign. With now four seasons, The Crownhas covered the life of the young queen as the whole world watches her every move.

The first season focuses on Queen Elizabeth’s marriage with Philip in 1947 and her disapproval of Princess Margaret’s engagement to Captain Peter Townsend. The second season covers numerous events like Suez Crisis, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s retirement and the birth of Prince Edward. The third season, on the other hand, encompasses Harold’s experience as a prime minister and the introduction of Camilla Shand, the Duchess of Cornwall, who soon later married Prince Charles.

Lastly, the fourth season of The Crownshows the events that happened in the years 1979 to the early 1990’s, which included the marriage of Diana Spencer to Prince Charles.

Detailed Index Of The Crown

Genre:Historical drama

Created By:Peter Morgan

Country of Origin:United Kingdom, United States

Number of Seasons:4

Number of Episodes:40

Running Time:47 – 61 minutes

Release Date:November 4, 2016 to present



It’s clearly no surprise that Friendswas able to make the top 10 list as the most watched shows in 2020. Because of its timeless comedy and its feel-good plot, this sitcom has surely made numerous people laugh during the pandemic.

If Friendsisn’t familiar to you (which we highly doubt), the show follows the lives of six friends living in Manhattan, New York City. Each episode covers a different day of lives as friends. With their different personalities that complement each other, the series is known as one of the best television shows in the 90’s up to date.

Detailed Index Of Friends


Created By:David Crane & Marta Kauffman

Country of Origin:United States

Number of Seasons:10

Number of Episodes:236

Running Time:20 – 22 minutes

Release Date:September 22, 1994 – May 6, 2004


Space Force

Space Forcewas a newly released television show on Netflix when lockdowns around the world started happening. The series follows a new formed team under the United States Armed Forces, called the “United States Space Force”. Led by General Mark Naird, the group aims to send one of their people to the moon by 2024.

Detailed Index Of Space Force


Created By:Steve Carell & Greg Daniels

Country of Origin:United States

Number of Seasons:1

Number of Episodes:10

Running Time:27 – 36 minutes

Release Date:May 29, 2020 – present


Money Heist

This Spanish crime drama has taken over the world when it was first released. Because of its plot twists and characters, the show definitely caught the public’s attention as its second season. The first season, composed of 2 parts, covers a group’s plan to rob the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid. Led by “the Professor”, eight robbers are carefully picked and trained to pull off the biggest heist in history. The robbers were assigned nicknames to avoid getting close to each other as this should only be looked at as a job, nothing further. As they try to rob the bank, many hindrances come their way that involve unnecessary killings, unforeseen love affairs and betrayal. In the end, most of the robbers are able to escape with 984 million euros.

The second season, on the other hand, follows the life of those who have escaped. After enjoying some time to themselves, the Professor reaches out to propose another heist. With this new plan, the group gets back together with added recruits. More plot twists, betrayal and obstacles come their way as the season ends with the Professor being held at gunpoint.

Detailed Index Of Money Heist

Genre:Crime drama, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery

Created By:Álex Pina

Country of Origin:Spain

Number of Seasons:2 (encompassing 4 parts)

Number of Episodes:31

Running Time:41 – 59 minutes

Release Date:May 2, 2017 – present


The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academyis an American TV series that follows a family of superheroes that aims to uncover the hidden truth behind their father’s death during the first season. This flawed family is met with surprising truths, intense fights and a threat to an upcoming apocalypse as they continue to search for mysteries they have yet to find out.

The second season continues where the first season left off. As the siblings fail to stop the apocalypse, they try to travel through time to change what has happened. Unfortunately, they all end up in different years and Five discovers that another apocalypse is coming their way. Now, they all have to find a way to reunite in order to successfully stop this new catastrophe.

Detailed Index Of The Umbrella Academy

Genre:Drama, Science fiction, Fantasy, Action

Created By:Steve Blackman

Based On:Gerard Way’s The Umbrella Academycomic book series

Country of Origin:United States

Number of Seasons:2

Number of Episodes:20

Running Time:40 – 60 minutes

Release Date:February 15, 2019 – present



DC Comics character, Lucifer, comes to life as Warner Bros. released this urban fantasy television series that revolves around his journey on earth. As he, the Devil, leaves Hell to go to Los Angeles, he ends up creating his own nightclub and even becomes a consultant to the LAPD when he finds himself involved in a criminal investigation. Lucifer uses his powers to manipulate humans into revealing their secrets and desires which helps him solve cases.

The longer he stays in LA, Lucifer notices he’s changing into a different person. Nonetheless, he continues to find his way through the world as he is faced with more serious threats that he never expected.

Detailed Index Of Lucifer

Genre:Urban fantasy, Comedy-drama

Developed By:Tom Kapinos

Based On:DC Comics’ Vertigoby: Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg

Country of Origin:United States

Number of Seasons:5

Number of Episodes:75

Running Time:42 – 62 minutes

Release Date:January 25, 2016 – present


Emily In Paris

Netflix Original, Emily in Paris,follows Emily who moves to Paris in order to give an American point of view to the French marketing firm she was working for back in Chicago. As she adjusts to her new home and workplace, the story revolves around her exploring Paris where she falls in love and adapts to a new culture all while she continues to work hard for her job.

The show received mixed reviews where some thought it was a feel-good series while the others found the series very unrealistic.

Detailed Index Of Emily In Paris

Genre:Romantic comedy, Drama

Created By:Darren Star

Country of Origin:United States

Number of Seasons:1

Number of Episodes:10

Running Time:24 – 34 minutes

Release Date:October 2, 2020 – present


The Queen’s Gambit (miniseries)

Based on the novel of Walter Tevis, The Queen’s Gambitminiseries revolves around the life of Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy. As she gets older, she continues to train and practice her talent for the sport while struggling with drugs and alcohol. Beth’s career in chess quickly soared when she started entering local tournaments. Before she knew it, she was competing in international tournaments that gave financial rewards which her mother relied on. This increased Beth’s stress and anxiety that worsened her drug and alcohol dependency.

Detailed Index Of The Queen’s Gambit

Genre:Period drama

Created By:Scott Frank & Allan Scott

Based On:Walter Tevis’ The Queen’s Gambit

Country of Origin:United States

Number of Seasons:1

Number of Episodes:7

Running Time:46 – 67 minutes

Release Date:October 23, 2020


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