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Index of White Lines with Cast and Reviews


Netflix’s series White Linesis a decade-longeing murder mystery nestled in Ibiza’s clubs, drugs, and genuine debauchery. The exhibition — built by Money Heist’s director Álex Pina — between the splendor and freedom from spirit on the prettiest islands in Spain as well as the elegance of Manchester combines you alongside Zoe Walker who, after nearly twenty years of his disappearance at Ibiza, must locate the corpse of their brother, Axel. When the Spanish authorities inform him that further investigation would not lead to criminal charges because of the number of hours spent, Zoe takes things at her own control and leads them towards Ibiza to crack the long-abandoned case of the death of her brother.

Cast Of White Lines

Zoe Walker Played By Laura Haddock

Zoe is the Manchester-born librarian. When she left to go to Ibiza to work as a DJ, her brother had significant issues with mental health after a short time. His body is discovered about 20 years later, and she follows his footprints on the beach to learn what occurred to him.

“She is just throwing herself deep at the end,” said Laura Haddock. It is difficult to manage these conditions, but it has the deep northern streak. It is difficult to handle them. Her father was a police officer in or around her genetic make-up, and Axel became super brave. She’s courageous, brave, and she makes great choices, too.”

Axel Collins Played By Tom Rhys

Axel is indeed a musicfan who just wants to be the biggest DJ in the world. His enthusiasm for raving sophisticated medicinal products contradicts him with his dad, a Greater Manchester policeman, so he jumps into Ibiza and soon succeeds in it. He unexpectedly falls only at top form, and he is barely heard again unless his dead body is found twenty years ago.

“I liked him,” said Tom Rhys. It’s nice to get a personality with whom you can rip, the person who is not barred, follows what he desires, and hardly apologizes. I considered his adventure fascinating, and I enjoyed exploring the mystery and where and how we learned about him.

Marcus Played By Daniel Mays

Marcus was a close friend of Axel, one out of the three who traveled with him to Ibiza and enjoyed his successful spoils. He is a dad of two who faces a split he does not really want to have to face these days, imminent rehabilitation of his home, and two aggressive drug dealers who threaten very terribly.

“He’s totally silly and the scratches he runs into hilarious, Daniel Mays said. Somebody will like Marcus we all know. You would like to root it for it, because he has the gold heart.”

Young Marcus Played By Ceallach Spellman

His great start on CBBC took Spellman to a variety of shows to broadcast to children. He has recently become a new adult in Russell Cucumber, Cold Feet & BBC One World War on Fire play.

Spellman told us about the character he played in the White Lines series: “Marcus is indeed a character. A lovely loafer who wishes to have the perfect time and experience anything! With his great mothers and the joy and love of life, Anna, he has absolutely nothing to worry about and cares about.

He’s a legend, but that’s not exactly the case, in fact. He has a big heart and, while he has noble motives, often doesn’t necessarily make good choices.

Anna Played By Angela Griffin

Anna was yet another Axel friend who was there with him in his meteoric fame. She & Marcus married when she was young but are now divorced because he still loves her.

Angela Griffin told reporters: “It is very difficult to put the finger on, like the series. They were together 25 years ago, and that was time to make a change; she divorced her spouse, Marcus. Your love is sincere and true, but it does not grow out of it. The same he remains. That’s what I always say: Men do not change.

“Anna is on the edge. She is so knowledgeable and friendly and wants to be all to all.

David Played By Laurence Fox

David was another Mancunian who accompanied Axel on his Ibiza mission. Axel was one of his closest friends. David spent his life with the Indian shaman after Axel’s disappearance and returned to Ibiza along with an informed and spiritual perspective on life.

Andreu Calafat Played By Pedro Casablanc

The descendant of the mighty family of Calafat. Andreu is the owner of several Ibiza nightclubs and even of illicit trafficking of drug products on the island. In their property, Axel Collins’ body was found; it was suspected that they might be connected with Alex’s death.

Oriol Calafat Played By Juan Botto

Oriol is Andrew’s son, a leader, and aims to succeed it someday in the family company. He was a short friend with Axel; however, their relationship settled fast, and at the point of his absence, they were all on shaky grounds.

During his first big part on American TV, Botto appeared in various Spanish movieslike Good Behaviour, in which he portrayed the hitman who works along with the con artist. In DC, Suicide Squad will be published by Botto next summer. It has a non-disclosed feature.

Kika Calafat Played By Marta Milans

Kika is the sister of Oriol, who, at the peak of his success, had a romantic relationship with Axel. Her family rejected her involvement with an English working-class boy, suggesting that she’d be better adapted to some other rich Spanish family. After the disappearance, she fled to the US but returned at the request of her father and helped Zoe in her search.

Milan starred as Billy Batson’s adoptive mother last year in the superhero film Shazam! from DC Comics. She previously collaborated with the Spanish playwright Alex Pina on El Embarcadero, a woman who, after his unexpected death, investigated her husband.

Conchita Calafat Played By Belen Lopez

Andrew’s wife is Conchita, but several years ago, their connection lost the spark. These times, she works for her company and wants to open a casinoin Ibiza in particular.

Boxer Played By Nuno Lopes

Boxer is security chief and is long-standing with the Calafat family. But he is soon struck by Zoe’s bravery and commitment, opting to support her inquiry into the death of Axel.

Clint Collins Played By Francis Magee

Clint is the father of Zoe, the retired cop with his late brother. He’s uncomfortable with Zoe’s sudden decision to examine his death, thinking she may be on the verge of another psychological disintegration.

White Lines Season 1

During a stumbling-back in Ibiza along with Zoe, viewers are greeted with astonishing island shots, introduced to Axel’s suspicious characters, and glimpsed Axel’s death and life on Ibiza. For many White Lines characters, the party is not anything special – it is indeed their lifestyle. Their positive behaviors are therefore strongly accountable for the enjoyable and sometimes light hearted mood of the program. It’s a strange atmosphere, which ends up in confusion which is not too exciting.

White Linesis never a boring series, however. The sticky circumstances and hidden demons plaguing its characters create a type of anglo-spanic wolf attitude. They carry powerful explosions of drama and aggression. The subplots of the show were more exciting than the puzzle Zoe was about to solve, but perhaps not so bad for the series shot in its late season.

White Lines will do excellent work to grow the personality cast by moving away from the main tale. In addition to finding her brother’s murderer, Zoe fights with her character and engages romantically with Boxer, a bouncer, and Andreu Calafat’s chief of security. Supposed to have murdered Axel, Boxer’s motivations are somewhat vague throughout the whole series, but his self-awareness and measured medieval bouncer is among the highlights of the show.

The Calafats family he serves for are sufficiently warped for a soap opera of his own. The body of Axel is found in their own land during the initial episode but, still as the principal suspects of its disappearance, its internal tensions are the main cause of concern because a decade of mistrust, unfaithfulness, discord, and distancing has serious implications for their families and others in Ibiza. Even if White Lines was based on Zoe’s search for the facts, this show is stolen as one of the fascinating tales of the overall season in his drama for the family, a drama Axel performed as a pivotal role.

Finally, the mystery of a season is not worthy of the bloat you have to stay there. The more Axel viewed the memory, the more clearly he had been a dick, and at the end of the series, it was urgent to know what had happened. When the murderer shows itself — which sounds like the authors’ annoying cop because it has not yet done anything to make people admit — most people simply do their job. It is a regrettable plot that has been predicted since the very first episode, but the reality can’t be done legally.

The conclusion is completely anticlimactic, however beautiful it is supposed to be, making the arc of Axel feel lengthy and unimportant. It is indeed a disappointment since White Linesseems to have all the requisite ingredients to do a fantastic show. The show’s brilliant accomplishments are complicated plots and brilliant character growth, and the thematic representations of sexuality and drugs add to its special flair. With unfinished conspiracy and new dispute at the end of the season, more worthwhile results are still to be expected in the next season.

Netflix White Lines is indeed a strong binge for the weekends that keeps you attached to your viewing computer, totaled at ten-hour-long series. You are in the middle of a funny, aesthetically pleasant tale concerning love and the past that has been put in place against the discomfort of night Ibiza when you look past its cardinal sin, showing its hand very late and also too unclear.

There’s one explanation why Netflix’s Money Heist is becoming a worldwide sensation, and Pina may have another big hit. It’s soapy, lovely, dramatic, interesting, sexy, and exciting at the same time: this is a real combo. You want Zoe to have the same responses, but you still want to look at those lovely actors. The series is skilfully salty, not confusing, and then it benefits from the reality that it is a British/Spanish creation. Many who cannot devote themselves to entirely foreign plays and the subtitles they need will benefit from less effort.

Parting Shot: I don’t leave before I get everything I came for,” says Zoe from the start of the series in the same corridor. She’s desperate to get the “reality,” so much that she dances and has hallucinations in the nightclub that her deceased brother is DJing. This just makes her freer to smile and to dance for the best time. Goodbye, sister now, since these adventures will make her much less fun — but you will still have great fun watching.

Sleeper Star: Hopefully, the series creates Juan Diego a global star even more significant than it is now, namely, America. He has done excellent TNT’s show good behavior, and it’s what helps him look so fun to see the moment he can change from sharp entrepreneur to sexy sex participant.

Interesting Lines

Try to have your hand on me. Are you going to? And if I go back to my home except you, your dad will be shattered,” Mike says to his wife, then Zoe accepts that her remains in Spain also inquires about her brother’s death, telling us this will be unsafe to her and challenges him.

Our Call

Watch It. We’re going to probably have White Lines whenever we think about shows of the era of Peak TV. The series has enough to make the audience invest, activate and watch, possibly even in a single session. This is a nice, steamy break, and who’s going to dare go by?

Final Words

So this is all about the series White Lines. It is one of the must-watch series that you should check out with your friends and family.

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