We have to admit that we are faced with a completely new reality. A reality in which quarantine forced all the inhabitants of the planet to change their habits for a while.

Whether you work remotely, sit with children, or study – today everyone has to change their lifestyle and find an opportunity to entertain themselves without leaving the apartment.

If you feel that in the first weeks of quarantine you have already tried everything and online is not enough, there is a way out – do something with your own hands. This can be not only an opportunity to reduce your anxiety, but also help the planet even in this difficult time.

Of course, since the beginning of the quarantine, the use of personal vehicles has significantly decreased – one of the reasons for climate change. Nevertheless, residents of large cities have begun to use delivery more actively. But it is not at all necessary to buy something to come up with something to do with yourself. Stay at home, everything you need is most likely already at hand.

Start keeping a personal diary or write stories

The tradition of keeping diaries was very common among writers and poets, and Leo Tolstoy devoted his entire adult life to this occupation and left behind an endless number of diaries. I`m like a professional essay writer who can say that writing helps a lot. You can start keeping a quarantined diary – indulge in existential reflections on life or describe dialogues with your cat, rewrite books (can help you to analyze what is written in the book much deeper), or even write your first book.

Boil the soap

During quarantine, soap became the most relevant product. So why not make the process more enjoyable by brewing your soap and adding your favorite ingredients? You don’t even have to buy anything, because the simplest option can be made even from the leftovers that you already have at home. What you need: remnants, ground coffee or coffee grounds, any oils, a silicone mold or a convenient jar, spices for decoration.

  1. Take your leftover remnants or regular baby soap. Try to choose chunks without intense flavor.
  2. Take a saucepan, cut the soap into small pieces, or grate it.
  3. Melt the pieces of soap in a water bath. How to do it: Take a large saucepan, pour water into it, and put it on fire. Place the pieces of soap in a smaller container (small pot or mug) and place it in a pot of water, stirring constantly.
  4. Once the soap is completely melted, add ground coffee or coffee grounds. Even coffee grounds leftover from breakfast can become a component of your soap. The main thing is to rinse and dry it by putting it on a dry plate for a couple of hours. Thus, the soap will acquire a scrubbing effect, it will have a coffee aroma, as well as oils that additionally nourish the skin. You may also have base oils at home that are ideal for your soap. For example, shea butter or apricot butter. Count on approximately 6 drops of oil per 100 grams of soap.
  5. Pour the mass into a silicone mold (you can take a baking dish) or jars. Silicone is ideal, as the cured soap will be very easy to remove, and the mold will be washed and continued to be used in the kitchen. The soap must be left for at least an hour until it hardens completely.
  6. Decorate your soap. For decoration, you can use everything that is at hand. The main thing is that the product is not highly exposed to moisture, such as dried flowers. You can garnish the soap with anise or sprinkle it with chia seeds before it hardens.
  7. Cut the finished soap into small bars and enjoy the result of your work.

Tip: If you want to complicate the task a little and make soap of different colors and textures, put the already hardened multi-colored pieces of soap in a silicone mold and fill them with a melted base on top.

Make your own board game

If you are quarantining with your family, then board games are ideal entertainment for any age. But you don’t have to buy a new game. You can use our fire fighting games or make your own!

What you need: paper or cardboard for the playing field, felt-tip pens, chips from the old game, cubes.

First of all, decide on the concept: what kind of game will it be and what are its rules? Write on a piece of paper the theme of the game: will it be based on a book, a movie, or maybe it will be a mix of your favorite games already existing? Think over the rules of the game and the logic of winning in as much detail as possible.

Take markers or pencils, cardboard and draw a box. Turn on your imagination and involve all family members in drawing it.

It can be anything: a simple movement from start to finish or a complex map with a wide variety of zones. Add additional complications to some of the cells or tasks that each family member can complete.

Take chips and dice from any existing game and try to play. Complete the rules after the first game by understanding what is missing.

Grow greenery on a window or balcony

Spring is the perfect time to plant greenery on your balcony or window. Make your balcony a place where you want to have breakfast and spend time. And you will also have the opportunity to always have fresh herbs on hand, which cannot be bought a month in advance, like many other products.

What is required for this? First of all, seeds. Many people planned spring planting in the country, so, most likely, you have already bought something in advance. Of course, not everything will work out at home, but with certain skills, you can even plant tomatoes.

If you’re still a beginner, the easiest place to start is with basil, arugula, or onions.

You will also need soil, expanded clay or pebbles, a large pot/container, and a spatula.