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Intimate Photographs of Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez came from messages she sent to her Own Brother, who gave them into the National Enquirer, report States

  • A New York Times report shed new light on the Way the National Enquirer tabloid arrived to have romantic photographs of Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez.
  • The report indicates that she delivered them to her brother, Michael, who offered them to The National Enquirer. Bezos afterwards said they had been utilized to extort him.
  • The Times cited four unnamed sources along with also a written contract to support its claim.
  • The newspaper said its coverage frustrates the prevalent suggestion that Saudi Arabia had a part leaking the pictures.
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Intimate photographs of Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez came to the ownership of this National Enquirer tabloid through her brother, according to The New York Times.

According to this paper, Sanchez delivered the pictures for her brother Michael, who obtained $200,000 upon signing a contract awarding the Enquirer’s parent firm exclusive rights .

The bargain has been that the prelude to the narrative of Bezos’ relationship getting general public, which was followed closely by Bezos and his spouse divorcing.

The Times said it heard of the way the photographs were sent via four unnamed resources, along with a written contract involving Michael Sanchez and American Media Inc., which publishes the Enquirer.

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Sanchez repeatedly denied sharing “penis photos” with AMI in exchanges with Company Insider this past year, but evaded answering questions regarding whether he’d leaked messages obtained by the National Enquirer.

The newspaper, owned by American Media Inc (AMI), has claimed that its source was Michael Sanchez, however, Bezos hired a private investigator, Gavin De Becker, to dig deeper.

The odd saga took a spin this week following a forensic investigation of Bezos’ telephone, first reported by The Guardian, discovered that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman hacked into Bezos’ telephone with spyware before the Enquirer piece.

It led to speculation that Saudi Arabia had a part in receiving the compromising photographs to the Enquirer. However, the Times’s coverage provided a more prosaic path — through Sanchez along with her brother — also stated that a definitive Saudi link to the Enquirer’s reporting has not yet been proved.

In a statement to The Times, AMI known as Michael Sanchez that the”sole source” because of their own reporting.

“The only supply of our coverage was well recorded,” AMI explained. “In September of 2018, Michael Sanchez started providing all information and materials to our coworkers.”

The two the Saudi embassy at Washington DC and AMI deny civic involvement.

“Any proposal that a third party was involved or at all influenced that our reporting is untrue.”

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