Irfan Khan to star in upcoming web series created by Gursimran Khamba from AIB
Irfan Khan to star in upcoming web series created by Gursimran Khamba from AIB

Irrfan Khan has been working with AIB for a long period of time. They have made videos in the past which has gone viral on the internet.

Irrfan Khan after getting better has finally signed up with Amazon Prime Videos as the lead actor of the Upcoming Indian Amazon Original called “The Ministry.” This Indian Amazon Original has been created by Gursimran Khamba who was part of AIB. This Ministry is basically a political satire which is set in India and is the story of the power struggle. This was supposed to be launched in the year 2018 globally, but because of the actor’s bad health, the dates got delayed.

According to the director of content of Amazon Prime Videos Vijay Subramaniam, Amazon has been able to get a great response from all its viewers because of comedy specials that they have created. This will be the first time that they will be going with something like this and they are really looking forward to how the audience will accept the new content.

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Amazon has also come out and announced that they are really happy that they have been collaborating with such big people in the industry for creating content. It is a good thing to see that all the big actors are now shifting more towards the streaming services from the big screen because these streaming services pay well and they have also become more popular than any other mode of entertainment in this industry.

Most of the people have now subscribed to all the different streaming services and this is the reason that people hardly go to movies now a day. Most of the movies are now releasing on streaming services within a few days after the release in theaters.

In the movie that is created by Gursimran Khamba, it is basically a story of a narcissistic actor from Bollywood who by his power and influence ends up in the Union Culture Ministry. This movie will be a perfect reflection of the bureaucracy in the country of India today.

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It is expected that a lot of people will be into this type of movie because Bollywood is now appreciating all the intellectual films. This will be a great return for Irrfan Khan after his bad health and it will also be a come back for Gursimran Khamba after the AIB controversy.