Since the first commercial dating sites were launched a mere 25 or so years ago, they have become one of the most widely-utilized phenomena of our time. The larger websites command global memberships running into the millions, and upwards of one-third of today’s relationships commence with the parties being introduced in the virtual environment. With so many people choosing to socialize via online dating platforms, there’s every chance that a single you’ve been interacting with could be a celebrity! Many of today’s stars of movies and TV shows are finding they prefer mixing with what Liz Hurley once rather tactlessly referred to as ‘civilians.’ Why? This would be preferable to being subject to the remorseless attention of tabloid editors eager for news of high-profile affairs.

If you haven’t found your celebrity yet, your other option is to meet with local singles who may be better than the star. Role chat on could turn your life upside down. After all, who is to say that the other ‘normal’ single you have so much in common with would be any less suitable than bumping into someone famous? In many cases, civilians who have managed to secure dates with A-listers have found the situation to be something of an anti-climax. It’s no surprise that a lot of major (and even more minor) players in Hollywood have uninspiring personalities.

By its very definition, a celebrity is someone whose daily life is controlled by agents or production teams, right down to what they say during press interviews. They can get used to being fussed over by personal assistants, or members of an extended entourage for whom keeping their boss’s ego thoroughly massaged is a key part of the job description. When it comes to celeb dating, ask yourself this question: who would you rather exit a popular nightspot with, someone who the paparazzi and fans will be fawning over, or someone with whom you have much more in common, a companion you could quietly bypass all that fussing attention with?

Dating sites are full of different people

One of the fundamental attributes of dating platforms is that, just like singles, they come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes. Some are geared towards people looking for casual or ‘no-strings-attached’ encounters. Others focus on providing people with a list of those that would make the most compatible partners for a long-term partnership. These outlets reflect the wider society. All sorts of people are drawn to these websites because of their convenience and flexible functionality.

Unlike the traditional dating environment, where singles have no way of knowing much about the background of prospective partners, date sites provide detailed profiles, allowing anyone to make decisions about who they’d like to reach out to after studying their hobbies and background interests. Celebrities are hardly likely to broadcast their identity when they register with a dating site and might use a nom-de-plume. But like any other site user, familiarity will cause barriers to be eroded over time. Should a celeb be drawn to the particular single, they could decide when to reveal their true identity to see if this made any difference to the way the relationship evolved.

Celebrities who use dating sites

One issue with celebs choosing to use the same dating outlets as their fans can be the reasons they are doing so. For some, it isn’t about slipping under the radar. It’s simply another way of attracting attention, like the movie stars who pop into their local hypermarket and delight in being recognized. This is plain by some of the top names using online dating, like the youngest of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe. She had admitted to completing a profile for a popular matching platform “for giggles” (and column space, too!) Katy Perry is another household name who has dipped her manicured toes into the heady world of Internet dating sites, while Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron has benefited from the anonymity of online dating to connect with a ‘civilian’ rather than another movie star (getting in tow with an attractive waitress).

Online is the place for meeting by interests

Whatever type of person you are hoping to get acquainted with via virtual matchmaking, your choice of outlet will go a long way towards presenting the contact details of the most suitable candidates for romance. Many generic sites are catering to a variety of background interests, but there are just as many focused-on niche areas. For instance, say there was a celebrity you knew that had a particular passion for the New York Yankees, or the LA Lakers. You could home in on websites dedicated to pairing up sports fans, then try your luck with striking up conversations. You never know who you might bump into.