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IsaiDub Website: Stream Or Download All HD Tamil, Dubbed & Hollywood Movies Online For Free In 2020


One extremely popular site that brings us movies from different languages is Isaidub**.** Hindi, English, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, and Tamil movies are available on the platform. The movies on the platform are varied and only because of the multiple genres of the content that it brings to us, it is one of the most popular platforms to download movies for the audience.

Since entertainment most depends on movies, they are the biggest source of entertainment for the people of today. People play games on smartphones and also go out and have parties with people. However, they are spending a very large chunk of their time in front of screens, watching entertaining content. Thus, this kind of platform is very common among people to access all HD movies online.

Although it is an illegal platform as piracy is illegal in India, a lot of people still use this website. One of the areas of concern for people who like to watch films online is that they cannot share the movies with their family and friends. The only option is that one can take a subscription for an online streaming website or OTT website, and share the username and password with friends.

However, there are several restrictions on this as well. Besides, many times people do not know who is using their streaming platform account, and thus they face a hard time getting information. In such a case, it gets very easy for people to simply download movies on platforms like this website and share it with others. Movies can be downloaded and watched on any device of your choice, including phone, laptop, and smart TV as well.

The variety of this site is huge. Some of the latest movies are available on this website, and they are available in different categories. One cannot find a collection that is so diverse on any of the OTT platforms. You can also watch movies in your local language if you want to enjoy a movie. At the same time, several dubbed movies are also available so that language of communication is never a problem for people who want to catch on some good entertainment. Most of the Hollywood movies are available in their dubbed versions for the Indian audience.

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Quality Videos Are Available On This Website

When you’re watching movies on this website, you do not have to compromise on the quality of the movie. Initially, on different piracy websites, this was one of the biggest hurdles that people had to face, as they did not get superb quality movies at their disposal. However, as time moved on, more and more films are available in great quality and are ready to be downloaded on the website. There are no hidden charges on the website and all the movies and shows are available free of cost to the audience.

Apart from recent movies, the audience can also download their favourite TV shows on this website. With the advent of streaming platforms, TV and web shows have made their way into Indian homes. Thus, it is very critical for a piracy platform like this to have TV and web series to capture the audience. All this content is available in the best quality and people can download and watch them as per their availability. The web series is quite long and viewers often like to watch in various settings. All places might not have good network connections, and that’s where the ease of downloaded movies comes in.

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Different Features Of This Website

The most critical factor for selecting a website for downloading shows and movies is the availability of content. However, one more equally important factor is whether the features of the particular website are user-friendly or not. It is very important to make sure that the website can easily be navigated and all the parts of the website can be easily discovered.

The features should be easy so that usual people should not find it difficult to watch or download what they wish to watch. The website is not meant only for techie people. Some of the reasons why this platform is one of the most common websites among the masses include:

  • Movies can be downloaded for free for offline watching.
  • Beginners can also easily access the website without having to face any hindrances.
  • The website is responsive and can work well on both desktop and mobile.
  • The website also has an Android app.
  • While downloading movies, drainage of battery is not caused, nor does it make the system or device slow.
  • The speed of downloading of movies is very fast. Of course, it also depends on the speed of the internet connection. However, there is no more lag.
  • There are regular updates on the website and bugs are fixed so that visitors have a seamless experience. It is ensured that the site does not crash upon opening again and again by users.

Google Tricks To Download Movies On This Site

If you wish to download movies on it, what you need is a good internet connection. Open a browser of your choice, and you can also use hidden or incognito mode if you do not wish your browsing history to be recorded. Anonymous browsing is often used by a lot of people since they do not want any piracy website to show up on their browsing history.

Type this following in the address bar:

intitle: index.of? format MovieName

The word format in the code above has to be replaced with the format in which you wish to download the movie. You can choose any format from AVI, MP4, MKV, etc.

The movie name has to come in place of the words movie name. Here, mention the movie that you wish to download.

Few results will appear on the screen, and you need to choose the one that you can identify with the help of a server number. Most often, the first three results will be the ones that are authentic and most effective.

There is another way of finding a movie that you want to watch. You can just use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F and type the name of the movie that you want to watch in the search bar.

Note: Numerous people don’t know about pirated movie websites. it is one of the sites that offer pirated movies free of cost. We are not responsible if the link you’re using is tracked because of accessing this website. However, to be on the safer side, you can consider using the Nord VPN.

Best Alternatives To Isaidub Website: 2020

Numerous websites will help you download movies off the internet. These are piracy websites, and according to various circumstances, you might find it difficult to download movies from a particular source. Also, many times, you’re looking for options to download different movies from different places. At such times, it is very critical to know the options that you have to switch to another website.

The following are some popular websites you can use.

1. Downloadhub


It’s a free movie downloading website which provides multiple movies and shows in different languages, from Hindi and English to the regional languages like Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. Hollywood movies are often available in dubbed versions so that the local audience can understand the dialogues easily of the film. The movies available at DownloadHub belong to different genres.

You can catch numerous movies on the platform, right from crime and thriller to popular family entertainers. All the films are available on DownloadHub in HD quality, and viewers can watch on their smartphone or their laptop and also their smart TVs.

Apart from films, DownloadHub also has a massive collection of TV series, which are very popular in current times. People like to consume any form of video content, and the website aims to provide lots of videos to the audience.

2. Moviezwap


One of the easiest websites to download movies from the internet is Moviezwap. Here, people can get movies in different languages including, but not limited to, Hindi movies, English, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. Apart from these, people can also find Pakistani movies in this platform as some audience finds Pakistani movies very entertaining.

All the movies available here are of HD quality. The video and audio of the content are of A-one quality. One can watch movies on different devices, right from their phones to their computer or even on their smart TVs. The website is extremely easy to understand and manage and even first-timers can download films easily and watch later.

Apart from films, TV shows are also widely available on this website. TV shows are extremely popular these days, and since there are many seasons of several episodes in each series, people often binge-watch the shows, which means watching many episodes one after the other.

3. MoviesDa


MoviesDa is a website to download movies and tv series from the internet. While several regional movies are difficult to find on the Internet, even online streaming platforms make you spend a lot of buy monthly subscriptions. In such a scenario, websites like MoviesDa offers a wide range of movies for you to choose from.

The movies are available on the platform in various languages, from English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, to other local languages. Some very entertaining Punjabi movies are also available on MoviesDa, including the Superhit ones. All movies that you get on MoviesDa are in HD quality and you can watch them on the small screen of a phone or the large screen of a computer.

The interface of this website is very simple and the website is basic. You do not have to struggle to download a movie.

4. MoviesBaba

MoviesBaba Website
MoviesBaba Website

MoviesBaba is a very common website to download movies on the internet. Today, more and more people are turning to cinema as their primary source of entertainment, and an excessively high number of platforms are thus coming to make the demand and supply meet. However, these platforms are paid and ask for a monthly or yearly subscription or a fee per title, except for piracy websites that are free of cost.

In such a scenario, platforms like MoviesBaba are very popular among people as the movies and shows are available free to be downloaded. Also, people can even download the movies and watch on any device as per their convenience. Movies are available in full HD quality, and one can also download and give them a movie to family and friends so that they can also watch the movie in their own free time.

Movies are available on the platform in different genres and languages that include Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam. Hollywood movies are also available in their dubbed version so that the local audience can enjoy it.

5. Isaimini


Isaimini is a movie downloading platform on which one can find new and old movies ready and free to be downloaded. The movies are available in different languages from Hindi and English to several local languages like Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Marathi. For the local audience who want to enjoy Hollywood movies, movies are also dubbed in local languages.

The movies are available in good HD quality and people can just download and watch the movies later. The interface of this platform is very simple, and any first-timer can also download the movies quickly. This website is free to use and anyone can download any number of movies for personal use at any time.

Since TV shows are increasingly popular these days, Isaimini also presents to the audience a wide range of TV and web series. The TV series has some interesting content, and since they are of longer duration, people often prefer to watch more episodes at a time, thus making it easy if they download the entire season together.

Movie Categories Available On This Website

There are many varieties of movies available on this site and the main aim is to ensure that everyone gets the entertainment that they are looking at. Thus, from south Indian movies to blockbusters from Hollywood, all films are available here. Some of the genres that one can expect to see on this site are:

  • Hollywood Dub

You can watch Hollywood movies in English as well as in Hindi and other local languages. If you wish to watch a Hollywood movie, but not sure whether you’ll understand the dialogues, you can simply download a dubbed movie on this site.

  • Punjabi

If you’re looking for some fun-filled Punjabi movies, you’ve come to the correct website. It has some exciting Punjabi movies that you’ll love. There are movies of multiple genres and you can enjoy movies of popular Punjabi stars.

Bollywood movies are extremely popular all over the world, and thus one can catch these movies on multiple platforms. However, if you wish to go for a platform that is free to use which provides movies in the best quality, you can opt for this platform since this is one platform where movies are available in superb HD quality.

  • South Indian dubbed

If you’re fond of Tamil and Telugu movies, but cannot understand the language, the movies are also available in Hindi and you can enjoy the movie as per your convenience.

How Many Resolution Formats Are Available?

In comparison to numerous other websites that are available, the formats that this site has been many. Here, we list down the different formats that one can select to download on this site.

  • 420p, 720p, 1080p, HDRip, Bluray, DVDScr, DVDrip

All the movies can be downloaded in a format that you select. You can also choose a format based on the kind of device you’re using. For example, all formats might work well on your laptop or computer. However, you might need specific formats for the player on your phone or Smart TV.

What Kind Of Films Are Available On This Site?

Movies of various measurements are available on this platform, based on your preference and the storage available on your device.

  • 300MB dimension videos
  • 400MB dimension videos
  • 600MB dimension videos
  • 1GB dimension videos
  • 2GB dimension videos
  • 4GB dimension videos

Latest Domains For This Website In 2020

Since it is a platform that shares pirated films, the website might come under the radar and be blocked in certain areas. That’s why there are several different domains that people can use to access the website and its content. All the films in different genres are available in all domains and viewers only have to check which link is working well so that they can download the movies.

The interface of all the domains is similar and once you access the website, you can download the movie from any of the domains.

The list of domains from where you can access the website is here:


The latest link sometimes might not work properly. In such cases, you should go for another link. This might happen again and it is recommended that you try all links every time you discover that a link is blocked, then download and enjoy movies.

Frequently Asked Questions On Isaidub

No, it is not legal, though you can access it safely with the help of any reliable VPN which hides your real IP address and unblocks restrictions. Refer to this article for more detail.

2. What Content Categories Are Available On This Site?

Action, Romance, Thriller, and few more categories are available on this site, feel free to read this article to get a complete list of categories.

3. What Dimension Of Movies Is Available On The Site?

This site provides movies in different file size dimensions, such as 300MB, 700MB, 1GB, etc. Choose accordingly and refer download guide inside the article.

We have a complete list of new links to this website that are working in 2020. Check this article to find out.

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Disclaimer (Important)

We do not promote any piracy through this article. The purpose of this article is to just provide information about the site. Piracy, under any circumstances, is illegal, and watching movies through such pirated and illegal sites is always punishable. It requires a lot of hard work and a tremendous amount of money to develop a movie. Piracy and distribution of content without copyright is illegal.

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