The one excellent news to return from the coronavirus—until you will have a crystal ball and have been making a small fortune available in the market, /r/wallstreetbets-style—is that Comcast has lastly proven that its community can most likely deal with all of the downloading you sometimes do. In different phrases, knowledge caps are bullshit.

I don’t wish to be too laborious on Comcast, although, since it’s good of the corporate to present everybody 60 free days of limit-free downloads. The corporate isn’t boosting everybody’s speeds to the max—if solely—however it is permitting you to download as much as you want for the following two months.

Had been I you, I’d do two issues proper now: Seize each Steam/Epic Video games/Battle.web recreation you’ve been that means to place in your laptop however didn’t, and set a calendar reminder for Might 10 to scale back your habits—as the info cap enforcement ought to chill in proper round then, and also you don’t wish to be caught with a huge invoice on your carefree downloading.

Comcast is also letting everyone—Comcast subscribers and regular people alike—take advantage of its “xfinitywifi” hotspots around the country for free. Basically, if you’re using one of Comcast’s gateways, odds are good that you’re also blasting out an “xfinitywifi” hotspot for other Comcast users to tap into. It uses your connection as the backbone, but never counts against your data cap.

So, when you see an open “xfinitywifi” hotspot close by, contemplate giving it a attempt when you’re in a pinch. Nonetheless, know that it might additionally be somebody merely duplicating comcast’s title on their regular, open wi-fi community, which they may then use in an try to scan your community visitors or verify your passwords—or, worse, attempt to reap the benefits of any safety vulnerabilities your system occurs to have. In case you go this route, all the standard safety recommendation applies. Even in a disaster, don’t let your guard down about free public wifi.

If you’re curious whether your Comcast gateway is blasting out its own “xfinitywifi” hotspot, you should be able to access its settings via Comcast’s online portal. There, you’ll see an choice to activate (or off) its built-in wifi public hotspot:

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Screenshot: David Murphy

I don’t have any suggestions for this one, apart from if it seems like your community is slower than normal these days, maybe you may wish to attempt switching off the general public hotspot. It’s doable that another person may be leeching your bandwidth, so disable it for every week or so and see if the state of affairs improves in any respect.