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JetBlue is Increasing Its Own Luggage Prices for the second time in Only 2 years


Next time you check a bag prior to your JetBlue flight, you can expect to pay more than you are utilized to.

The airline announced on Thursday it had been increasing bag prices for the second time in a couple of decades.

Effective immediately, passengers will need to fork over $35 to get a first checked tote — up from $30 — and $45 to get another tote — up from $40.

There is still a way to acquire the old pricing, however. The airline stated passengers can find a $5 discount if they include a checked luggage on the internet or via its program at a minimum 24 hours prior to the flight, rather than incorporating the luggage at check or in the airport.

Clients who maintain a JetBlue cobranded credit card may last to get checked luggage at no cost, as will passengers that pay to get a more expensive fare.

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The airline first introduced fare segmentation in November 2019, such as a brand new standard market fare kind — known as”Blue Basic” — along with various different tiers. “Blue Blue” fares — that the second-highest market tier — comprise only one checked bag, but the greatest adjustable fare,”Blue Extra,” doesn’t.

Passengers flying at the airline Mint company course get two free checked luggage, as do Mosaic-level frequent flyers.

A spokesperson for JetBlue advised Business Insider the airline expected passengers could add bags beforehand and not pay the higher rents.

In doing this, the airline expects it could”reduce trades in the airport reception and enhance the consumer experience.”

“We think it is sensible to bill for the additional services which only certain clients utilize while retaining client’s treasured features contained in reduced fares for everybody who flies us” the spokesperson added.

Ancillary earnings for unbundled services, such as fees from checked luggage, have turned into a significant business variable for international airlines. JetBlue made greater than $270.2 million in luggage prices in the first nine months of 2019, according to that the US Department of Transportation. US commercial airlines got $4.3 billion in total during that exact same period.

JetBlue was one of the last US airlines to begin charging for checked luggage. Southwest doesn’t charge for the bag, which the airline pointed out in a tweet after the JetBlue statement.

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