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Kabir Singh Full Movie Download Offline on App or Watch Online – Review




Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh is not like your regular love stories. It is more of a violent romantic movie that breaks all stereotypes when it comes to love. But the kind of love affair, we witnessed in the movie didn’t settle well with the audience. This gave rise to many controversies, however, that didn’t stop the film from becoming one of the super hit films in 2019.

Kabir Singh starring Shahid Kapoor is a remake of Arjun Reddy, a Telugu blockbuster. The movie revolves around a short-tempered doctor and his love life. Kabir Singh as a movie gives us a unique storyline to enjoy. It is different from what we see in typical romance movies.

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Kabir Singh Movie Plot

The character of Kabir Singh can be well described as a drug addict, womanizer, and alcoholic. He is a toxic male with a reckless attitude.

Kabir Singh Plot

Kabir is an obsessive and aggressive boyfriend, who will go to any extent for his love. Despite having such a harsh character, he is the topper in one of the topmost medical institutes in Delhi. This is where he first meets his love interest Preeti (Kiara Advani), who happens to be his junior.

It was love at first sight for Kabir. But their romance story is not what anyone would expect. Right from the moment of falling in love, Kabir’s life takes an unexpected turn as he jumps into abyss of darkness. In the entire movie, he is seen chasing his love and life. The toxicity of his character takes over his life and everything else.

The character of Kabir Singh is played by Shahid Kapoor and he seemed to have done an excellent job. He has justified the character in his best capacity. The same goes for Kiara Advani who played the role of Preeti.

Kabir Singh 2

Kabir Singh Cast & Crew

Kabir Singh had a strong cast and crew. In the lead roles, we have Shahid Kapoor as Kabir Singh and Kiara Advani as Preeti. The movie has many other known faces including:

1. Arjan Bajwa as Karan Rajdheer Singh

Karan Rajdheer Singh

2. Suresh Oberoi as Rajdheer Singh

Rajdheer Singh

3. Nikita Dutta as Jia Sharma

Nikita Datta

4. Soham Majumdar as Dr. Shiva

5. Kamini Kaushal as Sadhna Kaur “Dadi”

Kamini Kaushal

The movie is directed by Sandeep Vanga who made his debut with Arjun Reddy, the movie from which Kabir Singh is made. Even the story of the film is also written by him. For the producers, we have Murad Khetani, Ashwin Varde, Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar.

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Kabir Singh Download Full Movie

The movie Kabir Singh was released on 21st June 2019. Currently, the movie is available on Netflix and is receiving quite a good number of views on the platform. You can either watch it on Netflix or even download it from there. The only thing is that you won’t be able to share or transfer it anywhere.

So, if you haven’t watched Kabir Singh full movie yet, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

CAUTION: There are piracy websites like DownloadHub, Movie4Me and DVDPlay which leaked Kabir Singh full movie to download for free. You should know that downloading or streaming on such piracy websites is illegal. And so, we advise you to watch on official digital platforms like Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kabir Singh Movie Download

1. Where can I watch Kabir Singh online?

Kabir Singh full movie is available to watch on Netflix platform. If you want to download Kabir Singh movie, you need to follow the methods mentioned inside the article.

2. How to download Kabir Singh full movie?

If you want to download Kabir Singh movie, you need to follow our guidelines stated in the article above. Go through all the steps and you will be able to download Kabir Singh movie easily.

3. Is Kabir Singh movie a worthy watch?

Yes, Kabir Singh is one of the best movies of recent times. We rated it 4/5 and feel free to read our full review to know whether should you watch it or not.

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BingePost does not support any illegal content from the website. The above is the only information provided for the users’ knowledge purposes. We request you not to visit such sites and stream any sorts of illegal or pirated videos or movies. Using an illegal website like Putlocker, might cause a threat to the device that you are using to watch movies. This site is neither legal nor safe. Hence choose your actions very wisely. It is better to play safe and not get blinded just by interest and entertainment.


Mrs. Serial Killer Movie Download Offline on App or Watch Online – Cast & Plot




Mrs. Serial Kiler Movie Download

Finding a good Indian thrill movie can be a struggle nowadays. With so many available movie options around, it isn’t surprising at all that plots have started to become very monotonous and similar. In such cases, the release of something worthwhile is just what you need and Mrs. Serial Killer is the one. This film packs in every element that you’d expect from a movie. Right from the prospects of the amazing plot of the movie to the performance showcased by the cast, you get it all with the movie.

The movie has received a mixed response from the audience, wherein some people liked it and some didn’t. In case you have been meaning to watch it, we would suggest that you keep on reading as we will be sharing plot details and Mrs. Serial Killer movie download and streaming availability.

  • Director: Shirish Kunder
  • Producer: Farah Khan
  • Writer: Shirish Kunder
  • Our Rating: 3.5/5
  • Availability: Netflix

Mrs. Serial Killer Cast & Crew

  • Jacqueline Fernandez as Sona Mukherjee

Jacqueline Fernandez as Sona Mukherjee

  • Manoj Bajpayee as Dr. Mrityunjoy “Joy”

Manoj Bajpayee as Dr. Mrityunjoy

  • Mukerjee Mohit Raina as Inspector Imran Shahid

Mukerjee Mohit Raina as Imran Shahid

  • Zayn Marie Khan as Anushka Tiwari

Mukerjee Mohit Raina as Imran Shahid

Mrs. Serial Killer Movie Plot

The story of the series starts with the character of Sona Mukherjee having a video call with her husband Mrityunjoy Mukherjee. Over the call, Sona tells her husband, Joy that she is pregnant.

Right when he finishes the call, Inspector Imran Shahid, who is Sona’s ex-boyfriend comes around to their house to find evidence against Joy against a serial killing case that he has been accused of. Sona, however, believes that Shahid is trying to frame Joy out of jealousy and that he didn’t do anything as such.

Mrs. Serial Kiler Download

As per the serial killing case, the reports suggest that 6 girls first go missing following which their dead bodies are retrieved in an isolated house that is owned by Joy. The one common thing between all the girls was the fact that they were unmarried pregnant and were even aborted and dismembered. With all the evidence against him, Joy is arrested because of the crime.

Sona, who is persistent that her husband is innocent visits him in jail where Joy tells her about a famous lawyer, Mr. Rastogi who Joy saved before. When Rastogi is contacted, he suggests that they should first work on bailing Joy out. But, when they file for bail, the application is rejected because of the strong evidence against Joy. Rastogi then tells Sona that the only way to save Joy is to kill another girl, in the same way, to make everyone believe that Joy is not the one behind the murders.

While Sona is reluctant to go through with the plan, in the beginning, she then takes things in her own hands when she realizes that this is the only way to save her husband. Sona picks out her victim to be Anushka Tiwari, who is a pregnant woman, much like all the other girls who were killed. Later, after the deed is done, the news reaches the police and they are convinced that Joy is not the killer and grants him bail.

Once Joy returns home, Sona shows her Anushka, who is held captive and was not killed by her. Instead, she placed an unclaimed body to frame the murder. Anushka is tied in the basement of Joy’s clinic. When Sid tries to free Anushka, he accidentally locks himself inside. Sona wakes up one night to find Joy missing. With a hunch that Joy is about to do something wrong to Anushka, she runs to the basement to save her. Upon reaching, she finds Joy about to abort Anushka’s baby and kill her, realizing that Joy is, in fact, the killer.

Sona tries to free Anushka but fails to do so when Joy pins her down and ties her. The same happens to Sid as well. But, in the midst of it, Sid contacts Shahid and lets him know the events. When Shahid comes to the scene, to save himself, he stabs Joy and frees everyone. Sona wakes up in the hospital with Shahid beside her who lets her know of the events. Joy, who is treated by the doctor, is alive but has fled the hospital.

The film ends with Joy taking shelter in Rastogi’s house who knew about all of Joy’s crimes all along.

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Mrs. Serial Killer Review

The movie has been welcomed with a mixture of reviews. While some did enjoy the plot and the entire movie, especially the climax, some have said that everything was extremely predictable. The actors have done an amazing job with the rendition of their characters, no doubt, and if you are on the lookout for a good one-time watch thriller Bollywood movie, this isn’t a bad one at all.

The trailer of Mrs. Serial Killer is available for you to watch on YouTube. You can watch it here.

Mrs. Serial Killer Download & Streaming Availability

Step 1) Install Netflix’s latest version from Play Store or App Store on your smartphone.

Step 2) Open the app and tap on the ‘Register/Login’ button.

Step 3) A window shall open where you can sign in to your existing account or create one.

Step 4) Once the subscription is active, you will be able to access the Netflix platform.

Step 5) Search for “Mrs. Serial Killer” and you are good to go.

Step 6) You can start watching it online or download offline to watch later without any connectivity.

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FAQs Regarding Mrs. Serial Killer Movie Download / Streaming

1. Where can I watch Mrs. Serial Killer online?

The movie is available for you to stream on Netflix. If you want to download Mrs. Serial Killer movie on your device, you need to follow the steps given in this article.

2. Is it easy to download Mrs. Serial Killer movie?

Well, yes. It is pretty easy to download Mrs. Serial Killer full movie to watch offline on the app. Follow the given steps in this article.

3. Is Mrs. Serial Killer movie worth watching?

Yes, it is good to watch for those who like watching thriller movies. Find out plot details in this article to decide whether you should watch it or not!

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Disclaimer (Important)

Information shared here aims for educational purposes only. We do not support any activity related to pirated content. Sharing pirated content and watching it is a crime and clearly against the law. Users should always prefer to watch movies from official sources and theatres. Downloading and surfing on notorious sites, various kinds of viruses, as well as malware, can infect the device.

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Along with the loopy quantity of function and voice work that has been coming Chung’s means lately, she’s additionally discovered time to star on just a few of essentially the most entertaining style sequence of latest years. Between 2012 and 2016, she popped up within the position of Mulan on a dozen episodes of ABC’s fairytale deconstruction, As soon as Upon a Time, and introduced her abilities to the Fox community’s Gotham throughout that sequence’ season 3 “Mad Metropolis” arc. Extra just lately, Chung starred on The Gifted, a Fox sequence produced in affiliation with Marvel Tv and tangentially associated to the Fox-produced X-Males films. In it, Chung portrayed Clarice Fong, aka Blink, a mutant with the facility of teleportation. Whereas the sequence was well-received, it was an unlucky casualty of Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox’s tv and movie belongings, and was canceled in 2019 after two seasons, roughly a month after the deal closed.

An actress of Chung’s expertise, although, isn’t out of labor for too lengthy. Quickly, you’ll catch her as Ji-Ah, a nursing scholar with darkish secrets and techniques, on Lovecraft Nation, the HBO unique sequence that is a co-production of J.J. Abrams’ Unhealthy Robotic and Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw manufacturing homes (by way of HBO). The sequence is anticipated to premiere later this 12 months. Additionally on faucet is a job in The Misfits, a heist flick from veteran motion director Renny Harlin co-starring Pierce Brosnan, Tim Roth, and Nick Cannon. The flick can also be set to debut in late 2020, though no official launch date has been set.

The high-profile elements actually appear to be stacking up for Jamie Chung, currently, and it is no marvel, as she’s one of many hardest-working ladies in Hollywood. We would not be too shocked to see her elbowing her means onto Tinseltown’s A-list very quickly, and we will not wait to see what she does subsequent. 

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The Mortal Kombat movie targeted on three of Earthrealm’s combatants, the planet’s final finest hope in opposition to the upcoming Outworld invasion. Wilson’s Sonya Blade was the lone feminine protagonist amongst a largely male forged. The character of Sonya is without doubt one of the authentic seven participant characters from the very first Mortal Kombat online game, and she or he’s been featured in some capability in each iteration of the franchise since. She was born in Austin, Texas, and is a second-generation U.S. Military Particular Forces officer, who joined as much as observe within the footsteps of her father, the famend soldier Herman Blade.

Sonya’s seize by the Outland armies on the finish of Mortal Kombat was the most important inciting incident for Mortal Kombat II, lauded by many players because the defining entry within the long-running combating sport franchise.

Earlier than Wilson was tapped to play the position of Sonya, she really received her begin on the teenager pageant circuit. She grew up in Gold Seaside, Oregon, the place she initially began competing, and in the end rose to assert the tiara of Miss Teen USA in 1990. After that, it was solely a matter of time earlier than she received her first massive alternative in Hollywood.

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