Kangana Ranaut spent six months of hard work for five avatars in her movie Manikarnika
Kangana Ranaut spent six months of hard work for five avatars in her movie Manikarnika

Kangana Ranaut has finally spoken up about her coming movie Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi in front of the press.

According to Kangana Ranaut, this was her dream project for quite a long period of time. She also said that since the role of the queen of Jhansi is so important, there is absolutely no scope for any kind of mistake from her part.

Kangana Ranaut made sure to do a lot of training over a period of six months so that she was able to do justice to her act along with the sword fighting and horse riding on screen. The costume designer of Kangana Ranaut, Neeta Lulla has made sure that she looks perfect in all the costumes she is wearing in the movies. According to the costume designer, it has almost taken 6 months to design the costumes for the movie. It was crucial to make sure that the costumes were designed perfectly because it added to the visual reference of the movie.

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This is one of the most waited movies of 2019. People have been eagerly waiting for the movie for a long period of time. Kangana Ranaut has given an interview in the press and she has given a lot of importance to the 5 avatars that she has worked for. People have become curious now on how Kangana Ranaut has played the five avatars on screen. This was the perfect way for the publicity of the movie because people hardly knew about the movie and after her interview, all people could talk about the five avatars that Kangana Ranaut is playing in the movie Manikarnika.

The costume designer has said that the costumes are very different depending on the age and the time of the storyline. Lulla has also said that they have really worked hard on designing and combining the accessories that Kangana Ranaut was wearing because the accessories played a very important role in the look of the queen

Lulla has also used a lot of bracelets and pearl necklaces in the movie so that they were able to give Kangana Ranaut the perfect look of the queen of Jhansi. It is expected that this movie is going to be one of the biggest movies of 2019.

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