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Who is Kenia Ontiveros?

Reality shows are entertaining, engaging and exciting to watch. And the participants of these reality show or the reality stars often become celebrities and household names with their stint, in the reality TV shows. They are often considered as role models and fashion icons by many people.

Reality TV has awarded many talented professionals and artists who have an amazing personality in front of the camera. Kenia Ontiveros is a popular reality TV star who became a famous professional with her appearance in the reality show “Larrymania”. She is a makeup artist, entrepreneur, and fashion expert. Here you can find the details about her if you are a fan of Kenia.

kenia ontiveros

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Kenia Ontiveros Bio & Wikipedia

1Real Full NameKenia Leyzaola Ontiveros Hernández
2Date of Birth17 June 1991
3Age as of August 202029 Years 3 Months
5Height5' 9"
6Weight58 KG
7Hair ColorLight Brown
9HometownSinaloa, Mexico
10Current CityLos Angeles, California
11Zodiac SignLibra
12EducationBachelor of Arts Degree, The University of New Mexico
13ProfessionTV Actress, Makeup Artist, Fashion Expert
14Marital StatusMarried
15Net WorthApproximately $2.5 Million

Kenia Ontiveros Beauty & Makeup Tutorial

Kenia Ontiveros Early life (Date of Birth & Age)

kenia ontiveros age and date of birth

Kenia Ontiveros, born as Kenia Ontiveros Bazan was born in Sinaloa, Mexico. She was born on 17th June 1991. Her mother moved to the USA in 1992 to provide her with a better life. She is a Mexican by nationality but is currently based in the USA. Kenia shares a strong bond with her mother Paula Cecilia Meza Payán and often cites as her main inspiration for her life and success. She also has a younger brother.  

Kenia had a penchant for makeup and fashion from a young age. Her passion was discovered by her mother. It was here others who asked Kenia to follow her dreams. Hence, they moved to the USA for a better career opportunity. She decided to get professional training in makeup and acting and fashion while she was 14 years old. For four years she completed multiple certificates and courses on makeup, fashion, runway modelling, and acting. But, She was also good with her studies and completed her regular high schooling. 

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Kenia Ontiveros Career

kenia ontiveros career

She had completed some minor and state-level events on the runway while she was a teenager. She got her big break in the latter part of her life. Kenia is a wonderful example that motherhood cannot be an obstacle to the success of a woman. She became a household name with the popular reality TV series Larrymania in the Mun2 reality series. 

It is a show name after her husband and famous actor Lary Hernandez. Kenia starred in the reality show with her husband and her two daughters. Their honest portrayal of life caught the eye of viewers and Larrymania became a huge hit. 

People also started to take notice of the talented Kenia and she became a star with that show. She was a trained actor and makeup artist and her reality show helped her to get entry into the fashion industry. Kenia turned into a fashion entrepreneur and launched her exclusive makeup line called “Kenia Beauty”. She has a collection of lipsticks, face makeup products and other cosmetics. Her makeup collection has generated a lot of attention. She also maintains her social media platform to share tips on beauty and fashion to her fans. Kenia also has her beauty youtube channel named after her name itself, where she teaches people on how to beauty, fashion & makeup DIY tutorials.

Kenia is well known for launching premium makeup collection in a very affordable range. She launched her exclusive online store and sells her products through this web store. Her website also has some amazing blogs related to fashion and beauty and makeup. At present Kenia is the CEO of her makeup company. She also continues to star in the reality show “Larrymania”. 

Kenia Ontiveros Net worth in 2020

kenia ontiveros networth

Reality TV stars are among the richest people in the industry. According to industry sources, a reality TV star earns an average of $20000 on a single episode. Since Kenia is a core member of the hit show “Larrymani” it is clear that she earns a good amount of money through it.

Additionally, she also has a strong and stable business career with her makeup website. Hence, it is clear that she has a good amount of assets in her kitty. At present Kenia’s net worth is $2.5 million(approx).

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Kenia Ontiveros Social Media Accounts

kenia ontiveros social media handles

Kenia regularly shares her experiments with her beauty brand and a glimpse of her life. You can follow her on her social media accounts to know more about her.

Kenia Ontiveros Hot Pics

We have found some Kenia Ontiveros Hot photos on the internet. see them and enjoy the beauty of Kenia Ontiveros.

Kenia Ontiveros Hot Pic 1 Kenia Ontiveros Hot Pic 2

kenia ontiveros hot pic 13

Kenia Ontiveros Hot Pic 3 Kenia Ontiveros Hot Pic 4 Kenia Ontiveros Hot Pic 5 Kenia Ontiveros Hot Pic 6 Kenia Ontiveros Hot Pic 7 Kenia Ontiveros Hot Pic 8 Kenia Ontiveros Hot Pic 8 Kenia Ontiveros Hot Pic 9 Kenia Ontiveros Hot Pic 10 Kenia Ontiveros Hot Pic 11

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Kenia Ontiveros Instagram Updates

These are some of her Instagram handle personal updates for her fans and you can also follow Kenia Ontiveros just by following the link provided in this article.

Some Facts About Kenia Ontiveros on the web

kenia ontiveros facts

We have covered a few interesting facts about Beautiful Actress Kenia Ontiveros for you:

  • Kenia Ontiveros is an originally a Mexican origin person and later when she got fame, she moved to united states.
  • This beauty beast sells her products like lipsticks, makeup kits to increase Kenia brand awareness among people online.
  • She partnered with Eddie Judge as her costar in reality shows who is also from Mexico.
  • As per news sources she rejected many offers from both the movie and TV industry as she didn’t want to associate with small projects after her first TV series Hit.

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FAQs About Kenia Ontiveros On The Internet

1. Where was Kenia Ontiveros Born?

Kenia hails from Mexico. She was born and brought up in Sinaloa, Mexico, and later at a small age, she moved to the USA with her mother to make her career in the beauty and film industries. 

2. How old is Kenia Ontiveros Now?

Kenia Ontiveros was born on June 17 1991. Kenia Ontiveros is 29 years old as of today. you can read more about her throughout this article.

3. How did Kenia Ontiveros and Larry Hernandez Meet?

The love story between Kenia Ontiveros and larry Hernandez began when they were in college. and Kenia fell in love with Larry when he was struggling to prove himself as a talented singer. At that time Kenia was at her final year in studies. and they started dating and fell in love. their love story is very romantic and beautiful.

4. What is Kenia Ontiveros Beauty Secret?

Kenia Ontiveros said that she has a natural glamour and beauty came by birth. along with this she also applies a few beauty products which are created by herself at home. and there is no secret for her gorgeous face but she always follows a strict diet and gym routine to keep her up daily for fitness and beauty.

5. What Is the net worth of Kenia Ontiveros?

Kenia owns an online beauty and makeup products store which became a very successful beauty Ecommerce world. and at present Kenia has the bet worth of $2.5 million.

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Kenia Ontiverson is one of the beautiful and gorgeous TV actresses in the United States. Rather than just sticking to acting on various shows she expanded her career to the beauty and makeup industry. and she always chooses to have cosmetics and beauty over other things, and she believes that if her beauty is evergreen then other career options will follow up. moreover, in a short period, she gained a lot of social media attention with around 2.5 million followers.

Unlike the other famous Hollywood artists, she never got separated from her husband Larry Hernandez. they are living a happy life with their children now. With her grace and excellence soon she will get even more success with whatever she chooses as her career.

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