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Best Korean Drama Websites to Watch & Download All Latest Korean TV Series Online in 2020


Korean drama TV series and movieshave disrupted the film and art industry everywhere, and we don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t have in the first place. Korean dramasor Korean entertainmentin general is extremely aesthetically pleasing.

The actors and actresses seem to have baby soft skin, are legit the most gorgeous ever, with great physique. Plus, Korean drama offers a wide range of diverse choices starting from romance, science fiction, love, thriller and action and much more!

And let’s not even get started about the food nearly ever drama features sumptuous food served at beautiful diners a food-filler show is really a thing. Remember how fans went crazy seeing all the food shown in Gilmore Girls, always munched by the mother-daughter duo?

It’s the same effect. And last but not the least, the three main factors the culture, fashionand musicfeatured in all of these are top-notch free Korean drama sites. So why wouldn’t one get addicted? Thus, we have brought you 10 these amazing websites to watch Korean dramas in 2020 where you can also download these tv series for free!

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Top 10 Best Sites To Download Korean Dramas: 2020

If you are a K-drama addict and are looking for cost-effective ways to get your hands on the latest and trending Korean dramas, your search ends here! as we have listed the working Korean drama websites to download free in 2020.

1. Viki

Viki site
Viki site
  • Link:https://www.viki.com

Site Overview:The first one to top our list Asian drama websites would be Viki, and this one’s sure to please all K-drama fans! It is usually always accessible meaning, you’ll hardly find it blocked. Moreover, it has a huge database with a ton of Korean content to view so that’s a cherry on top!

One of its strong suits is that it provides subtitles. Let’s be honest, watching Korean drama is addictive, but it can also be quite cumbersome (or impossible!) if you don’t have supporting subtitles displayed at the bottom.

All the content that you download from this site has subtitles available in most of the languages, so whichever land you belong to, your language’s not lost. However, the only downside of this website is that it has adware, that results in too many advertisements popping up now and then.

You, as a user, might find this annoying; and it can also hamper the user experience. If you’re not much bothered about ads, this one’s a one-stop solution for all your K-drama needs! This website is our top pic in 2020.

2. Sojuoppa

Sojuoppa site
Sojuoppa site
  • Link:https://sojuoppa.net.pixelwp.com/site

Site Overview:One of the most favoured, poplar and sought after best k-drama websites when it comes to Korean drama, Sojuoppa offers you all things Korean for free. The backend designing of this website is really smooth and slick, as the website’s working itself vouches for it.

It’s pretty evident that the developers of this website put in a lot of effort to put the pieces of this site together. The UI is smooth and easy, so navigating your way through this website, and operating it, on the whole, shall not be a problem.

Plus, the best part about this website is that there are tons of Korean dramas that are uploaded to it daily. So, you’re never out of content to binge on. All your Korean drama needs are just a click away, making this site even better.

If you are someone who does not like ads, likes a minimalistic design, and just the right amount of features, this is it.

3. Animetv.to

Animetv.to site
Animetv.to site
  • Link:https://www6.animeseries.io

Site Overview:This one is probably the most favourite site for watching kdramas online in 2020, the ‘go-to’ website for all Korean content lovers. Not only is this popular among Koreans, but this site witnesses a million visits from people from every nook and corner of the world.

And guess what the best part is? You don’t need to worry about streaming or downloading content on this website if you have a bad internet connection. The website waves your internet connectivity woes goodbye. Simply because it allows you to stream content even in slow internet sleep which is definitely one of its strong suits.

It also features a few special browsing options that make it easy for users to get lifetime access to some of the Korean dramas. You might find an ad or two popping up now and then since his site does have adware.

However, the website is kind of similar to Viki, the one that tops our list and is one of the biggest Korean content hubs worldwide. this is one of our favourite sites to access anything related to Korean Entertainment.

4. Dramago

Dramago site
Dramago site
  • Link:https://www.dramago.com

Site Overview:Another popular Korean drama torrenting website that provides Korean content for free, Dramago comes fourth on our list thanks to its intuitive algorithm. It has all the trending, popular Korean dramas so you don’t need to go about hunting for it in every site across the internet.

Plus, as most of the hyped series and displayed on the homepage itself, it saves a lot of time for the viewers too. When you launch this website, you’ll see all the popular Korean serials listed, making your quest all the easier.

You might find a bit of sponsored content related ads at the bottom of the page, but they aren’t necessarily annoying. Meaning, the user experience won’t suffer much so you can use this site with ease.

The site is otherwise free of malware, so rest assured that your smart device won’t contract any virus. However, it’s always better to run an antivirus scan to make sure your device is safe from unnecessary threats.

5. Dramanice

Dramanice site
Dramanice site


Site Overview:This website does justice to the Korean culture. As we all know, Korean and Japanese cultures have an affinity towards all things preppy and cute. And this website’s layout is the most aesthetically pleasing of all.

It’s themed pink, with a cute font giving off a classic Disney vibe altogether. Also, the pink and white combination of this website makes it stand out among millions of others. Not only aesthetics, but this site has got it good when it comes to content too!

It has a clear cut, clean UI so finding your way around it wouldn’t be hard either. However, there’s no guarantee that you will be able to access this website as it is blocked in some parts of the world.

It encompasses both old and new Korean content, and some of them even have inbuilt subtitles. Thus, saving you the hassle of downloading subtitles in your native language separately. This site is surely worth a shot to download Korean drama online free!

6. GoodDrama.to

Gooddrama.to site
Gooddrama.to site


Site Overview:If you are thinking about where to watch kdrama online, then open this website. Just like Dramago (mentioned fourth on our list), GoodDrama is popular and quite similar to it. It offers a wide range of Korean content for you to download from, for free! Also, another plus point of this website is that it’s not just limited to Korean content, but it also offers a great deal of Chinese and Japanese dramas as well.

Even the UI is quite similar to Dramago, almost as if it’s a clone website. As the interface of this website is super simple and smooth, it’s pretty easy to find your way around and navigate from one page to another.

Also, it offers a similar search for top Korean drama series within a jiffy. However, a similar downside that most other torrent downloading sites tend to have, is that it has adware.

It also has a dedicated list on the homepage, one for recent releases and one for recent additions. A bunch of new content is always added on the daily, including the trending ones so you’re sure to find whatever’s hot in the Kdrama world here.

An awful lot of advertisements might pop up now and then, which might kill the user experience. Other than that, it’s a super safe site with no glitches whatsoever. So if ads aren’t that big a deal to you, this site is surely it.

7. DramaBeans

Dramabeans site
Dramabeans site


Site Overview:This website is quite similar to all the other websites mentioned too, and yet, equally popular. It has a huge variety of content, ranging from Asian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

It’s especially renowned for its hot collection of Korean and Japanese drama so if you’re looking for the trending ones to watch Korean dubbed series online, you know which site to go to. Plus, thanks to its minimalistic, intuitive UI, finding your way around wouldn’t be much of a hassle either.

Also, you might want to note that if you’re a fan of Korean drama classics DramaBeans is your one-stop solution. This is legit, one of the rare few websites that have a huge collection of the olden goldies when it comes to Korean content, so you might want to check it out if that interests you!

8. NewAsian TV

Newasian.tv site
Newasian.tv site


Site Overview:Justifying its name, this site is it for all your Asian, Korean, and Japanese drama needs. It would just take one click from your side to seamlessly download any Korean content that you might be hunting the internet for.

The site has two, sectionalized dedicated lists. One is for the Korean drama content that is still on the air, while the other one’s that off-air and complete. You can search for your favourite ones here to watch kdramas with eng subs!

Moreover, it has a dedicated search bar on the top right corner for you to type the keywords and search the target content. The homepage displays the thumbnails and links for all the trending Korean content too.

However, one downside of this site is that it has adware, so you might see inappropriate, annoying ads popping up frequently. It’s UI is simple, however, it looks cluttered. Other than that, a pretty easy to use website with a lot of content in store downloadable in one go!

9. Dramafire

Dramafire site
Dramafire site


Site Overview:Another well-know, reputed website for kdramas to download in 2020, Dramafire is a site widely hailed by Korean drama fans all over the world. The best part about this website is all the serials played on it are of high definition (HD) quality.

So if you are obsessed with graphically detailed motion pictures, this site is it. Also, the layout of this site is such that it successfully keeps dramas and serials separate, helping you find your content quite easily.

The site is quite competitive and offers free access to various Korean drama content, so it’s definitely worth a shot. This site has adware too, and you’ll see a dedicated section for ads on the right margin.

They might even pop up now and then killing the user experience. Themed blue and yellow, the site’s design is quite aesthetically pleasing. The site has three tabs to switch between.

One is to find Recently Added Drama, the other is for Recent Movies while the third is for Recent K-Show. As they keep updating the site frequently, it’s the best site to search for Korean content in.

10. KissAsian

Kissasian.nz site
Kissasian.nz site


Site Overview:This is one of the most visited and best Korean drama websites which have all the Korean drama content sectionalized based on their categories, and has a million of it for you to choose from! And by categories, we imply love, action, romance, thriller, and so forth.

The site has a very simple and clean UI. All you have is a dedicated search bar right in the middle of the homepage to type your queries in. After that, it shall display a list of possible Korean content based on the keywords you’ve entered.

Plus, it provides high definition or HD quality content as mentioned by the site itself, which is like the icing on top. You have Korean dramas, cartoons, anime, tv shows, and movies to choose from so there’s endless content to satiate your Korean drama binge-spree!


So that’s that! Our detailed list of all the websites that stream Korean dramas online that you can always visit to download free content. Make sure to turn your VPN on for safety purposes, because you’d obviously not want your VPNto be exposed.

Even if you aren’t downloading and pirating copyrighted content, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Other than that, turn your Korean drama bing mode on, hop onto these websites, and start binging already.

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Disclaimer (Important)

The information provided here is only meant for educational purposes. We do not intend to promote online websites that are using pirated content to stream. Our objective is to inform and bestow people with basic knowledge. we have only provided the links of the official websites to download Korean drama series/movies online.

Accessing the pirated content in any form is against the law, and this article is not meant to advocate or encourage it. Piracy is an online offence and can steep fines or imprisonment. We don’t claim any content that is shared on this page as ours. we are just providing the information that you need.

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