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Get To Know The New Best Selling Author of USA Today, Lani Lynn Vale

Get To Know The New Best Selling Author of USA Today, Lani Lynn Vale

Lani Lynn Vale is USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and romantic suspense who adores all things romantic. Read on to get to know her more!

Kelvin Farr
Last updated: Jan 04, 2022 | Nov 25, 2021

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Lani Lynn Vale is USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and romantic suspense who adores all things romantic. Read on to get to know her more!

Who Is Lani Lynn Vale?

Lani Lynn Vale is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels. She has published 106 novels including several series such as Freebirds, Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC, Code 11-KPD SWAT, Uncertain Saints MC, and Kilgore Fire.

She has 334,082 ratings with an average rating of 4.35 stars rated by readers on Goodreads. Her books also have an average review of 25,696 as of the moment.

When Lani Lynn Vale Started Writing

Every writer has a story of when and how they started writing. Lani Lynn Vale's story on when she started is not yet known. However, she published her first-ever book entitled Boomtown in 2013.

Although she did not reveal when she started writing, she answered one of her fans' questions on how did she started writing. She simply said in the FAQs section of her website, "I didn’t like the way a book ended, so I rewrote the ending. The rest is history!"

The book she was referring to was not revealed, probably out of respect to the author.

Lani Lynn Vale Best Selling Books

Lani Lynn Vale Best Selling Book

In her recent post on her official Facebook account, Lani shared that her book Shakedown is one of the best-selling ebooks.

Shakedown is the 8th installation of the series Souls Chapel Revenants MC.

Lani Lynn Vale Books

Lani Lynn Vale Books

We have listed below all of Lani's books!


  • Boomtown (2013)
  • Highway Don't Care (2013)
  • Another One Bites the Dust (2013)
  • Last Day of My Life (2014)
  • Texas Tornado (2014)
  • I Don't Dance (2014)

Heroes of The Dixie Wardens MC

  • Lights To My Siren (2014)
  • Halligan To My Axe (2014)
  • Kevlar To My Vest (2014)
  • Keys To My Cuffs (2015)
  • Life To My Flight (2015)
  • Charge To My Line (2015)
  • Counter To My Intelligence (2015)
  • Right To My Wrong (2016)

Code 11- KPD SWAT

  • Center Mass (2015)
  • Double Tap (2015)
  • Bang Switch (2015)
  • Execution Style (2015)
  • Charlie Foxtrot (2015)
  • Kill Shot (2015)
  • Coup De Grace (2015)

Uncertain Saint's MC

  • Whiskey Neat (2016)
  • Jack & Coke (2016)
  • Vodka On The Rocks (2016)
  • Bad Apple (2016)
  • Dirty Mother (2016)
  • Rusty Nail (2016)

Kilgore Fire

  • Shock Advised (2016)
  • Flash Point (2016)
  • Oxygen Deprived (2016)
  • Controlled Burn (2016)
  • Put Out (2017)

I Like Big Dragons

  • I Like Big Dragons and I Cannot Lie (2016)
  • Dragons Need Love, Too (2016)
  • Oh, My Dragon (2017)

Dixie Warden Rejects MC

  • Beard Mode (2017)
  • Fear the Beard (2017)
  • Son of a Beard (2017)
  • I'm Only Here for the Beard (2017)
  • The Beard Made Me Do It (2017)
  • Beard Up (2017)
  • For the Love of Beard (2017)
  • Law & Beard (2018)

There's No Crying in Baseball

  • Pitch Please (2017)
  • Quit Your Pitchin' (2018)
  • Listen, Pitch (2018)

Hail Raisers

  • Hail No (2017)
  • Go to Hail (2017)
  • Burn in Hail (2017)
  • What the Hail (2017)
  • The Hail You Say (2017)
  • Hail Mary (2018)

Simple Man

  • Kinda Don't Care (2018)
  • Maybe Don't Wanna (2018)
  • Get You Some (2018)
  • Ain't Doin' It (2018)
  • Too Bad So Sad (2018)

Bear Bottom Guardians MC

  • Mess Me Up (2018)
  • Talkin' Trash (2018)
  • How About No (2018)
  • My Bad (2018)
  • One Chance, Fancy (2018)
  • It Happens (2019)
  • Keep It Classy (2019)
  • Snitches Get Stitches (2019)
  • F-Bomb (2019)

Southern Gentleman

  • Hissy Fit (2019)
  • Lord Have Mercy (2019)
  • Quit Bein' Ugly (2021)

KPD Motorcycle Patrol

  • Hide Your Crazy (2019)
  • It Wasn't Me (2019)
  • I'd Rather Not (2019)
  • Make Me (2019)
  • Sinners are Winners (2019)
  • If You Say So (2019)

SWAT Generation 2.0

  • Just Kidding (2020)
  • Fries Before Guys (2020)
  • Maybe Swearing Will Help (2020)
  • Ask Me If I Care (2020)
  • May Contain Wine (2020)
  • Joke's on You (2020)
  • Join the Club (2020)
  • Any Day Now (2020)
  • Say It Ain't So (2020)
  • Officially Over It (2020)
  • Nobody Knows (2020)
  • Depends On Who's Asking (2020)

Valentine Boys

  • Herd That (2020)
  • Crazy Heifer (2020)
  • Chute Yeah (2020)
  • Get Bucked (2020)

Souls Chapel Revenants MC

  • Repeat Offender (2021)
  • Conjugal Visits (2021)
  • Jailbait (2021)
  • Doin' A Dime (2021)
  • Kitty Kitty (2021)
  • Gen Pop (2021)
  • Inmate of the Month (2021)
  • Shakedown (2021)

Madd CrossFit

  • No Rep (2021)
  • Jerk It (2021)
  • Chalk Dirty to Me (2021)

Battle Crows MC

  • Always Someone's Monster (2022)
  • Make Me Your Villain (2022)
  • Rattle Some Cages (2022)
  • Not A Role Model (2022)
  • Get Tragic (2022)
  • Strange And Unusual (2022)
  • Never Trust the Living (2022)

Lani Lynn Vale Husband

Lani Lynn Vale Husband

Lani met her husband in high school when they were still schoolmates. In the About section of her official website, Lani stated that she fell in love with his yet-to-be-named husband because he was wearing baseball shorts.

They dated for several years before they finally tied the knot on June 29, 2008.

Lani Lynn Wedding

In one of her posts on her official Facebook page, she posted a wedding photo of her husband and her cutting the wedding cake. A fan of Lani had pointed out the unique blue and red figurines as cake toppers. The fan commented, "I can’t be the only one…I would LOVE to hear the story behind the cake top!!! ❤️❤️❤️"

She sure is not the only one curious about the toppers! We also want to know! However, Lani is yet to respond to the comment.

In 2019, Lani shared with her fans that her husband forgot their 11th year anniversary. She was mad at first, she said, but then just wrote it all away and made the first and second chapters of Sinners are Winners. She captioned the photo of her and her husband with "Today marks 11 years since my husband and I were married. And. He. Forgot. He’s currently playing in an all day golf tournament instead of spending time with me. And, at first, I was kind of mad. This is our day. Our one day a year that is special to just us. (I still count our aaniversey of when we started dating but he refuses 😂). But then I got to writing. I wrote the first two chapters in Lock & Saylor’s book. Then the epilogue, set 11 years later, and really hammered Lock for forgetting their anniversary. He did a lot of work to make up for it, though. Let’s see if hubby can do the same. 😂"

Lani always posts pictures of her together with her husband and it seems that she got her happily ever after just like her fictional characters.

They now have three children and they live in 'the greatest state in the world' as Lani described it, Texas, United States.


Lani is yet to release her Battle Crows MC Series. The first book, Always Someone's Monster, will be available on January 25, 2022.

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