Display from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2.
Screenshot: Activision

Seems like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have its battle royale manner in short sequence. A collection of glitches and escapes following the launch of this game’s”Season 2″ articles are pointing into an upcoming mode referred to as”Warzone.”

Considering that the achievement of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s comparable”Blackout” manner, battle royale for Modern Warfare does not seem overly far-fetched. Official teasers that appeared to be pointing towards an impending launching of a battle royale style surfaced on February 11 together with the beginning of Modern Warfare‘s Season two. The cinematic trailer for Season 2 showcased what resembles a ring of gasoline closure in as soldiers parachute down on the battle.

Official in-game movie through YouTuber: ImCarbon

However, the hints do not stop there. Modern Warfare‘s most important menu also now offers a”Classified” style that stays locked. But, one Reddit consumer’ARedWerewolf’ asserts they had the ability to glitch their own way to a lobby for its classified part. Screenshots purported to be in the manner are identified by means of a symbol in the upper left studying”Warzone.”

The picture posted to Reddit includes a tab called”Drop Kits,” which indicates that the mode will allow players customize their gear before falling to a game. This might be anything from a personalized parachute or possibly a starter weapon. Another screenshot indicates a secured tab to get a Warzone training manner.

YouTuber”PrestigeIsKey” tweeted you are able to view what might be the battle royale map by inputting a personal game on the new”Atlas Superstore” map which came with Season 2. Whilst in the private game, you want to input the”CODcaster style,” that is largely utilized for spectating in Modern Warfare‘s”Call of Duty League” esports matches. Flying up to acquire an eagle-eye perspective of this map only appears to supply a low-resolution perspective, but he managed to converse a few good overhead screenshots.

Additionally following Modern Warfare‘s Season 2 upgrade, what seems to be a promotional picture was leaked on Reddit, also known as Call of Duty: Warzone. The image revealed soldiers standing round a downed helicopter. The user immediately deleted their accounts, but the picture spread like wildfire. Charlie INTEL reported the pictures have been deleted before it was deleted because of a copyright case.

The official teasers from Activision and Infinity Ward are really subtle, however, Warzone seems to be a true entity, and Infinity Ward’s own twist about the battle royale genre. And given the Season 2 teasers, it might be falling into Modern Warfare at any moment. Kotaku has reached out to Activision for remark.