This season, he procured an Oscar nomination for his role in”Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.”

once upon a time in hollywood

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DiCaprio has had a very long career in acting, which started when he was a teen. His first gig was a matchbox car commercial in 14 years of age.

matchbox cars


Source: The New York Times, People

In his younger years, DiCaprio was largely a celebrity on the little display. He had been in a range of TV shows such as”The Outsiders,””Roseanne,” and”Parenthood.”


DiCaprio played with Darlene Conner’s classmate on”Roseanne.”

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During his trip towards the top, DiCaprio stayed a jokester and a young guy who took his mum to award reveals despite him with a comprehensive dating history.

leonardo dicaprio mom

DiCaprio and his mom (left).

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