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Lil Tjay Height, Birthdate, Age, And Professional Accomplishments


With his distinct style and large fan base, American rapper, singer, and songwriter Lil Tjay has been making waves in the music business. He has a sizable fan following on Soundcloud with more than 160k followers and 50m spins, and he has gathered an astounding 1.5m fans on his Youtube channel.

Lil Tjay has surmounted obstacles and established himself in the music business despite early challenges he had, including time spent in a child prison facility.

Lil Tjay has left his imprint on the music industry with a number of songs that are widely famous and have had millions of views as well as an EP that was released in 2018. Due to his fame, a lot of admirers are interested in learning about Lil Tjay height, birthdate, age, way of life, and professional accomplishments.

Quick Facts About Lil Tjay

Full NameTione Jayden Merritt
Nick NameLil Tjay
ProfessionRapper, Songwriter
Date Of BirthApril 30, 2001,
Current ResidenceNew York, United States
Birth PlaceBronx, New York
Age21 years old
Family NameJayden Merritt
Famous AsRapper

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Early Life Of Lil Tjay

Tione Jayden Merritt, also known as Lil Tjay, was born in the Bronx, New York City, on April 30, 2001.

He was raised in an undesirable area and had several difficulties in his formative years. When he was just seven years old, his father was sent to prison, leaving his mother to care for him and his siblings by herself.

Lil Tjay attended the Bronx High School of Business for his senior year of high school before leaving to pursue a career in music. At the age of 15, he started to build a following on Soundcloud and started composing and recording his own songs.

However, after being caught and sentenced to three months in a juvenile correctional facility for fighting and robbery, his music career was paused. He survived a brutal confrontation during this period, almost escaping death, and swore to change his life.

Lil Tjay's Professional Life

When Lil Tjay started creating and recording his own songs early, his music career officially began. He developed a fan base on Soundcloud and began to attract the interest of big record companies. He made the decision to concentrate on his music after serving time in a juvenile prison facility, and in 2018 he released his first EP.

The nine songs on the EP, "No Comparison," each exhibited Lil Tjay's distinct sound and flair. The EP helped him cement his position in the music business, and the song "Brothers" became popular on Soundcloud and YouTube.

Lil Tjay's first album, "True 2 Myself," which was released in 2019, contained collaborations with a number of well-known musicians, including Lil Wayne and Jay Critch. The album debuted at number five on the Billboard 200 list and included well-known songs like "F.N" and "Hold On."

Throughout 2020, Lil Tjay continued to release new music, including the songs "Losses" and "Zoo York," which both featured Pop Smoke and Fivio Foreign and displayed the artist's rich emotional range. In reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak, he also worked with Polo G on the song "First Place" and issued the EP "State of Emergency".

Lil Tjay is most known for his singing career, but he has also made a name for himself in the fashion world by appearing in a number of well-known advertising campaigns. In order to give back to his community, he has collaborated with groups like the Boys & Girls Club and has received recognition for his charitable efforts.

Lil Tjay keeps his priorities straight and is dedicated to his work despite his success. He has used his previous setbacks and experiences to spur him on to keep working hard and chasing his goals. Lil Tjay will undoubtedly make waves in the music business for years to come because of his distinctive sound and aesthetic.

Lil Tjay's Awards And Achievements

Lil Tjay is a relatively young musician, yet he has already won a number of prestigious accolades. He was included in the XXL Freshman Class of 2020, an annual list that honors rising hip-hop artists, and he was nominated for the BET Hip Hop Award for Best New Hip-Hop Artist in 2020.

His position in the music business was established when his first album, "True 2 Myself," debuted at number five on the Billboard 200 list. He has also received praise for his associations with other well-known musicians, like Lil Wayne and Polo G.

On several platforms, Lil Tjay's music has also received millions of streams, with several of his songs peaking at the top of the charts. His collaboration with fellow rapper Polo G on "Pop Out" and "F.N" both made it to the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Although Lil Tjay hasn't received any significant honors so far, his skill and promise have already been noted by both fans and business insiders, and he is certain to make ripples in the music industry for years to come.

The Personal Life Of Lil Tjay

Lil Tjay hasn't revealed anything about his private life in the media, including whether or not he's married. He has avoided discussing any personal relationships in interviews or on social media in order to maintain the separation between his private and public selves.

It's conceivable that he wishes to protect his privacy and concentrate on his music career by keeping his personal life out of the public eye.

Lil Tjay Face Closeup
Lil Tjay Face Closeup

Lil Tjay Height And Other Physical Attributes

Lil Tjay is renowned for having a distinctive physical style. April 30 marks the birthday of Lil Tjay. Many people are curious to know about Lil Tjay height, so he is thin in form and Lil Tjay height is 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm). He often wears a variety of hairstyles, such as twists, braids, and short buzz cuts. He features large lips, a tiny nose, high cheekbones, and a pronounced jawline.

Lil Tjay is known for his love of luxury labels like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, and he often dons loud, colorful outfits. He also regularly dons rings, earrings, and chains as jewelry.

Both onstage and off, Lil Tjay's distinct and unmistakable style has been influenced by his physical attributes. He has developed a devoted fan following that enjoys both his music and his unique sense of style thanks to his self-assurance and individualism, which have helped him become a rising star in the music business.

Some Interesting Facts About Lil Tjay

  • Tione Jayden Merritt is Lil Tjay's actual name.
  • He was reared in the South Bronx district of New York City, where he was born.
  • Lil Tjay started composing music at an early age, but after serving time in a juvenile correctional facility, he began to take it more seriously.
  • Some of his major musical inspirations, according to him, are Drake, Lil Wayne, and 50 Cent.
  • "Brothers," Lil Tjay's breakthrough single, was recorded in just 15 minutes.
  • He has worked with a number of well-known musicians, including Pop Smoke, Polo G, and Lil Durk, who are all from the South Bronx.
  • Lil Tjay has been candid about his mental health issues and has utilized music as a coping mechanism for anxiety and sadness.
  • His mother and he are close, and she has always been supportive of his musical endeavors.
  • Lil Tjay height is 173 cm.
  • Lil Tjay has shown interest in acting in addition to music, and he has acted in a number of short films.
  • With more than 3 million YouTube subscribers and over 8 million Instagram followers, he has a huge social media following.


Lil Tjay's Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Lil Tjay was $3 million. Lil Tjay's lucrative music career is the source of his income. On several platforms, he has racked up millions of streams and views, and he has inked lucrative recording deals with Columbia Records and Sony Music.

In order to get more attention and money, he has also played at a number of concerts and music festivals, such as Rolling Loud and the BET Awards.

Lil Tjay has earned money via item sales, sponsorships, and partnerships with other businesses and musicians in addition to his music career. He has collaborated with organizations like Puma and appears on Polo G's album "Hall of Fame."

People Also Ask

What Is The Real Name Of Lil Tjay?

Tione Jayden Merritt is Lil Tjay's actual name.

From What Country Is Lil Tjay?

Lil Tjay is a native of New York City's South Bronx.

Who Has Influenced Lil Tjay The Most Musically?

Drake, Lil Wayne, and 50 Cent are a few of Lil Tjay's main musical inspirations.

What's Lil Tjay's Debut Single?

"Brothers" is Lil Tjay's breakthrough single.

What Is Lil Tjay Height In Meters?

Lil Tjay height is 1.73 meters.

Whom Else Artists Have Lil Tjay Worked With?

Lil Tjay has worked with a number of well-known musicians, including Polo G, Lil Durk, and Pop Smoke.

What Pastimes Outside Music Does Lil Tjay Have?

Lil Tjay, who has starred in a number of short films, has indicated an interest in acting.


One of the hip-hop industry's most promising emerging performers, Lil Tjay, has swiftly risen to prominence. Since many of his admirers are curious about Lil Tjay height, Tjay height is 173 cm. His music often discusses themes of persistence and overcoming hardship because of how his early challenges in life have inspired it.

Lil Tjay continues to create waves in the business and is positioned to become a significant force in hip-hop for years to come. He has millions of followers worldwide and a long list of successful albums under his credit.

Lil Tjay continues to fascinate audiences and solidify his position as one of the most exciting performers of his time, whether he's on stage performing or working with other musicians.

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