Lucifer Season 5 Download or Watch Online (Review, Cast & Plot)

Finally, the wait has over for Lucifer’s fans as the fifth season of Lucifer web series is streaming now on Netflix. A supernatural love crime web series based on the story of a Devil “Lucifer Morning Star” and his love life on Earth, the series got immense popularity & positive ratings from the critics. To keep that entertainment long-lasting, the makers have released the much-awaited Season 5 of Lucifer on leading OTT platform Netflix. If you haven’t watched it yet and looking for the detailed review, then check out Lucifer Season 5 download or streaming availability with its complete review, cast & plot here.

  • Genre: Crime, Supernatural, Love
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Developed By: Tom Kapinos
  • Episodes: 8
  • Released On: Netflix

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Lucifer Season 5 Cast & Characters

  • Tom Ellis as Lucifer MorningStar

Tom Ellis

  • Lauren German as Chloe Decker


  • Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen/Maze

Lesley Ann-Brandt

  • D.B Woodside as Amenadiel

D.B Woodside

  • Kevin Alejandro as Daniel/Dan

Kevin Alejandro

  • Rachael Harris as Linda Martin

Rachael Harris

  • Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez

Aimee Garcia

  • Scarlett Estevez as Trixie

Scarlett Estevez

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Storyline of Lucifer Season 5

Lucifer Season 4 ended with a sad ending where Lucifer & Chloe confesses their love for each other and then for the well being of his love & humanity, Lucifer decides to go back to Hell, leaving Chloe alone on Earth. Season 5 begins with usual crime murder mystery solving by LAPD team (the only difference is now Maze is the new partner of Detective Chloe) and Lucifer is torturing people in Hell for their evil deeds. Everyone is trying to move on in their lives by ignoring the fact how much they miss Lucifer on Earth and then suddenly Lucifer 2.0 appears in Los Angeles.

While Chloe is happy to meet her love again, the strange behaviour of Lucifer 2.0 is making her suspicious as he is not the real Lucifer but the twin brother of Lucifer, named Michael. The latter wants to make his life hell by emotionally hurting his loved ones (especially Chloe). But before he can break Chloe’s heart, she learns about his truth and teaches him a lesson. But Michael doesn’t stop here and tell Chloe the bitter truth about her existence that she is just a gift of God, made for Lucifer. Not only this, but he also threatens Amenadiel that he can harm baby Charlie anytime.

When Lucifer learns about his brother’s uglier deeds on Earth, he decides to teach him a lesson and lands in Los Angeles again to make things right (leaving hell alone). He teaches a lesson to Michael but seems like Michael is unstoppable & planning something evil to defeat Lucifer. He creates misunderstandings between Chloe & Lucifer and reveals that behind Lucifer’s rebellion towards his father, leaving heaven and coming to the LA, it was all Michael’s mind.

Using his ability to know people’s worst fear, Michael uses Maze against Lucifer. Chloe & Lucifer finally comes together, which results in the exchange of Lucifer’s power of knowing anyone’s desire get transferred to Chloe and Lucifer becomes strong again in the presence of Chloe (nothing can harm him now even in the presence of Chloe). While both don’t understand the reason behind this sudden exchange of Powers, Michael kidnaps Chloe to brainwash her and let her thinks that Lucifer might not need her anymore and that is why he hasn’t proposed her yet.

Amenadiel learns that his son Charlie is like other humans (don’t have any supernatural power) and can be hurt & die anytime, which scared him. Michael uses Daniel to harm Lucifer by telling him his real identity. Maze helps Michael to harm Lucifer & Amenadiel as he promises her to give her a soul. In the ultimate battle between Amenadiel, Lucifer & Michael, Michael confesses that he was behind everything and the season ends with a cliffhanger ending where God comes on Earth to make peace amid his Sons.

Entry of God in Lucifer Season 5
Entry of God in Lucifer Season 5
 Name of EpisodeAvailability
Episode 1Really Sad Devil GuyWatch Now
Episode 2Lucifer! Lucifer! LuciferWatch Now
Episode 3iDiablo!Watch Now
Episode 4It Never Ends Well For The ChickenWatch Now
Episode 5Detective AmenadielWatch Now
Episode 6Blue BallzWatch Now
Episode 7Our MojoWatch Now
Episode 8Spoiler AlertWatch Now

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Lucifer Season 5 Review: Is It Really Worth To Watch?

Just within a few days of its release, Lucifer Season 5 has got massive reviews & becomes the top 2 show in India on Netflix. The reason behind it may be the fabulous work done by the makers in Season 5. Unlike other seasons, in Season 5, makers have focussed more on the character’s personal lives than on the criminal cases, which gives each character more screen space and exposure. By making Michael the villain of the Season, makers keep the whole season focussed on Lucifer & Chloe’s relationship which people were dying to see.

Season 5 of Lucifer is not just about Chloe & Lucifer’s love tale, but it also brilliantly highlights the fears & desires of each character be it Maze, Ella, Linda or Amenadiel. Despite having a crisp story, the ups & downs in the relationship of Chloe & Lucifer make the series a little slow at some places but the thrilling ending of Season 5 will make you crave for more. Since now God is on Earth and things are falling against Lucifer, it will be exciting to see what Season 6 will offer to Lucifer’s fans.

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Lucifer Season 5 Web Series Download or Stream Availability

Season 5 of Lucifer is currently streaming on Netflix in Hindi & English and available to watch online or download within the app to watch later. Follow these steps for Lucifer Season 5 download or stream it online on Netflix:

  • Download the Netflix App from the app store or search for in the browser.
  • Create a new account for a free one month trial or log in to existing account by entering your details.
  • Now search for “Lucifer” in the search bar of the platform and click on the poster appear in the results.
  • From the Drop-Down menu, select the Season you wish to watch and choose audio & subtitles from the settings.
  • Either watch it online within the app or use the “Download” option in the app to download all the episodes in HD quality.

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FAQs on Lucifer Season 5 Download or Streaming Availability

1. Is it possible to download Lucifer Season 5 online?

Yes, Lucifer Season 5 download is possible online, and we have shared the step-by-step guide in this article for you. The show is currently streaming on Netflix and using this guide, you can download or watch Season 5 of Lucifer online within the app in HD Quality (720p or 1080p).

2. What is Lucifer Season 5 release date?

Season 5 of Lucifer released on 21st August 2020 on Netflix worldwide. To watch the show on the app, you have to take its paid subscription or can opt-out for a free one-month trial by creating a new account.

3. Is Season 5 of Lucifer worth watching?

Yes, Season 5 of Lucifer is full of twists & turns and thus worth watching. If you a true fan of Lucifer and wanted to see Chloe & Lucifer together, then this season is a must-watch for you. Enjoy the ups & downs of Chloe & Lucifer’s sweet relationship in this season on Netflix.

4. Will there be Season 6 of Lucifer?

Well, the makers haven’t announced anything about the release of Lucifer Season 6, but according to the cliffhanger ending of Season 5, it seems like Season 6 of Lucifer will soon be there for viewers. But currently, we don’t have any official information about it, and we will keep you posted in this thread about the release of Season 6 of Lucifer.

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So, we have shared Lucifer Season 5 download & online streaming availability with you along with its detailed review, plot & cast. It is a perfect binge-watch season to enjoy in your free time and currently available on Netflix. We don’t encourage piracy or pirated content and thus recommend you to take subscription or free one-month trial of the app to watch the show legally. For any other updates about your favourite web series, movies or Lucifer Season 6, stay tuned with us. Binge-Watch & Chill!

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