As a boy, Macaulay Culkin hung out regularly with Michael Jackson, and a decade after the King of Pop’s departure, he is slamming those longstanding abuse rumors by stating Michael’ never did anything’ improper.

“Look, I am gonna start with the lineup –it is not a line, it is the fact: He never did anything to me personally,” Macaulay Culkin, 39, stated of his friendship Michael Jackson at a brand new interview with Esquire. The Home Alone celebrity’s friendship with Michael is renowned: Mack appeared in Michael’s”Black Or White” music video, and he spent some time with the King Of Pop in his Neverland house. As a result of this, and the allegations of sexual abuse, some supposed Michael have to have (supposedly ) mistreated him also. Mack denies that whatever occurred. “I never saw him do anything. And particularly at this flash point at the time, I would have no reason to hold back anything.”

“The man has passed . If anything–I am not gonna state it’d be trendy or anything like this, but is a fantastic time to talk. And when I had something to talk about, I’d certainly do it. But no, I never watched anything; he never did anything,” Mack tells Esquire. In addition, he relayed the last time he watched his longtime friend living. It was in the men’s room in the Santa Barbara County Superior Courthouse in 2005. At the moment, Mack had been 24, although Michael had been 46. Mack was testifying in Michael’s defense in People v. Michael Jackson, the instance where the singer had been charged with intoxicating and molesting a thirteen-year-old boy who had cancer. Michael was finally acquitted.

Throughout a brief recess at Mack’s testimony, the Party Monster celebrity struck the restroom. In arrived Michael, who stated,”We better not speak. I really don’t need to affect your testimony.” They laughed a bit at this, based on Esquire. The King Of Pop, based on Mack, appeared exhausted. Both hugged, and this was it. Michael will be dead four decades after in the overdose of medicine.

Robbie Fimmano

Mack stays near the Jackson family. He is godfather into Michael’s daughter, Paris. He says that he passed across the unique habit of stealing spoons (“it is a benign thing. It is not like you are destroying something, such as slipping a chess piece, in which the plank would be faulty.”) And they’ve matching spoon tattoos. In addition, he relayed some godfatherly information for her. “Do not neglect to be foolish, do not forget to take away something from this entire experience, and do not forget to stick something up your sleeve”

The Bunny Ears podcast bunch also shared with a great Michael Jackson narrative”that does not involve Michael Jackson at all.” It will demand James Franco, that Mack ran into to a plane. “I had bumped into him two or three occasions through recent years. I give him a small nod as we are putting our luggage overhead. Hey, how do? Great, how do? And it was right after the Leaving Neverland documentary came out, and he goes, ‘So, that documentary!’ That was all he said. I was like, ‘Uh-huh.’ Silence. He then goes,’So what would you believe?’ And I turned , and I go,’Can you wanna speak about that your  deceased buddy?’ And he travelled,’No, I really don’t.’ I said,’Cool, man, it was fine to see you.'”