Your special someone (or someones) should possess the very best.
Picture : Chelsea Beck (io9)

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is only around the corner (and before a holiday weekend)! ) To celebrate this horniest of the days, io9 is back together with our most recent set of nerdy Valentines–including cameos from that the Mandalorian, Jean-Luc Picard, Harley Quinn, and, obviously…a Witcher at a bathtub .

It isn’t important whether you are a sensuous love or a proud member of this anti-Valentine’s Day brigade, we believe you’re still feel the love from illustrator Chelsea Beck’s amazing designs according to our idiotic artwork asks. But do you blame us for a small un-endure -capable? It is Valentine’s Day!

To start, a particular”Galentine’s Day” compliments from Harley and her Birds of Prey.

Text:”Happy Galentine’s Day, or if I say Gal-in-Crimes Day?”
Picture : Chelsea Beck (io9)

The most slippery of hearts (and bodysuits) could be captured…

Text:”I’ll not allow you to slide away, Valentine.”
Picture : Chelsea Beck (io9)

Everybody enjoys a hot daddy .

Text:”Here is actually the way for my heart”
Picture : Chelsea Beck (io9)

Why not shoot your Valentine to a delightful weekend escape into a field in the middle of nowhere? I am sure nothing goes horribly wrong.

Text:”I could not bear to lose you, Valentine.”
Picture : Chelsea Beck (io9)

Not the decimation and eventual recovery of half the world might keep you apart.

Text:”Our love is unavoidable.”
Picture : Chelsea Beck (io9)

Best buddies arrive in many kinds .

Text:”You will always be my Number One.”
Picture : Chelsea Beck (io9)

And finally, the one which you knew, deep down in your heart, we had to create . Come on, we are not creatures !

Text:”You will be protected from creatures in here Valentine.”
Picture : Chelsea Beck (io9)

make sure you talk about your favourite Valentine’s greetings along with friends and family, your nearest and dearest, along with your witcher in a bathtub. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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