Marathi Web Series List

If you are bored at home, trying to find constructive things to do without sabotaging your life during the lockdown phase, binge-watching some web series is a good option. There are ample of web series that are available online for you to download and watch, but there is something about the Marathi web series that you just can’t brush aside.

To be fair, there is not an abundance of Marathi web series available online, but there are quite a few that you wouldn’t regret watching at all. Let us take you through the top 10.

Marathi Web Series List to Download or Watch Online

1. Gondya Ala re

Gondya Ala re

  • Availability: Zee5
  • Star Cast: Bhushan Pradhan, Kshitish Date, Shivraj Vaichal, Anand Ingale
  • No. of Episodes: 10

If you like historical and war kind of web series and movies in general, Gondya Ala re is the perfect show for you to binge-watch. The entire story is set around the Marathi uprising against British colonialism in 1897.

The story takes you along the time when Maharashtra experienced a Bubonic plague and W.C Rand, a British officer, was the one appointed to bring the situation back on track. The story then takes you through the brutality and the constant enforcements that people had to experience. It also narrates the tale of Chaphekar brothers who revolted against it.

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2. Shala

Shala Marathi Web Series

  • Availability: Youtube
  • Star Cast: Shravani Solaskar, Jadhav, Anushree Mane Shantanu Shete
  • No. of Episodes: 7

Yet another fantastic and accessible Marathi web series that you can binge-watch is Shala, which is available on YouTube. The series takes you through an early setting of school life and the kind of twists and turns that fate has in store for them.

As for the logline of the story, it is set along with the backdrop of 1970s; the story narrates the life of four school friends in their teenage years who lead a carefree life unknowing of the kind of twists that are about to come their way by the end of the academic year.

3. Pandu

Pandu – MX Player

  • Availability: MX Player
  • Star Cast: Suhas Sirsat, Deepak Shirke, Somnath Limbarkar
  • No. of Episodes: 6

Next up on the list is Pandu, which touches a very close heart of the Maharashtrians, which is the kind of life that the cops lead. The story takes you through a backdrop of challenges that they face in everyday life that the common people are not even aware of.

The story brings you out of the funk of the stereotypes that you see in the movies. Pandu showcases the policeman as an imperfect yet empathetic individual that you wouldn’t regret watching. The story is based out of Mumbai city and is a straightforward story that will make you not want to miss out on watching it.

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4. Striling Pulling

Striling Pulling

  • Availability: Youtube
  • Star Cast: Bhagyashree Nhalve, Aarti More, Sayali Patil, Nikhil Chhavan
  • No. of Episodes: 6

If you want to find a good Marathi web series that showcases the woman as a protagonist and imposing bold views, Striling Pulling is one of the best available shows that you can watch without any further questions asked.

The show comprises of six episodes and revolves around three female protagonists Pallavi, Priya, and Archana. The first few minutes of the show does give the suspense away, but if you do want some twists along the way.

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5. FOMO – Gardit le Dardi

FOMO- Gardit le Dardi

  • Availability: Youtube
  • Star Cast: Sagar Karande, Abhishek Deshmukh, Parna Pethe, Chetan Chitnis
  • No. of Episodes: 5

We often feel left out in this world, don’t we? But, FOMO- Gardit le Dardi is something that you can relate with as it brings together two essential things in today’s life, Fear of Missing Out and how one can deal with their struggles of social anxiety.

The story starts with Sameer, a small-town guy who works for a radio channel in Mumbai. While he tries to fit into the standard norms and peer groups, he is not someone people know about. Then enters Revathi, who struggles with the same challenges. Somehow, the two cross paths and they form a better relationship amidst their struggles.

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6. Bhadkhau


  • Availability: Prime Flix
  • Star Cast: Ganesh Yadav, Anil Nagarkar, Sneha Joshi, Chetan DK
  • No. of Episodes: 5

While there are not many Maharashtrian web series available around, Bhadkhau is a breath of fresh air that you will enjoy watching during this period of lockdown. It is an adult series, so make sure that you do take care of that.

The story is about a guy named Santya who just got married and is extremely excited about his honeymoon. But, things don’t go as planned when he receives Rs. 500 note as a wedding gift with Bhadkhau written on it. If you want to laugh at your wit’s end, this is the show you need.

7. Moving Out

Moving Out Marathi Web Series

  • Availability: Youtube
  • Star Cast: Abhidnya Bhave, Nachiket Devasthali, Ashutosh Hinge
  • No. of Episodes: 10

Just as the name suggests, Moving Out is one of the most popular shows that you can binge-watch on YouTube. It narrates the story of modern girls who want to break out of the social norms and live life on their own.

The story narrates the journey of a progressive girl who doesn’t want to be tied staying with her parents and hence decides to move out when her parents force her to get married. She then moves out to pursue her dreams and live life on her own choices.

8. Once a year

Once a year – MX Player

  • Availability: MX Player
  • Star Cast: Nipun Dharmadhikari, Mrinmayee Godbole, Shalva Kinjawadekar
  • No. of Episodes: 6

Next up is Once a year, which depicts the dedication that every single relationship brings along in one’s life. If you are someone who wants to watch something sweet, realistic, and amazing in its discourse, this is the one.

The story is about a couple in a long term relationship who have been through ups and downs but know that it takes two to make a relationship work. Arihant and Ravi, the lead characters take you through a journey through their stages of a relationship in just six episodes.

9. Ani kay Hava

Ani kay Hava – MX Player

  • Availability: MX Player
  • Star Cast: Priya Bapat, Umesh Kamat
  • No. of Episodes: 12

Arranged marriages, anyone? If you are reading this and you have had an arranged marriage, you will probably love watching this and relate to it as well. This series is all about a young couple and finding their firsts in an arranged marriage.

The story does tell you the story of self-exploration in an arranged marriage and finding things in common that you otherwise wouldn’t have expected. If you have watched little things, you will likely find a lot of similarity in this too.

10. Boomerang

Boomerang Marathi Web Series

  • Availability: Youtube
  • Star Cast: Bhagyashree Nhalve, Aarti More, Sayali Patil, Nikhil Chhavan
  • No. of Episodes: 3

We have more or less mentioned every kind of genre that you probably need in a web series, but if you like horror web series, Boomerang is possibly the only Marathi one that you will come across. The show leaves you on the edge of your seat throughout.

To be honest, for the plot, we shouldn’t divulge into the details as it would ruin the whole plot, but if you want a nerve-wracking series, this is most definitely one that wouldn’t regret watching at all.

Marathi web series are not that extensively available, but if you want some quality options, these are the top 10 that we would recommend you watch. Make sure that you do have a good internet connection if you want a seamless streaming experience. You must enjoy every genre of web series that you like, and we have assured to sort every single one of them out for you. During this tough phase of lockdown, at least keep yourself entertained.

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Marathi Web Series Download Process

Step 1) Firstly, you need to choose the Marathi web series from the above list to watch.

Step 2) Next, download the app on which it is officially streaming on your phone.

Step 3) Once done, open the app and sign up or login if required.

Step 4) You can then go to the homepage of the app and look for the web series you are interested in watching.

Step 5) Alternatively, you can use a search bar to navigate to specific web series directly.

Step 6) Once you find it, tap on episode 1 and start watching the show. Some of the apps also provide a download facility which you can use to watch the episodes later.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Marathi Web Series

1. Where can I watch the Marathi web series?

The Marathi web series is available on various platforms like Youtube, Zee5, etc. Depending on the series that you want to watch, you’ll need to open that particular app where it is available. If the app allows, you can also download it to watch later.

2. What are some of the best Marathi web series to watch?

Some of the best Marathi web series include Gondya Ala re, Shala, Moving Out, Pandu, etc. We’ve prepared a well-researched list for you to look and choose your next binge-watchable series.

3. How to download the Marathi web series?

To Download Marathi web series, all you have to do is follow some simple steps given on this article and you’re good to watch it offline without any interruption.

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Disclaimer (Important)

Information shared here aims to make people aware of content piracy. We do not support any activity related to pirated content. Sharing pirated content and watching it is a crime and clearly against the law. Users should always prefer to watch web series from official sources and apps. We are just providing valuable information about the Marathi web series. Also, downloading and surfing on any such notorious sites, various kinds of viruses, as well as malware can infect the device.