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Top 12 Best Movies About Marriage

Marriage is something people have been interested in for a long time. It's full of all kinds of feelings and problems, and that's why filmmakers have been making movies about it for years. In this article about the best marriage movies, we're going to talk about the stories that really capture what marriage is all about, from the romantic beginnings to the tough times.

Cecilia Jones
Oct 26, 202313908 Shares185435 Views
Marriage is something people have been interested infor a long time. It's full of all kinds of feelings and problems, and that's why filmmakers have been making moviesabout it for years. These movies show us what it's like to be in a marriage, and they often remind us of our own experiences.
In this article about the best marriage movies, we're going to talk about the stories that really capture what marriage is all about, from the romantic beginnings to the tough times. These movies show us the good, the funny, and sometimes the sad parts of being married.

Cherry (2021)

The banner of the movie Cherry
The banner of the movie Cherry
After Tom Holland played Spider-Man in the MCU, he decided to take on a different kind of role in a movie called "Cherry," which came out in 2021. In the film, Cherry falls in love with a woman named Emily, but he feels like he doesn't have much to offer in their relationship. So, he joins the Marines to try and make something of himself.
When he comes back from serving in the war, Cherry is really struggling with his mental health and has a condition called PTSD. This leads him to start using drugs like opioids to cope with his pain. Unfortunately, Emily can't help him, and she also starts using drugs, which makes things even worse.
To get money for their addiction, Cherry starts robbing banks, and during one of these robberies, he gets one of his friends killed. This lands him in prison for 14 years. Surprisingly, Emily sticks by his side despite their troubled relationship. While Cherry is in prison, they both work on getting clean and sober.

Manchester By The Sea (2016)

The banner of the movie Manchester By The Sea
The banner of the movie Manchester By The Sea
"Manchester by the Sea" is a sad movie that tells the story of a man named Lee Chandler, played by Casey Affleck. At the beginning of the film, Lee is married to a woman named Randi, and they have two kids.
Tragically, there is a house fire, and they lose both of their children. This unbearable loss takes a toll on their marriage, and they end up getting divorced.
We meet Lee again some years later, and he's in a very dark place, not wanting to live. However, when his brother suddenly passes away, Lee's teenage nephew, Patrick, is left without anyone to take care of him, so Lee becomes his guardian.
Patrick tries to help Lee move forward, but Lee realizes that the only way for him to heal is to leave behind all the painful memories. So, he arranges for Patrick to live with a good family while he starts a new life in Boston.

American Beauty (1999)

The banner of the movie American Beauty
The banner of the movie American Beauty
"American Beauty" is a movie that looks at the problems in modern American marriages, especially in a culture focused on success and materialism. Kevin Spacey plays Lester Burnham, who feels like his life is empty and no longer loves his ambitious wife, Carolyn (played by Annette Bening). Their daughter, Jane, is dealing with self-esteem issues and rebelling against her parents secretly.
The film explores themes like growing up, being responsible, being a parent, and even hidden feelings about one's sexuality. The story introduces the Fitts family, whose son Ricky is involved in selling drugs. Lester becomes attracted to Angela, a young woman who is friends with his daughter.
Meanwhile, Carolyn has an affair with a competitor in her business. Their neighbor, Frank Fitts, who is in the military, becomes suspicious of his son's behavior, mistakenly thinking it might be related to homosexuality, while he struggles with his own hidden desires.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

The banner of Silver Linings Playbook
The banner of Silver Linings Playbook
The 2012 movie is about a guy named Pat, played by Bradley Cooper, who leaves a mental hospital after getting help for his bipolar disorder. He really wants to get back together with his ex-wife, Nikki. But things get complicated when he meets Tiffany, played by Jennifer Lawrence.
Tiffany agrees to help Pat contact Nikki, but only if he becomes her dance partner for a competition. As they practice dancing, Pat starts to have feelings for Tiffany, even though he still wants Nikki back.
Pat realizes that sometimes you can't fix a broken relationship, especially if one person has moved on or didn't support you when you needed it. Eventually, Pat figures out he actually loves Tiffany, and they decide to give their relationship a shot and start a new chapter together.

Marriage Story (2019)

The banner of Marriage Story
The banner of Marriage Story
Noah Baumbach made a movie called "Marriage Story" that was inspired by his own divorce from Jennifer Jason Leigh in 2013. The film closely looks at the crumbling marriage of Nicole and Charlie Barber, played by Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, as they try to navigate the difficult process of separating while still caring for their family.
"Marriage Story" got a lot of praise and was nominated for several awards at big events like the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. Laura Dern, who plays Nicole's lawyer, even won an award for her performance. Baumbach made a movie that's very personal to him, but it's also something that many people can relate to if they've been through a similar breakup.
The film doesn't take sides or make one person look better than the other; it just shows the tough situation as it is. The powerful emotions and great acting in the movie keep the audience engaged from start to finish.

Fences (2016)

The banner of the movie Fences
The banner of the movie Fences
"Denzel Washington directed and starred in the movie 'Fences,' which got nominated for four Academy Awards and won one for Viola Davis as Best Supporting Actress. The film is based on a play by August Wilson and is set during a time when there was segregation and a lot of unfair treatment.
The story is about a Black family with a strong-willed father, Troy, who is burdened by the difficulties of life and has a lot of anger and flaws. Even though the movie isn't specifically about marriage, the relationship between Troy and his wife, Rose, is a big part of the story.
At first, Troy and Rose have a loving marriage, but Troy has a lot of tension with his son, Cory. Feeling stuck and unhappy, he ends up cheating on Rose and has to confess when he finds out the other woman is pregnant. In one of the movie's hardest scenes, Rose confronts Troy about his hypocrisy and tells him that she sacrificed a lot for him too. Troy's inability to express his feelings and years of keeping things bottled up eventually tear his family apart."

Celeste And Jesse Forever (2012)

The banner of the movie Celeste And Jesse Forever
The banner of the movie Celeste And Jesse Forever
The 2012 romantic comedy "Celeste and Jesse Forever" might not seem like a typical marriage movie, but it's surprisingly realistic and relatable. Instead of the usual romantic movie where the couple meets and falls in love, this one starts with the main characters, Celeste and Jesse, already broken up.
The movie was even nominated for awards like Best First Screenplay at the Independent Spirit Awards and two categories at the Black Reel Awards. It was co-written by Rashida Jones, who also stars in the film and her writing partner Will McCormack. The story is about a couple who are in the process of getting a divorce but are trying really hard to stay friends and support each other as they start dating other people.
Rashida Jones said that the movie was inspired by her real-life experiences, where she noticed that sometimes, women who seem to have it all together end up with guys who are quite different and try to change the relationship, even if it doesn't really fit their lifestyle.

The One I Love (2014)

The banner of the movie The One I Love
The banner of the movie The One I Love
In the 2014 movie "The One I Love," even though the basic idea is not realistic, it does a very realistic job of showing a couple whose marriage is falling apart. The movie gets a bit strange by introducing things like look-alikes and magical force fields to symbolize the complicated feelings between Ethan (played by Mark Duplass) and Sophie (played by Elisabeth Moss). These things help us understand their emotions, which would be hard to explain otherwise.
At first, the movie might confuse you, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be drawn into the story quickly. Almost the whole movie happens in one place, with only two actors, but it has a lot to say about relationships, who we are, and the role luck plays in our lives.

Minari (2020)

The banner of the movie Minari
The banner of the movie Minari
In 2020, a movie called "Minari" became really popular. It's about a Korean family that moves to America hoping for a better life. What made it special was its simple story, which connected with people because sometimes the simplest things can mean the most.
The movie, written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung, was very honest about the ups and downs of marriage and family. It was nominated for six awards at the 93rd Academy Awards, and Youn Yuh-jung made history by becoming the first Korean to win an Oscar for acting.
The director, Lee Isaac Chung, explained that he got the idea for "Minari" from a quote by novelist Willa Cather that talked about how life really begins when you stop just admiring things and start remembering them. That quote inspired him to make a movie that shows the challenges of keeping a relationship strong in tough times. "Minari" is an important story, especially because it's part of a movement to include more people of color in the film industry.

Walk The Line (2005)

The banner of the movie Walk The Line
The banner of the movie Walk The Line
"Walk the Line" is a movie that tells a love story through music, and it's not a perfect one, but it feels real and relatable to some people. The film follows the journey of Johnny Cash, played by Joaquin Phoenix, from his early days when he was married to Vivian Liberto, who was very supportive of his music career. Vivian played a big part in helping Johnny become a famous musician.
But things get complicated when June Carter, played by Reese Witherspoon, comes into the picture. Vivian realizes that Johnny is more interested in June than in their marriage.
This causes a lot of conflict, and Johnny starts using drugs and alcohol to cope. Eventually, he cleans up his act and proposes to June, who initially doesn't have the same feelings for him. But as he gets his life together, she falls in love with him, and their love story becomes a big part of his music.

Casino (1995)

The banner of the movie Casino
The banner of the movie Casino
The movie "Casino" tells a complex story from different perspectives, but it also shows how marriages based on convenience can have serious consequences. Sam "Ace" Rothstein, played by Robert DeNiro, is sent to Las Vegas by the Chicago Mafia to run a casino, and he makes a lot of money doing it. He falls in love with Ginger McKenna, played by Sharon Stone, who used to be a hustler and prostitute. But Ginger doesn't really love him, and she's honest about it.
Ginger has a hard time leaving her past behind, especially her ex-boyfriend and pimp, Lester Diamond, played by James Woods. Sam tries to control her by keeping track of her with a pager, but she can't be controlled. She cheats on him with Nicky Santoro, who is Sam's friend and works for the Mafia.
In the end, Ginger leaves Sam, taking a million dollars in cash and jewelry, which she spends extravagantly until she dies from an overdose. Sam never had a real chance to change her, especially when she's such an independent person.

I, Tonya (2017)

The banner of the movie I, Tonya
The banner of the movie I, Tonya
"I, Tonya" is a movie based on a true story about the ice skater Tonya Harding, played by Margot Robbie. The film shows how her troubled marriage to Jeff Gillooly played a big part in her problems.
Right from the beginning, it's clear that Tonya had a lot of talent, but her circumstances made it hard for her to succeed. But it's also important to note that she's not completely blameless in what happened.
In the movie, Tonya is frequently mistreated by her husband Jeff, but she chooses to stay with him. Even as their relationship gets worse and Jeff becomes more controlling and manipulative, she doesn't leave him.
This eventually leads to a famous incident where Tonya's rival, Nancy Kerrigan, is attacked, and Tonya gets banned from figure skating. Jeff ends up blaming Tonya for the attack, which results in her being banned from the sport for life. The movie ends by showing that Tonya has a new partner and is happy, but her reputation is forever tarnished because of what Jeff did.


Marriage movies in the world of cinema give us a chance to see and understand the many different sides of married life. Some show us how love can overcome obstacles, while others reveal the challenges that can come with marriage.
These films are not only entertaining but also teach us about the complexities of relationships between people. Whether we relate to these stories or just enjoy watching them for their storytelling, marriage movies are a beloved genre that people all over the world appreciate.
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