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Marseille Building Collapse - Rescuers Continues Search For Survivors

Two days after the Marseille building collapse on rue de Tivoli in Marseille, firefighters from the navy are still looking for two people who went missing. Since the building collapsed early on April 9, six bodies have been pulled from the rubble.

Hilda Workman
Apr 11, 202366 Shares1296 Views
Two days after the Marseille building collapseon rue de Tivoli in Marseille, firefighters from the navy are still looking for two people who went missing. Since the building collapsed early on April 9, six bodies have been pulled from the rubble. Patrick Coulombel, one of the people who started Architectes de l'urgence, talked to Le Monde about the "difficult conditions" that rescue services have to work in.
Around 12:30 a.m. local time, there was a "violent explosion" that shook the building, according to Marseille Mayor Benoit Payan. This led to a search and rescue operation while officials looked into what caused the explosion.

More Bodies Found After Marseille Building Collapse

France: More bodies found after Marseille building collapse • FRANCE 24 English

Six people were killed when an explosion blew up a four-story apartment building in the city of Marseille in the south of France. Officials said that two more people were still missing and that rescue efforts were still going on in the La Plaine district. The building that fell down is in the middle of Marseille on a narrow street, which made things even harder for firefighters and rescue workers.
The building that fell down is in an old neighborhood in the middle of France's second-largest city. The sound of the explosion could be heard in other areas. Streets close by were closed off.
The mayor of Marseille, Benoit Payan, said that two buildings that share walls with the one that fell were partially brought down, but one of them fell in later, making the search and rescue operation even harder. Buildings like these were among the ones that had to be evacuated.
If there are any living people left under the rubble, they must be safeguarded at all costs and this must be done in a surgical manner, if I may put it that way. And so it is stone by stone that we continue this work, that we will continue it all day. There is still hope and as long as there is hope, we will not stop.- Benoit Payan
A firefighter told the AFP news agency that the search for survivors was a "race against the clock." Investigators are looking into the possibility of a gas leak, but the cause is still unknown.
Firefighters worked all night and all day Sunday, with help from experts in urban rescue, in a slow race against time. The delicate operation aimed to keep firefighters safe, prevent further harm to people potentially trapped in the rubble, and not compromise vulnerable buildings nearby. About 30 buildings in the area had to be left empty.
Rescuers carefully moved heavy blocks of concrete and rubble with a crane so as not to hurt anyone who might still be trapped underneath. They then used their hands to continue looking for people.
An investigation has been started into the accidental injury, which, at least at first, will not look into any possible criminal intent. Prosecutor Dominique Laurens said Sunday night that one of the things being looked into was a gas explosion.
The collapse happened just before 1 a.m. on Sunday in an old part of the center of Marseille, France's second-largest city, less than a kilometer (half a mile) from its famous old port. About 200 people had to leave their homes in the area because of a fire.
In 2018, eight people died when two buildings in the center of Marseille fell down. The interior minister said that those buildings were not well taken care of, but that was not the case with the one that fell on Sunday.


More than 100 firefighters raced against the clock to put out fires deep in the rubble of a Marseille building collapse early Sunday in the French port city of Marseille, where up to 10 people may be buried.
Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that at least four people lived in the building that collapsed, and as many as ten people may have been there. However, rescuers were not able to look for victims for 15 hours after the explosion because there were still flames and fears that the building would fall down again.
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