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Mastram Web Series Download Offline on App or Watch Online: Plot & Cast

Mastram web series download is now made available.This article covers the streaming and downloading availability with plot & cast details.

Cecilia Jones
May 31, 2020526 Shares525921 Views
The web series Mastramcomes under the category of sensual drama and adult comedy. This web series was introduced by Almighty Motion Pictures. The concept of this web series is derived from the Indian Hindi language fictional biography film Mastram, which was released in 2014. The Mastramis about a small-town bank clerk, who dreams of traveling to Delhi to become a famous writer. He was married to a simple girl, Renu, who supported her husband with all her heart when the entire world mocked at his ambition. Later, with Renu’s encouragement, Rajaram resigned from his job and devoted all his mind and time in writing.
While the neighbors passed judgments and demeaning taunts, Rajaram turned a deaf ear to all and concentrated in his creation. He came up with his piece of work to many publishers, but all of them refused to print his writing. Finally, one day Rajaram came across a fledgling publisher who agreed to publish his piece of work.
The publisher demanded a bit change in his story and asked Rajaram to add some essential erotic elements to spice up his dull tale. In search of the essential element, Rajaram meets Chacha. Chacha introduces Rajaram to the world of soft pornography and Rajaram thus adds up spice to his story by turning his dull piece of writing into an erotic adult comedy. In this article, we discuss the story plot along with Mastram web series download and streaming guide for your quick access.
Mastram poster
Mastram poster
  • Our Rating: 3/5
  • Genre: Adult-Fantasy, Comedy
  • Director: Harish Vyas
  • Number of Episodes: 12
  • Availability: MX Player
  • Writer: Aryan Sunil Bohra
  • Release Date: 30th April 2020
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Mastram Web Series Plot

The set of this web series is established back in the 80s, Mastram depicts the life of a struggling writer Rajaram. He works in a bank and dreams of resigning from his post and build a career in writing. However, all the hard work that he puts up to write novels, goes all in vain as almost all of the publishers refused to print his piece of hard work. Mastram kept struggling until one fine day he came up with a piece of a soft adult, which changed his life and Mastramwas born.
Mastram Plot
Mastram Plot
Rajaram tried to come out of his daily monotonous life and started writing cheap literature with erotic stuff added to it. This drags the attention of a publisher and his sleazy piece of literature gets famous overnight, turning Rajaram into Mastram.
All the episodes of this series make it a raging piece of literature packed with intense erotic scenes and sexual fantasies. Earlier, Mastramwas published in the regional language but later, digital platforms introduced the web series in multiple languages. This kind of writing or web series should be confined to people who can clearly distinguish between the right and the wrong and possesses a clear view of love and lust.
This web series has been created beautifully, with the director’s vision being completely taken up by the cinematographer. The dialogues used in this web series are top-notch, especially at places where Mastram is seen unfolding his stories. This type of story line up with all its erotic content and adult-rated scenes may only seem appealing to a particular group of viewers and is not expected to earn a good impression as a web series.

Mastram Web Series Cast And Crew

  • Anshuman Jha as Mastram (Rajaram)
  • Aakash Dabhade as Gopal
Aakash Dabhade as Gopal
Aakash Dabhade as Gopal
  • Tara Alisha Berry as Madhu
Tara Alisha Berry as Madhu
Tara Alisha Berry as Madhu
Anshuman Jha is playing the lead role of Mastram in the web series. He has done an amazing job with his gestures and expressions in representing the character of Mastram throughout the series. Tara Alisha Berry is playing the role of Mastram’s wife in the web series and provided good support to the leading character. Vipin Sharma is seen playing the role of the Book publisher who turns out to be a funny guy with a good sense of humour.

Mastram Web Series Download Or Stream Availability

This adult comedy web series is available on MX player since 30th April 2020. Any kind of subscription is not required to watch this series; all episodes are made free to watch.
Here’s how to download Mastram web series for free:
Step 1)Download and install MX Player app on your phone. You can also visit the MX Player website.
Step 2)Since the show is available for free to watch, you can search Mastram on MX Player and start streaming.
Step 3)But since you’re looking to download the MX Player web series, log in or create a new account.
Step 4)Once done, you can download Mastram episodes on your device with a click.
Hopefully, these steps will help you download Mastram or stream it online.

FAQs On Mastram Web Series Download Or Stream

1. Where Can I Watch Mastram Web Series Online For Free?

The series is available on MX Player for free for everyone without any paid subscription. So you can download the app or head to its official site to start streaming Mastram web series.

2. Is Mastram Web Series Download Process Easy?

Yes, the Mastram web series download process is quite straightforward. We already cover the download guide in this article. So you can check that section so that you can watch Mastram offline as well.

3. How Many Episodes Are There In Mastram?

This adult web seriescomprises of a bunch of 10 power-packed episodes. All the episodes are loaded with erotic scenes and adult content.

4. Is There Mastram Season 2?

While the Mastram Season 2 is anticipated by the fans, but currently, there is no newsfrom the makers on it. Hopefully, we’ll hear about it soon and we’ll definitely update you whenever there’s a little movement on this.

Wrapping It Up

Mastram web series is an adult drama, with nude scenes and romantic dialogues. While 18+ viewers can watch it, we recommend minors not to. Also, note that the Mastram Plot and download section discussed here is only for information and education purposes. We, at BingePost, do not promote piracy. Since the Mastram web series download and streaming is available for free, we recommend you watch the show online on the designated OTT platform.
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