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Matt Walsh Tackles Nutty Assignment As Planters Returns to Super Bowl




At Super Bowl LII, advertising mascot Mr. Peanut scored a couple of points with a smart advertisement that featured baseball slugger Alex Rodriguez in addition to actor Charlie Sheen. 1 year after, the anthropomorphic legume plans to obtain new ground with the other Super Bowl firm that celebrities comic celebrity Matt Walsh.

A 30-second place slated to air in the next quarter includes a”fun spin,” Walsh says in a interview. When it comes to he associating with the Madison Avenue star,”the chemistry is off the series,” says the performer, who’s famous for his potrayal of hapless aide Mike McLintock about the HBO series”Veep.” Fox will broadcast Super Bowl LIV out of Miami Gardens at Florida on February 2.

This may indicate Mr. Peanut’s second appearance to the Super Bowl ad roster,” a portion of a travel aimed at helping customers understand that they have many snacking choices throughout the gridiron classic. In last year’s place, Mr. Peanut travels through the streets at a distinctive automobile at breakneck speed, coming just in time to help keep Rodriguez from wolfing down a couple of kale chips.

“As one of the largest snacking brands in the united states, we are very excited to deliver Mr. Peanut straight back into the Super Bowl to have some fun on a few of the greatest snacking times of this entire year,” says Samantha Hess, brand manager for Planters at proprietor Kraft Heinz.  In Kraft Heinz. “We have some surprises in store along his journey, and can not wait to show our supporters what is coming up on Super Bowl Sunday.”

The marketing team was”improv friendly,” Walsh says, who notes”there was room to become lively.” Getting involved in the industrial marks something of a complete circle for Walsh, who earlier in his career found work doing advertisements for these entrepreneurs as Tru Value Hardware and Diet Dr Pepper.

He is not entirely certain what the last version of the advertisement looks like, and he’s not seen a last cut. Walsh says that he generally participate in a big Super Bowl party with a great deal of friends and is excited that his mother will be able to see him through the large broadcast. “I might be visiting it like the rest of the planet.”

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