Millie Bobby Brown is becoming character for her newest role in Enola Holmes, also it looks like gorgeous long hair is a very large portion of it. The 15-year-old actress debuted an appearance that is far different than that which we have come to understand of Eleven, her character onto Stranger Things. Though the brunette generally has a brief bob, she wore things you can assume is either a wig of flowing, elastic curls using bangs that framed her face. She captioned the picture,”I love you, Enola.”

Since Brown announced her acting and producing part in Enola Holmes, we’ve been eager to catch a glimpse of her Sherlock Holmes’s teenage sister. We can’t wait to watch her transformation that is full from the approaching mystery film, which relies on a 2000s novel set of the same name. Brown is the leading woman, while Henry Cavill plays the famous literary detective, and Helena Bonham Carter plays Mrs. Holmes.