Mirzapur Actor Ali Fazal says that 'web series is not less than a movie'
Mirzapur Actor Ali Fazal says that 'web series is not less than a movie'

Actor Ali Fazal has come out to the media and said that transformation is a very natural procedure which takes time, but it is bound to happen. According to him, web series is going to get more importance than movies in the recent future. It has been seen that more people are getting hooked to web series and the popularity of movies are going down day by day.

Ali Fazal is one of the biggest actors who has worked on an American TV show called Bollywood Hero. He got a chance to work with Judi Dench, who is an Oscar-winning veteran actress in a movie called “Victoria & Abdul.” Ali Fazal started his career with his presence in a movie called 3 Idiots. Ali Fazal recently became very popular amongst people after performing exceptionally in the popular Amazon Prime Original Series “Mirzapur.”

Ali Faisal has said that the entertainment industry of India is going through a big transformation and all of it is positive. After the success of Mirzapur, Ali Fazal will now be seen in a web series called “No Less than Films Now.” Ali Fazal has also said that Hollywood has also gone through the same exact phase about five years from now where all the different streaming services like Amazon Prime Videos and Netflix became more popular and people started making more web series than movies.

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According to the Fukrey actor, he has done a lot of big franchise movies like the “Fast and Furious 7,” but he says he like working more on web series than in any movie. People have appreciated Ali Fazal a lot after his performance in Mirzapur and it is expected that he surely will be coming up with a fresh round of energy and entertainment in his coming web series.

Nowadays, Bollywood has also become very much saturated. People have also stopped going to movies and this is the reason more movies and web series are being launched on streaming services every day. People all over India have started accepting streaming services and the growth of streaming services customers has been increasing drastically.

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The audience of the movies have also become mature now and they do not get entertained if the storyline and the acting performance of the actors are not up to the mark.