Finding adult web series in India is quite rare. Not because there aren’t actors who are willing to portray such roles but mainly because of the lack of talks around adulthood, sex and everything surrounding it. This is one of the many reasons why Mona Home Delivery wasn’t a very talked about web series even though the social message behind it was pretty amazing. 

The story does have a very simplistic approach to it and cuts to the chase which is something you want to experience with web series. Since these series are quite short and don’t prolong like daily soaps, having a clean and clear storyline is key and Mona Home Delivery takes care of that.

It is currently available for you to stream on Ullu App and was released back on June 21, 2019. The number of episodes is not that extensive, which means that the story doesn’t drag out and is the perfect entertainment piece that you can binge-watch without any guilt. Just make sure that you are 18+ to watch it.

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  • Genre: Erotic, Romance, Drama
  • Our Rating: 3.5/5
  • Availability: Ullu App & MX Player
  • Release Date: 28 June 2019
  • Created by: Ullu Originals

Mona Home Delivery Web Series Plot

The story highlights the importance of prostitution and the kind of struggles that women face in order to get into this profession. Given the fact that people do have a very wrong misconception about them and their jobs, this web series does shed a little light on that for you.

The story is surrounding the character of Mono who is an extremely poor girl and works as a call girl to sort out her expenses. In order to make her services known more, she uses social media platforms and makes a page titled “Mona Home Delivery”.

With the better outreach, she starts getting a better response and gets around 7-8 clients in a day, making it easier for her to live a comfortable life, instead of the stringent one that she has lived all her life.  Every single episode of this series makes you learn one lesson from her, making you believe that it doesn’t matter what one’s profession is, every single person works hard to earn their livelihood.

It lets you reflect on the struggles that the prostitutes face on a day to day basis and how their life is anything but easy.

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Mona Home Delivery Web Series Cast

The cast and crew in Mona Home Delivery do include a number of known faces that you have probably seen on the television as well as the big screen too.

Here is the Mona Home Delivery Cast as follows:

  • Kangana Sharma as Mona

Kangana Sharma has played role of Mona

  • Vijay Raaz

Vijay Raaz in Mona Home Delivery

  • Raju Kher, Ganesh Acharya, Mukesh Tiwari & Rajpal Yadav

Mona Home Delivery Episodes

Mona Home Delivery was released on June 21, 2019 and has one season till date. The total number of available episodes is 8.

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Mona Home Delivery Web Series Download Guide

Step 1) In order to download Mona Home Delivery web series, you need to have either the Ullu app or the MX Player app on your device.

Step 2) If you don’t have any of them on your device, simply download from the Play Store/App Store.

Step 3) Once downloaded and installed successfully you need to open it and navigate to the web series originals, tap on the Erotic & Adult web series and go to the Ullu web series.

Step 4) Once navigated to the category, simply look for ‘Mona Home Delivery’ and tap on it. You can start binge-watching it from there or download offline on the app.

CAUTION: Some people use piracy websites like Fmovies, Putlocker, DVDPlay to download web series, we would like to warn that it’s illegal to access and use such sites. We do not support piracy or any such illegal activity.

FAQs on Mona Home Delivery Web Series Download or Watch Online

1. Where can I watch Mona Home Delivery web series?

The availability of the Mona Home Delivery web series is MX Player and Ullu App. One can easily watch it there for free. MX Player is a free option for those looking to stream it for free and for those having paid subscriptions of Ullu App can enjoy all the best Ullu web series.

2. What cast and crew have worked in Mona Home Delivery?

Kangana Sharma playing the lead role of Mona and these other actors have played their role including Raju Kher, Ganesh Acharya, Mukesh Tiwari & Rajpal Yadav.

3. Is it easy to download Mona Home Delivery web series?

Yes, it’s easy download Mona Home Delivery web series, one just needs to follow the steps provided in this article. Exclusive download guide for our readers.

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Disclaimer (Important)

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