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Most Popular Dating Apps In India - 2021

Most Popular Dating Apps In India - 2021

Are you struggling to find the right one amidst the current situation of the world due to the pandemic? Truly, dating has never been so easy since it requires the two people to see each other and spend time together in order to get to know each well. In the early years of the birth of dating apps, few are only engaging to this kind of trend, but through the succeeding years, the sudden surge of pandemic has made its way for more Indians to try online dating.

Hilda Workman
Oct 22, 2021

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Are you struggling to find the right one amidst the current situation of the world due to the pandemic? Truly, dating has never been so easy since it requires the two people to see each other and spend time together in order to get to know each well. In the early years of the birth of dating apps, few are only engaging to this kind of trend, but through the succeeding years, the sudden surge of pandemic has made its way for more Indians to try online dating. 

Most Popular Dating Apps In India  phone love

Dating has become even more accessible through the advancement of modern technology. Indeed, technology is continuously improving and so does the lifestyle of the people. Thus, the birth of dating apps is really a game changer as it gave its way to people under different circumstances or personal backgrounds to find their potential partners. If you are an Indian or someone who lives in India right now, and if you are ready to find “the one”, then you must check out these most popular dating apps in India for 2021.

Tinder: India’s Most Popular Dating App 

When online dating was put into a topic among the conversation, Tinder is the first thing that generally comes first to the minds of the people, right? Well, The most popular dating app in India is Tinder with one hundred million plus downloads on Google Play Store. Tinder is also considered as the largest dating app globally in 2021 according to Intrado Globe Newswire. Therefore, it is not so surprising that it has 3.3 stars ratings and four million plus reviews. 

Most Popular Dating Apps In India phone tinder

It is an online dating and geosocial networking app that allows its users to find their ideal partners by liking or disliking posted profiles. As a description, this online application contains a user's photo, short bio, and a list of personal interests. Just like any other social media applications, the users will receive notification whenever someone has liked their profile. Once both users have made a match, then the conversation takes into place. This app allows people to date easily through the use of mobile phones or web browsers for computers. 

The joint venture between the mobile app development firm, Xtreme Labs, and IAC, an American holding company that owns brands across a hundred countries, allowed Tinder to be developed last 2012. This app registered one billion swipes per day in 2014. It also requires users to have a  Facebook account in order to use it but last 2019, it then allowed users to register just by using a phone number. What’s even good about this dating app is that it has both free and premium subscriptions. Free subscription allows you to meet limited potential people that best suits you while premium subscription lets users experience the best online dating experience.

Bumble: The “Pro-Feminist”

Bumble is the second most popular dating application in India for the year 2021. This dating application has the best features ever, especially for women. If you want to date but you have privacy concerns or you’re a woman who wants to find your potential partner, then this app definitely suits you. Why? Bumble verifies the profile of the users among the registration process so you can not find fake profiles in the application. This app’s privacy policy is highly reliable as users can undo match, block, or report profiles that they find suspicious. Bumble is also a great destroyer of the Indians’ stereotypes because females have the authority to start a conversation. It is also a homosexual couple app friendly and either of the two people can start a conversation for this case. 

Most Popular Dating Apps In India bumble girl

Together with its great features, did you know that 60% of the matches in this dating app results in conversation? Amazing, isn’t it? That is why it has ten million plus downloads on Google Play Store with a 3.4 stars rating and 227,000 plus reviews. Moreover, this app is not just about a dating app as it is also used for networking or building and creating relationships with people. Bumble merely focuses on building long-term relationships among people unlike Tinder, which is its primary competitor, this app on the other hand is more of establishing causal relationships. 

Bumble is an online dating app developed by the Blackstone company last December 2014. The company’s headquarter is located in London, United Kingdom and this application is said to be “pro-feminist”, an app that empowers women to make the first move. Thus, it is recognized as the best dating app for women globally according to Intrado Globe Newswire.

OkCupid: Got More Questions?

The third most popular online dating application in India for 2021 is OkCupid and if you’re the type of person who is not a huge fan of physical attributes, then you must give this app a shot. OkCupid online dating app uses a series of questions for its users to find like-minded people as their potential partners. The said online dating app offers the users a great online dating experience as it has no advertisements that might disturb dating. Additionally, the messaging and online or virtual dating is very fascinating. Users can also block people they are not comfortable to date with. No wonder why this dating app is also popular in India. Ten million plus people have already downloaded this on Google Play Store. This also has 3.8 stars rating and 447,000 plus reviews. 

Most Popular Dating Apps In India ok cupid afro

This online dating service app was developed by the four friends from Harvard namely Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, Christian Rudder, and Max Krohn in the year 2004. By the year 2014, it was the first dating app to introduce twenty-two gender and thirteen orientation options. As of 2021, it offers a wider variety of questions that matter to its users. 

TrulyMadly: Privacy Is The Priority

This online dating app takes Indians to the next level of online dating experience. You know why? It is a very great app that has a reliable privacy policy as the users must undergo procedures such as fulfilling necessary information to pass the profile verification process. Hence, it is free from scammers. The said online dating app promotes interests and likes among users.

Most Popular Dating Apps In India Trulymadly girl

As the users of the online dating app get verified, they can now search and find dates they like to have. The dating application has a feature called  “trust score”. Exciting, isn’t it? The higher the trust score, the more chances a user can find the perfect match. Improving trust score includes connecting with the other TrulyMadly profiles and endorsements from friends. 

This amazing online dating app was developed by Sachin Bhatia, Hitesh Dhingra, and Rahul Kumar, and was launched last 14th of February 2014. It now has five million plus downloads on Google Play Store, 3.3 stars ratings, and 7,500 reviews.

Happn: Maybe We Could Happen?

Another most popular online dating app and ranked fifth in India for 2021 is Happn. What makes this dating app great is that it doesn’t allow scammers and bots to enter. This assures the users that they will have a great online dating experience. Its features include liking profiles and if the user’s liked profile also likes  them back, then a match is created. 

Most Popular Dating Apps In India happn

Happn dating application uses its users location in order to locate potential partners, which is totally great for highly populated areas just like India. Though it doesn’t have a desktop version, the mobile application is accessible enough as it successfully matches members based on real-life encounters. In other words, it lets you connect with people you’ve only known but not friends with. This is a great app if you have a secret crush on someone whose face is very familiar, yet you’re afraid to talk to them. 

This mobile dating application was developed by FTW & Co. and was founded by Didier Rappaport in the year 2014. The said app has fifty million plus downloads on Google Play Store, with a 4 stars rating and one million plus review. The app is said to be the French version of Tinder and it eventually entered India amidst competition among other dating apps. Didier Rappaport launched this app with an aim of connecting people within real-time geolocation. 

Hinge: The Interest-Based 

It is very clear that people have different preferences when it comes to finding their potential partners. The sixth most popular dating application in India for 2021 named Hinge, lets its users to date someone in a different way. This dating application allows users to find their potential partners by getting to know each other’s interests. The features of this app aims users to connect with other people whose interests are similar with them. 

Most Popular Dating Apps In India hinge love

Hinge was developed and founded last 2012 by Justin McLeod, a 37-year-old app developer, and was launched last February 2013. The members of this app are usually young professionals, whose ages range from 24-32 years old, and who are looking for a serious relationship. Though the desktop app version isn’t released yet, its features include modern design, straightforward usability, profiles are all in complete information, free of charge messages, and the registration requires mobile number verification to avoid scammers. Another thing about this dating app is that it has a free and well paid subscription that costs around $12.99/ month.

If you are young and now looking for a serious relationship then this app is definitely for you too! This is why it is also popular in India as its features are definitely a game changer and that makes finding potential partners easier than ever. It has five million plus downloads on Google Play Store, has 3.4 stars rating, and 144,000 reviews.

Badoo: What’s More Than Tinder?

Are you a fan of the Tinder dating app but you want something leveled up? The seventh most popular dating app in India named Badoo might help you out. The features of this app are very similar with Tinder but it offers additional preference and interests setting features. Badoo is very popular across 190 countries and guess what? The dating platform is available in more than 47 languages. This dating app also allows users to meet like-minded people and those who are looking for a serious long-term relationship. Moreover, its features lets users have a list of available dates nearby, video streaming, as well as video chat. 

Most Popular Dating Apps In India badoo

Badoo dating app was developed and established by Andrey Andreev in April 2006. This app is the first free dating site that combines instant messaging and photo albums.  The said dating app was launched again in 2019 with the tagline “Date Honestly” as it promotes the users’ freedom to express themselves and what they desire. 

As of 2021, the dating app has a total number one hundred million plus installs on Google Play Store. It also has 4 stars ratings and five million plus reviews. If you like a dating app which has a huge variety of features, then Badoo is a must try!

Flip: Genuine & Authentic 

Hey there iOs users! Flip is the eighth most popular dating application in India for 2021. It is an online dating platform that is free to use and the verification technology will surely protect its users from fake users and bots. Surely, this app promotes the genuineness and authenticity of the members on the site. This dating platform allows users to find potential partners or dates at their locality with the help of its map features. 

Most Popular Dating Apps In India FLIP

Flip was developed by Oliver Heartmont in 2017 in New York. The founder and CEO Oliver Heartmont is a serial entrepreneur and social media pioneer. The mission of Flip dating app is to verify the users so that members of this community can concentrate on enjoying or having fun by meeting amazing individuals. This online dating platform has 5 stars ratings and 30,900 reviews.

Woo: The Ultimate Hero

When it comes to dating or even just meeting new people, privacy is our primary concern, right? This is very important especially for women. Woo online dating app which ranked ninth in the most popular dating apps in India for 2021 is the best platform that suits this kind of concern. Woo online dating platform which is usually used by educated professionals has an in-built voice call system. This feature allows users to talk to their date without sharing the contact number, personal details, and location. Woo online dating app is definitely patronized by the Indian women as it is the safest online dating app among others.

Most Popular Dating Apps In India WOO

Well, if you haven’t tried this app yet, it is worth giving it a shot! It has about ten million plus downloads on Google Play Store, 4.2 stars, and 106,000 reviews. The said online dating app was developed by an American entrepreneur, technologist, and an executive named Stephen Stokols in 2007. The aim of this app for its users is to match make and date internationally by putting women first. Hence, Woo inspires trust and comfort.

Aisle: Indian By Nature  

Most Popular Dating Apps In India ASILE

Aisle is the new online dating platform which was formed and designed in India. This app was founded and developed by Able Joseph and Bivin Benny in July 2014. Even though it is only new, Indians have already patronized it because its users can’t just find dates or build genuine connections within India but also across the world. This Indian dating online platform has a unique feature which indicates a more serious target base. It also connects eligible Indians worldwide. is a website that uses Facebook login but also verifies profiles of male users before activating their accounts. Users’ profiles are well-managed so that no bots or scammers take place. This is the tenth most popular online dating application in India for 2021. The total number of installs are about one million plus and reviews reached at about 84,000.

Is Dating legal in India?

Cohabitation in India is legal. It is prevalent mostly among the people living in metro cities in India.

Is Tantan banned in India?

This measure will defend the interests of crores of Indian mobile and internet consumers," it concluded. This decision is a calculated measure to preserve Indian cyberspace's safety, security, and sovereignty.Tantan is a platform that is often referred to as the ‘Chinese Tinder’.

Is it OK to kiss before marriage in India?

In India, most weddings are still planned, and according to a government survey, the percentage of sex before marriage is low, therefore passionate kissing among the unmarried has long been prohibited. Many married couples stayed apart from one other, at least in public.

Is dating a minor illegal in India?

Given that the age of consent in India is 18, sex with minors under the age of 18 is a statutory crime under Section of the Indian Penal Code. If either of the parties is what age is it illegal to date a minor than 18 years old, the marriage is void.

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