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101 Free Movie Download Websites & Apps for Latest Releases (Working Sites Only)

Searching for the Movie download websites that are working in 2020? Here's the list of 101 websites that you should check out.

Jun 03, 2020156422 Shares2203122 Views
During this COVID-19 Pandemic, it is getting difficult to pass the time by staying inside your home all the time. People are watching various web seriesand moviesactively for their entertainmentbecause this is the best alternative to spend your time at home. There are many latest movies we want to binge-watch, but sadly they are not available on OTT platforms or television. At such point, we start looking for free websites from where we can movie download platforms. But sometimes, this process becomes so tiring as there are many websites on the internet for the same, but only some of them have genuine content.
To solve this problem, today we are sharing the list of best free movie download websites with all the details, so you can seamlessly download movies from there.
First, we will talk about legal websites and apps for free movie download in HD quality. These websites are free, and you can watch/download movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Bhojpuri, South Indian, etc., from there legally. Right now, we are listing around 20+ legal websites & apps, but we will keep updating the list with new sites and their details.
After researching the whole internet, we have curated a list of best & legal free websites & apps to download movies in HD quality. All these sites & apps are working fine till now, and you can consider any of them to download your favorite & latest movies in HD quality.
If you want to know only FREE website to download movies, jump to this list.

1. Youtube

Youtube Premium
Youtube Premium
Youtube is the most famous and well-known online streaming platform to watch the latest movies and shows. You can find a variety of content from web series to regular shows to the latest movies on youtube. There are independent creators/channels on youtube, which gives you the option to download the latest movies for free. You can either stream the content online on Youtube App or Browser version, or through various third-party apps, you can download it to watch later.
Youtube App is available for both iOS and Android. There are some popular channels on youtube like PopcornFlix, Vevo Movies Playlist,and Paramount Vault,that allow you to download the latest movies offline or enjoy them online.
How to download the latest movies from Youtube:
There are numerous third-party apps to download the latest movies and shows from youtube. Some of the popular online tools are Tubemate,,, Youtube Movie Downloader, etc.
Types of Movies on Youtube: Educational, Comedy, Fitness, Cooking, Vlogs, Poetry, Songs, Hollywood, Bollywood, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, etc.
Popular Movies on Youtube: Never Rarely Sometimes Always, Angrezi Medium, Bloodshot, etc.
Youtube also has one more latest feature named Youtube Movies in which they provide you all kinds of latest and hit movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and many other languages. You can purchase your favorite movie from there or browse some on rent.

2. Sony Crackle

Free Movie Download on Sony Crackle
Free Movie Download on Sony Crackle
Sony Crackle is an online free movie and shows streaming platform created by Sony itself. It has most of the hit films and shows available to watch than any other streaming platform. Sony Entertainment produces mostly shows and movies available on this app, and some of the shows available on it are exclusive (and you will not find them anywhere else).
Sony Crackle is available in both browser and app version. Its app version is available for iOS, Android, Smart TVs, and gaming consoles. It is free, and you don’t need to purchase any subscription to watch the latest shows and movies on it. Sony Crackle provides a large number of latest movies and shows to watch for free, and the content gets updated every week.
It has collaborated with many big production houses like Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Lions Gate, to stream their latest shows & movies on its platform. Sony Crackle is a hundred percent legal, and if you wish to download HD quality content, you can download it via its app. The app allows you to download the content in HD quality and later watch it offline. It is available only in some regions, but you can use a proxy server to enjoy it.
Type of Content on Sony Crackle:Comedy, Thriller, Crime, Horror, Action, Sci-Fi
Popular Content on Sony Crackle: Leon: The Professional, Once upon a time in the West, Gandhi, Bad Teacher, The Oath, etc.

3. Disney Plus Hotstar

Hotstar Disney Plus for Free Movies and Shows
Hotstar Disney Plus for Free Movies and Shows
Hotstar is a popular OTT platform available only in Indiaand is a perfect place to watch Bollywood movies, sports, live news, exclusive shows. You can browse all the popular shows of star channels on Hotstar, and now it has collaborated with Disney to provide you all the latest Disney Shows & Movies. You can enjoy the latest movies and shows on Hotstar for free by purchasing its annual subscription (VIP or Premium) at a nominal cost.
Suggested Read: Best Hotstar Web Series to Watch in May 2020
Type of Content on Hotstar/Disney Plus: Reality, Romance, Drama, Action, Thriller, Crime, Mythology, Biopic, Thriller, Sports, Hollywood, Bollywood, Sci-Fi.
Popular Content on Hotstar/DisneyPlus: Special Ops, Angrezi Medium, Panga, Frozen 2, Lion King.

4. The Internet Archive

Movie download from Internet Archive
Movie download from Internet Archive
As the name indicates, The Internet Archive is the most incredible website that allows you to download not only movies but also songs and books. The website is continuously expanding, adding the latest content every week. The site will provide you torrent links from which you can download the latest shows and movies for free in HD quality, and it is legal. It also provides you free virtual library where you can make a collection of your favorite movies, shows, music, books, etc.
Type of Content on Internet Archive: Short Films, Horror Films, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Thriller, Books, Music, Hollywood, Bollywood.
Popular Content on Internet Archive: Iron mask, Jungle Book, Night of the Living Dead, Farewell to Arms, etc.

5. Retrovision TV

Movie download from Retrovision TV
Movie download from Retrovision TV
If you wish to download movies of an old era, then Retrovision TV is a perfect choice. From Bollywood to Hollywood, this website allows you to download old as well as new movies in HD quality for free. You just have to search for your favorite movie, and you can enjoy it by downloading it from here and that too legally.
Type of Content on Retrovision: Adventure, Comedy, Cartoon, Classic, Crime, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama, Western.
Popular content on Retrovision:Unconquered, Starcrash, Master of the World.

6. IMDb TV

IMDb is a free online streaming platform created by Amazon, specifically for those who love Hollywood Movies and shows. IMDb allows you to download and binge-watch the latest Hollywood movies & web series legally. The platform is ad-supported, and you can eliminate its subscription fees by just watching a few ads. Currently, IMDb is available in only the US region, and its service is available on iOS, Android, Smart TV, Apple TV, etc.
Type of content on IMDb TV: Thriller, Crime, Horror, Action, Comedy, Sexual, Drama
Popular content on IMDb: Bloodshot, Arkansas, Emma, Gretal and Hensen, The Photograph

7. The Roku Channel

Roku Movie Download
Roku Movie Download
The Roku Channel is a free online streaming platform by Roku. The platform offers you to watch and download the latest content like Movies, Web Series, News, Sports, etc. The Roku Channel stream multiple free and premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Epix, Newsy, etc. to give you unlimited latest movies and shows to binge-watch. Registration on The Roku Channel is free, and you can browse the latest movies and shows for free & download them as well.
There are some premium channels and content this on-demand platform provides, and for that, you need to take its subscription. It has collaborated with popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu TV, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc., to stream their content on its platform. The service is currently not available in India, but you can use a proxy server to watch the latest shows & movies on Roku Channel.
Type of Content on Roku Channel: Movies, News, Sports, Thriller, Drama, Comedy, Action, Hollywood, Live Shows.
Some of the Popular content on Roku Channel: Cold Case, Forensic Files, El Camino, The first 48.

8. Pluto TV

Pluto TV
Pluto TV
PlutoTv is one of the best online streaming platforms for movie download and streaming the latest shows. It offers you to enjoy all the content for free and legally by streaming 75+ live channels. These channels are divided into different categories like sports, news, movies, entertainment, etc. They have a dedicated channel for movies where you can enjoy old and latest movies online for free.
It has collaborated with channels like MTV, Comedy Central, etc., to provide on-demand streaming of their shows on its platform. Apart from its browser version, finally, its app is also available for iOS, Android, and Smart TVs. Currently, this service is only available in the US region, but you can use proxy servers to enjoy its content.
Type of Content on Pluto TV: Entertainment, News, Sports, Comedy, Thriller, Live Shows, Movies, etc.
Popular content on Pluto TV: Babel, Vanilla Sky, Dirty Dancing, Avengers.

9. MoviesFoundOnline

Movies Found Online is the best website to download a variety of movies in HD quality, that too for free and legally. The website offers you various categories of movies to watch online or download for later. The site serves content like short movies, free movies, TV shows, documentaries, comedy shows, etc.
Movies Found Online curates movies from multiple public domains and doesn’t host or upload any media of its own. The site is a hundred percent legal as it immediately removes any prated/infringed media from its server. The service is free for all and available everywhere in India and the US.
Type of Content on Movies Found Online: Comedy, Viral Videos, Short Movies, Documentaries, Horror, Drama, Romance, Thriller, Action, Western, etc.
Popular Content on Movies Found Online: Rebooted, Star Wars, Storm, Skywatch, Frostbite.

10. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is one of the best free movie download and streaming website, owned by Screen Media Ventures. The site contains different content from public domains to its exclusive shows. You can download a variety of latest movies from action to thriller for free and legally. The website has thousands of movies from old to new, which you can download in HD quality or watch online without spending a single buck. Not only movies, but the site also offers viral videos and TV shows. The service is available in desktop versions and available both in India and outside.
Type of Content on PopcornFlix: Action, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Western, Short Films, Reality, etc.
Popular Content on PopcornFlix: Domestic Disturbance, Black Death, Internal Affairs, Night Catches Us.

11. Open Culture

OpenCulture Free Movie Download
OpenCulture Free Movie Download
Just like Internet Archive, Open Culture also provides free movies, online courses, language lessons, textbooks, Audiobooks, etc. to download for free and in HD quality legally. The movies section of the website offers a wide variety of content from all over the world. Th3e collection consists of around 1150+ movies from all genres like action, thriller, romance, comedy, etc.
The movie collection on this site has some fantastic Oscar-winning and Santorini Chaplin movies to download for free in HD quality. This service is a hundred percent legal with non-pirated content & available in India as well as the US region.
Type of Content on Open Culture: Classic, Indian, Western, Comedy, Drama, Short Films, Romance, Thriller, etc.
Popular Content on Open Culture: Detour, A Star Is Born, Santorini Chaplin.

12. HULU

Hulu for Free Movies and Shows
Hulu for Free Movies and Shows
Hulu is a subscription-based online streaming platform that provides a free version too. Hulu offers a variety of movies and exclusive shows to watch online. If you want to download movies from it, some of them are free, but to download the rest of them, you have to purchase its subscription. In the free version, you can download more than 100 movies in HD quality, and the site is a hundred percent legal. Its app is also available for Android, iOS, Smart TVs, etc. Currently, the service is not available everywhere, but you can use a VPN to enjoy its content.
Type of Content on HULU: Comedy, Thriller, Action, Drama, Romance, Horror, Live Shows, HULU Originals, Family, Kids, etc.
Popular Content on HULU: The Spy who Dumped Me, Mrs. America, Catch 22, Seinfield, etc.

13. Kanopy

Kanopy is an incredible and one of the best online streaming platforms to enjoy award-winning foreign movies, critically-acclaimed films, and inspiring documentaries. The site provides you a full dose of entertainment free of cost just by collaborating with public libraries and universities. It has a vast collection of fantastic movies that you can binge-watch online or download to watch later in HD quality seamlessly. The site provides you a library membership, through which you can log into your account, and the number of movies that you can enjoy per month depends upon this membership.
They update their catalog every month, and you can enjoy a diverse collection of TV shows and movies on this platform for free in HD quality. The service is available in India as well as the US region. Its application is also available for Android and iOS, and it is compatible with Smart TVs, Chromecast, FireTV, etc.
Type of Content on Kanopy: Thriller, Romance, Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Reality, etc.
Popular Content on Kanopy: Lady Bird, I am not your Negro, Amy, Leave No Trace, Mr. Hublot, Captain Fantastic, Moonlight.

14) Sony Liv

Sony LIV for free shows and Bollywood Movies
Sony LIV for free shows and Bollywood Movies
Sony Liv is an ad-supported OTT platform, owned by Sony Group and best to watch Indian Movies to download and watch. The service provides a wide variety of Indian, Hollywood and Regional movies to watch and download legally in HD quality for free. Sony Liv is a goldmine for Indian movies and consists of a large number of regional movies collection like Tamil, Telugu, South Indian, etc. as well.
The platform allows you to watch the content online as well as download it within the app to watch later in HD quality for free. You just need to watch a few ads to use its free service. Its app is compatible with Android, iOS, and Smart TVs. The service is easily accessible in India and quite popular.
Type of Content on Sony Liv: Live News, TV Shows, Regional Movies, Bollywood Movies, Sports, Comedy Shows, Live TV
Popular Content on Sony Liv: Piku, Spiderman Homecoming, Baby Driver, KungFu Hustle, D Day.

15. Netflix

What to watch on Netflix
What to watch on Netflix
Netflix is the most popular OTT platform worldwide, and it offers a large collection of TV shows, web series, and movies to binge-watch. It is a subscription-based platform that offers a one-month free trial, and you can browse all the content available on Netflix in HD quality. Its application is available for Android, iOs, and all Smart TVs. The app allows you to watch the content online as well as download it within the app to enjoy later.
Apart from purchasing a license from big production houses, the platform also produces movies and shows exclusively for its platform. The service is available worldwide, and you can watch a wide content on it.
Type of Content on Netflix: Thriller, Action, Romantic, Short movies, Web shoes, Comedy, Romantic, Mystery, Horror, etc.
Popular content on Netflix:Extraction, Sacred Games, Stranger Things, Jamtara, Bard of Blood, Lust Stories, etc.

16. Watch TCM

TCM Movie Download
TCM Movie Download
If you are a fan of old classic movies and looking to download them for free in HD quality, then Watch TCM is the perfect platform for you. With an extensive collection of old and new English movies, the platform allows you to binge-watch and download unlimited videos for free and legally. Turner Classic Movies’TCM offers the best selection of movies that you can enjoy with a cable or satellite package. It has its dedicated app for Android, iOS, and Smart TVs. Apart from movies, the platform also allows you to access short movies, articles, and movie recommendations. The service is currently available in the US region, and you can access it using a VPN server.
Type of Content on Watch TCM: Adventure, Comedy, Musical, Thriller, Documentary, Drama, Western, Romance, War, etc.
Popular Content on Watch TCM: Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, The Graduate, Westworld, etc.

17. Yidio

Yidio Movie Download
Yidio Movie Download
If you don’t know about Yidio, then you are missing some great content that you can watch for free. Yidio is an online streaming platform that allows you to watch & download the latest movies, web series, and TV shows available on various popular OTT platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, and others. It curates content from famous OTT platforms and allows you to watch it for free. So, through this platform, you can enjoy all the content which is paid on other platforms. The platform is legal and available in both India and the US.
Type of Content on Yidio: Adventure, Comedy, Musical, Thriller, Drama, Western, Romance, etc.
Popular Content on Yidio: Supernatural, The Mule, Bad Boys for Life, Jumanji, Joker, etc.

18. Big Star Movies

Big Star Movies is another online streaming platform consisting of foreign films, documentaries, independent movies, and short films. The platform is free of cost, and its paid version allows access to a large catalog of movies. Its app version is designed for those who like to watch original content. They keep updating the new movies every week, and you can download them for free in HD quality. The platform isn’t available in several regions, but you can use a proxy server to enjoy the service.
Type of Content Available: Drama, Horror, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, Foreign Films, War
Popular Content on Big Star Movies: Snap, Birthday, Astronaut, Strange Girls.

19. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video- Famous OTT platform for movies and shows
Amazon Prime Video- Famous OTT platform for movies and shows
Amazon Prime is a well-known OTT platform worldwide that offers exclusive web series, Indian movies, Hollywood movies, and short films on a subscription basis. Its app is available for Android, iOS, and Smart TVs. The app offers a monthly free trial, and you can download the latest movies and shows within the app or can watch them online in HD quality. The app is available worldwide, but its content varies in various countries.
Types of Content on Amazon Prime: Romance, Mystery, Crime, Drama, Horror, Comedy, etc.
Popular Content on Amazon Prime: Thappad, Mirzapur, Four More Shots, Breathe, Made in Heaven, Parasite.

20. Vimeo

Movie Download
Movie Download
Just like other OTT platforms, Vimeo is also a large video platform that offers you a wide range of content like movies, short films, and shows to watch for free and even download them in HD quality. Some of its content is paid, and you can enjoy this service worldwide.
Types of Content on Vimeo: Romance, Mystery, Action, Horror, Comedy, Hollywood, Short Films, etc.
Popular Content on Vimeo: Stories in Place, Conspiracy Cruise, Nowadays, The Knot

21. Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents is a place where you can find plenty of latest and old movies that are available on public domains and you can download them in HD quality for free. Apart from it, there are some movies available on Public Domain Torrents that you can watch online rather them downloading it.
Type of Content on Public Domain Torrents:Sci-Fi, Animation, Horror, Comedy, Drama, Music, etc.
Popular Content on Public Domain Torrents:Santorini Chaplin, Mr. Piper- Alibaba, A boy and His Dog

Top 50+ Other Movie Download Sites For HD Quality

| Website Name | Type of Content Available | Link | | --- | --- | --- | | 1337x Movies | Hollywood, Bollywood | | | MovieDDL | Hollywood | | | YIFY Movies | Hollywood,Bollywood | | | xFilmy Wap Movies | Hollywood,Bollywood | | | Movies Daily | Hollywood,Bollywood | | | Bob Movies| Hollywood | | | Movie No Limit | Hollywood | | | Movie Watcher | Hollywood | | | 123 Go Stream | Hollywood | | | EMOL Movies | Hollywood | | | MyDownloadTube | Hollywood | | | Yeshollywood | Hollywood | | | Critic Bay | Hollywood | | | MKV Cage | Hollywood | | | HD Movies Maza | Hollywood, South Indian | | | xFilmy Wap Movies | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | Isai Dub | South Indian Movies | | | TOR HD | Hollywood | | | mFZ Movies | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian, Punjabi | | | RDX HD | Hollywood, Bollywood | | | GO Download Movies | Hollywood | | | Movies Couch | Hollywood, Bollywood | | | DIVX Crawler | Hollywood | | | Loaded Movies | Hollywood | | | WellTorrent Movies | Hollywood, Bollywood | | | CineBloom | Hollywood | | | Gofilms4u | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | AVI Mobile Movies | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | Bolly4U | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | Movies Baba | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | Moviesrex | Hollywood, Hindi Dubbed | | | MoviesNox | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | Xmovies8 HD | Hollywood | | | Katmovie | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | Ocean of Movies | Hollywood,Bollywood | | | Kasper Movies | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | SeeHD| Hollywood | | | Hindi Movies | Bollywood | | | The Movies Flix | Hollywood | | | FOU Movies | Hollywood,Bollywood | | | Watch Movies Free | Hollywood | | | HD Popcorns | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian, Bengali | | | Movies Joy | Hollywood || | Moonline | Hollywood | | | Yes Movies | Hollywood | | | CMovies | Hollywood | | | 5 Movies | Hollywood | | | Solar Movie | Hollywood | | | Go Movies | Hollywood, Bollywood | | | Movies 123 | Hollywood | | | Afdah | Hollywood | | | Classic Cinema Online | Hollywood | | | Filmy Anju | Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed | | | Iso Hunts | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | Lime Torrents | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | RAR BG | Hollywood, Bollywood | | | SnowFL | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | Torrent Flunk | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | Veoble | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | AIO Search | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | Tubi | Hollywood | | | XTORX | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | Zooqle | Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian | | | Yes Movies | Hollywood, Bollywood | |

1. Is It Safe To Download The Latest Movies?

Not all the websites on the internet are legal and safe to download movies online. Some of them provide you with pirated content and can be harmful to your system. It is necessary to download the latest movies from safe websites. For that, there are numerous websites like Public Domain Torrents, Popcorn Flix, Filmywap, Movies Baba, etc. which allows you to download the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free easily in HD quality.

2. How To Download Movies For Free?

There are many legal websites available on the internet that allow you to download the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, and other movies for free and that too in HD quality. Some of them are easily accessible, and you can download the movie just by clicking on the torrent/provide link. But, many of them might not be available in your region or are blocked by your antivirus. To access these websites, you have first to change your security settings and then use the Nord VPN serverfor movie download.

3. What Are The Best Movie Download Sites?

We have a complete list of 101 movie download websites where you can watch or download films in HD quality. Feel free to check it out.

Disclaimer (Important)

We don’t promote websites presenting or posting Pirated illegal material. Posting pirated content is, and any activity related to piracy is a severe offense & is against the law. We ask all over users, do not entertain any sites administering pirated videos/songs. Any activity linked to piracy or robbery comes under serious offense.
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