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Movierulz Plz: Download HD Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam & Bollywood Free Movies in 2020


How often do you look for some of the latest released movies only to find them in poor quality? Movierulz Plz is one such pirated movie website that enables you to download pirated copies of the free latest movies of varying genres and languages.

Much like the majority of pirated movie websites, even the content available on this website is not legal. But, even with the constraints, the website is very consistent with its uploads of the latest Bollywood and even the regional Indian language movies.

In case you are planning on downloading some good movies via Movierulz.plz, we’d suggest you walk through this website to get a better idea of things.

Unmatched Quality On Movie Rulz Plz: 2020

One of the primary reasons why this site has gained popularity is because of the quality of the movie uploads and the consistent uploads. The one thing that the website doesn’t compromise on is the quality of the movies that they update.

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Since this is a pirated movie website, you wouldn’t have to worry about paying any extra money to download the movies. Additionally, there are a few movies, Bollywood that are available in HD quality.

Another factor about this website that makes this a desirable one is the minimalistic user interface. The website features the latest movies and also some of the top trending movies that you will find on the popular OTT platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

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What Are The Features Of This Website?

As we mentioned before, This website has a very simplistic design, which means that you wouldn’t have to be confused while navigating through the website.

It has a simple approach to finding your favourite movies with the search bar located on the top right corner of the website. Aside from that, the website has separate categories for the movies depending on the language and the genre.

The highlight of this website, however, is the section of the featured movies. This consists of all the latest movies that you would likely need to watch, especially when it comes to the trending ones.

The website has sectioned areas for all the different movies that you’d likely want to watch. This further makes this a reliable option for your everyday usage.

The overall layout of the website is not very groundbreaking. But, in case you do want to have a simplistic website that lets you watch some of your favourite movies, this is the website that you need.

How To Download Movies On This Platform?

The best reason why this website has gained so much popularity is because of the quality of the movies. But, more than that, it is the download quality and speed that has made it own the crown of one of the best movie downloading websites.

In case you do plan on downloading movies, we’d suggest you have high-speed internet and a good quality laptop. That is all you need.

Additionally, the website is also operational on multiple browsers including Chrome and even Opera Mini. The website also functions optimally in incognito mode, which again is a reason why downloading movies is not a hassle.

The process of downloading movies is not that tough. Simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Start by visiting an active domain and visit the homepage.
  • Once you are on the website, you can either look up the movie in the search bar or you can manually look up any of the movies from the categories mentioned.
  • Following that, click on the movie that you want to download and then download using the Torrent file that is available in the download link.
  • Once you have done that, the download starts automatically reducing any risks of glitches or obstructions.

Even though this is a pirated movie website, Movies rulz Plz torrent platform has managed to gain massive amounts of popularity because of their movie collection. They are probably the only website that caters to more regional language movies than any other available website.

They managed to bring some of the best quality prints of the pirated movies for the users to directly download from. This is one of the reasons people come back for this website time and time.

CAUTION: Few people are not familiar with this kind of pirated movies sites. The website consists of piracy and we are not responsible if you access or explore such websites and face any consequences. It is recommended to use Nord VPN to make your internet connection and identity secure & anonymous.

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Best Alternatives For Movierulz Plz To Download Movies

Since this is a pirated movies website, there are a fair share of chances that the website can stop working any time, if it violates further rules. In such cases, knowing about a few alternatives for the website is always considered the best way out.

We’d suggest you keep a list of the best alternatives for this platform sorted for yourself.

1. A2Movies

A2movies site
A2movies site

This is one of the closest clones to this one on the internet. They have very similar content but that is not where it stops though. The website has pretty much the same list of downloading movies.

The user interface is a lot similar but the latest trending movies and the latest ones that you’d possibly want to watch. The clarity of the pirated movies is quite manageable, ensuring that you wouldn’t regret downloading from this website at all.

They don’t offer any streaming options, so if you have been expecting that, you are signing yourself up for disappointment.

2. DownloadHub


Another great alternative for this site that doesn’t disappoint is DownloadHub. Just like the name suggests, this website is to curb all your downloading needs. Even this website has a good collection of Bollywood and regional movies.

Aside from the pirated movies, there are a few movies that are available in premium HD quality. It also comes with a super navigable design that can help you download your favourite movies without any confusion. It features all genres of movies without any complications.

3. Kuttymovies


Kuttymovies is yet another amazing platform that you wouldn’t regret spending your coins on. It features Bollywood and even regional languages. But, since the quality of the movies on this website is pretty good and high quality, you might have to have a good and high-speed internet and a laptop.

The website doesn’t charge you a dime for downloading any of their content. But, if you are opting for a premium quality movie, it might ask you to sign up to their website. That is secondary though, so you do need to keep that in mind.

4. DVD Play


Next up on the list of the best alternatives is DVD Play. This is one of the few websites on the internet that not just allows you to download your favourite movies but also comes with the accessory option for online streaming.

The website has gained a lot of popularity over time and even fetches over 3000 unique visitors every single day. In terms of the authenticity of the movies, you need to know that they are not legitimate but the pirated versions of the movies.

5. 7StarHD


If you are particular about finding a website that features HD quality movies, 7StarHD is one of the best options. It has a collection of some of the best quality Bollywood and regional languages movies.

But, even with the HD quality movies, the website is not legal at the end of the day. It features a whole lot of amazing genres including animation, horror, comedy, and thriller. In terms of the similarities with Movie rules, it has the pretty same layout and the content that you’d normally find on there.

6. Filmywap


Last on the list of alternatives is Filmywap. This is way better than any of the other websites available on the internet when it comes to downloading genuine movies. They have a plethora of options there ranging from Bollywood to the regional movies.

In case you do have issues with downloading movies from Movies rulz Plz, this serves as an amazing alternative. The download speed on this website is pretty decent with no redirecting links all over the place. This is one of the primary reasons why this is considered a good website to look into.

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Which Movie Categories Available On Movierulz Free?

If you have not visited movierulz plz Telugu cinemas category before, you won’t know that the website has separate categories for movies depending on the language and the genre. They also have a few general categories that consist of some of the latest trending options.

The website doesn’t offer any TV shows or series, so if you are particularly looking for something like that, you wouldn’t find it here.

As for the different movie categories, there are a few amazing ones that you wouldn’t regret taking a look into. Some of them include:

This consists of a mix of movies depending on the genre as well as the language of the movie, so you need to take care of that particularly. This section of the website also features movies that are the most popular ones on the website.

In case you don’t want to scroll down and find a movie, this consists of some of the best hits that you wouldn’t regret downloading at all.

Bollywood Movierulz

If you are a Bollywood fanatic, you wouldn’t regret spending your coins on this one. They have a wide range of Bollywood movies, especially the ones that are loved by the masses. The picture quality is a little off but not the worst and ensures that you can watch it without getting pissed.

The website has the latest, old, and the classics all in one place to satisfy the hunger of all the Bollywood buffs around.

South Indian Dubbed Movies

Lastly, the website features a plethora of south Indian dubbed movies including movierulz Tamil movies, Telugu, Movierulz Malayalam movies, and a few more. The best part of this category is the versatility of the movies. What this means is that every South Indian movie comes with dubbed dialogues that let you understand the storyline, even if you don’t understand the language. this site is aggressively searched by south Indian people for Telugu movies to free download online in 2020.

In comparison to the other category movies, this one has some clear and crisp and even HD quality movies that make this a worthy watch. Aside from the dubbed versions, the original versions are also available for those who understand the language and want to feel the emotion behind the movie as it is.

List Of Domains Available For Movierulz Plz In 2020

There are several domains available on for this website. It enables its users to stream and downloads the most popular and latest movies in 2020.


FAQs About Movierulz Plz Online Movies Website

Although this site is considered a safe website for you to download your favourite movies, it is in no way legal. So, in case you do want to ensure more safety while accessing the website, we’d suggest you open this using a VPN. This conceals your IP address and restricts any kind of unnecessary hassle with the security features. In case you don’t want that kind of hassle, simply open the website on an incognito website.

2. What Kind Of Content Categories Does This Site Have?

It only has movies on the website, so in case you want TV shows and series, those aren’t available on the website. In terms of the categories, there are Bollywood and a few of the regional language movies on the website. They don’t offer online streaming, so that is another disappointment.

3. What Size Dimension Movies Are Found On This Website?

The size of the downloadable movie file on this website is dependent on the kind of quality the movie comes in. If the pirated movie is extremely grainy, the size of the download file will likely be extremely small, preferably around 200-300 MB. But, if the movie is of high quality, the size of the file increases too.

We have already listed the best working domains for this site above in this article. so we suggest you to please check that section for more information.

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In case you are in the mood for full movies download to watch them offline, we’d suggest you spend your time on this site. The website has a host of amazing movies that come in decent quality for watching. The website is safe as well, so you need not worry about your data being at stake. Here, we have sorted you out with every last detail that you’d probably need to know about the website, so make sure to be thorough with the same.

Disclaimer (Important)

All of the content available in this article is only for educational purposes. we suggest that please proceed further, based on your own interest & risk. we intend to inform the people about the pirated websites and do not promote copyrighted stuff. Accessing the pirated content is not legal, and we also consider it as an online offence.

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