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6 Best Movies About Running On Netflix

Movies about running on Netflix can be a great source of inspiration for those looking to get into the sport or simply seeking motivation to stay on track with their fitness goals.

Cecilia Jones
Jun 01, 202335200 Shares469327 Views
Movies about running on Netflixcan be a great source of inspiration for those looking to get into the sport or simply seeking motivation to stay on track with their fitness goals.
These films showcase the physical and mental challenges of running, as well as the triumphs and personal growth that can come from pushing oneself to the limit.
Whether you're an experienced runner or just starting out, the following list of movies about running on Netflix has something for everyone.

McFarland, USA (2015)

McFarland, USA Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Kevin Costner Movie HD

McFarland, USA is a sports drama film based on a true story. The film was directed by Niki Caro and written by Christopher Cleveland, Bettina Gilois, and Grant Thompson. It stars Kevin Costner, Maria Bello, Morgan Saylor, and Carlos Pratts. The movie was released in 2015 and is available on Netflix.
The story revolves around Jim White (played by Kevin Costner), a high school football coach who moves to McFarland, California, with his family. He starts working at the local high school as a physical education teacher and assistant football coach. While teaching, he notices that several students are natural runners and decides to form a cross-country team with them.
The team is comprised of seven boys from poor Hispanic families who work in the fields with their parents. Jim faces several challenges in training the team, including language barriers, discrimination, and a lack of resources. Despite these challenges, the team works hard and eventually wins the California State Championship.
The movie explores themes such as the American dream, perseverance, and teamwork. It portrays the struggles and hardships faced by the team and their coach in pursuing their goals. The film also highlights the importance of sports as a means of overcoming adversity and achieving success.
Overall, McFarland, USA is an inspiring and heartwarming movie that celebrates the human spirit and the power of hard work and determination. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves sports movies or stories about overcoming obstacles.

Spirit Of The Marathon (2007)

Spirit of the Marathon - Official Trailer

"Spirit of the Marathon" is a documentary film that was released in 2007. It follows the journeys of six runners from different parts of the world who train for and compete in the Chicago Marathon. The film explores the physical and emotional challenges of marathon running, as well as the dedication and motivation required to complete a race of such distance.
The six runners featured in the film have different backgrounds and motivations for running. Some are seasoned marathoners while others are attempting their first marathon. The film shows them training in different parts of the world, from Rome to Tokyo, and depicts the sacrifices they make in order to prepare for the race.
The documentary also provides insights from legendary marathon runners, such as Paula Radcliffe and Frank Shorter, who share their experiences and wisdom about the sport. The filmmakers also interview sports psychologists, coaches, and doctors to explain the physical and psychological demands of marathon running.
The climax of the film is the race day itself, where the six runners are joined by tens of thousands of other participants. The film captures the excitement and emotion of the marathon, as well as the sense of community and solidarity among the runners.
"Spirit of the Marathon" is a must-watch for any running enthusiast, and anyone who is interested in the human spirit and its capacity for endurance and perseverance. It is an inspiring and uplifting film that celebrates the transformative power of running.

Endurance (1999)

Endurance (1999) Trailer

"Endurance" is a biographical sports drama film directed by Leslie Woodhead, based on the true story of Haile Gebrselassie, one of the greatest long-distance runners of all time.
The movie depicts Haile's early life in a rural Ethiopian village, where he lived and trained without proper shoes or equipment, and how he became a champion long-distance runner, breaking several world records along the way.
The film portrays the harsh living conditions of the Ethiopian runners, who had to endure poverty, disease, and political unrest while training for races. Haile's struggles to overcome his physical and emotional obstacles are depicted in a raw and authentic way, as he perseveres through injury and personal tragedy to achieve his dreams.
The film also highlights the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork, as Haile's victories not only bring pride to his country but also inspire other runners to pursue their own dreams.
Overall, "Endurance" is a powerful and inspiring movie about the human spirit and the perseverance required to achieve greatness. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in long-distance running or sports movies in general.

The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner (1962)

1962 The loneliness of the long distance runner Official Trailer 1 Woodfall Film Productions

"The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" is a British drama film released in 1962. It was directed by Tony Richardson and stars Tom Courtenay in the lead role. The film is based on a short story of the same name by Alan Sillitoe, who also wrote the screenplay.
The movie is set in a boys' reformatory in the English Midlands, where Colin (Tom Courtenay) is serving a sentence for burglary. The governor of the institution is impressed by Colin's talent for long-distance running and encourages him to train for a race against a local public school.
Colin sees the race as an opportunity to show his rebellious spirit, but as he prepares for the competition, he is haunted by memories of his past and his relationship with his working-class family.
The film explores themes of class, identity, and the struggles of the working class in post-war Britain. Colin's passion for running is contrasted with the oppressive nature of the reformatory and the limitations imposed on him by his social background.
The movie also uses a non-linear narrative, with flashbacks to Colin's childhood and family life interspersed with scenes of his training and his race.
"The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" is widely regarded as a classic of British cinema and has been praised for its gritty realism and social commentary.
It won the BAFTA Award for Best British Screenplay and was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. The film is also notable for its use of a jazz score by John Addison and for launching Tom Courtenay's career as a leading actor.

The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young (2014)

The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young - Trailer 1

"The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young" is a documentary film that chronicles the Barkley Marathons, a 100-mile ultra marathon held in Tennessee's Frozen Head State Park.
The race, which was first held in 1986, has only been completed by a handful of runners due to its extremely challenging course and strict time limit.
The film follows a group of runners as they attempt to tackle the Barkley Marathons and provides a glimpse into the race's history and the mind of its eccentric creator, Gary "Lazarus Lake" Cantrell.
The documentary also explores the sense of community and camaraderie that develops among the runners, despite the intense competition and grueling nature of the race.
"The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young" has received critical acclaim for its unique subject matter and engaging storytelling.
The film has been praised for its ability to capture the intensity and insanity of the Barkley Marathons, as well as its exploration of the human spirit and the limits of endurance.
It is a must-watch for anyone interested in running or endurance sports, and a fascinating glimpse into one of the most challenging races in the world.

Without Limits (1998)

Without Limits Trailer 1998

Without Limits is a biographical sports drama film that tells the story of Steve Prefontaine, an American long-distance runner who competed in the 1972 Olympics. Directed by Robert Towne, the film stars Billy Crudup as Prefontaine, with Donald Sutherland as his coach, Bill Bowerman.
The film focuses on the relationship between Prefontaine and Bowerman, who is also the co-founder of Nike. It portrays Prefontaine as a headstrong, outspoken athlete who is determined to be the best at his sport. The film also explores Prefontaine's relationships with his girlfriend and fellow runner, Mary Marckx, and his rival, Frank Shorter.
One of the key themes of Without Limits is the conflict between amateurism and professionalism in sports. The film depicts Prefontaine's struggle to earn a living from his sport while maintaining his amateur status. It also explores the commercialization of sports and the impact it has on athletes.
Without Limits received positive reviews from critics, with praise for Crudup's performance and the film's portrayal of Prefontaine's character. The film was also noted for its accurate depiction of running and the sport's culture.
Overall, Without Limits is a compelling sports drama that tells the story of a legendary athlete and his impact on the world of long-distance running.

Final Thoughts

Netflix offers a variety of inspiring and exciting movies about running for viewers to enjoy. From biographical films to fictional stories, these movies capture the thrill and dedication that comes with being a runner.
Whether you're a seasoned runner or simply looking for an inspiring story, there're movies about running on Netflix for everyone. So grab some popcorn and get ready to be motivated by these tales of triumph and perseverance.
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