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MoviesCounter: Download Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali Movies Online in 2020


Moviescounter is a piracy platform where you can access tons of movies, series, TV shows, podcasts, etc. It allows its users to stream the movies or series with the high definition video quality. The best thing is you can even download the stuff and save it to your devices to watch them later offline.

This site also offers a wide variety of Tamil movies, Hollywood movies, and documentaries to stream online for free. You will also be able to stream and download various award shows. Spending your time watching movies, series, or other types of stuff is a great source of entertainment. If you hare are a hardcore movie lover, then this best fits for you.

Use this platform even if you prefer to download movies and watch them without an internet connection. While downloading the movie, you will also come across various types of video quality or resolution. You can select any one from them to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.

This site never compromises with the quality and offers its users the best quality videos to watch and download. There are many alternatives to the website. But what makes it different? The user interface and ease of navigation make it easier than ever.

Some people find it arduous to look out for their desired movie on most piracy platforms. But, this site, it takes a couple of seconds to come across your desired content because of its features like sort and filter.

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Watch High-Quality Videos On The Movies Counter

When it comes to this website, its users don’t have to compromise with the quality. As mentioned above, you can also download the movies free. There are no hidden charges and you don’t have to pay for any subscription. The website can be accessed very easily, and you don’t have to be familiar with pirated websites to access these websites. The simple user interface of the website makes it convenient for the news users to access the content in no time.

It is considered one of the best platforms to download movies. Whether you prefer Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, or Telugu movies it has all in the store for you. It comes with an array of categories that never fails to impress its users. The best part is you don’t have to go through numerous pop-up ads while streaming the stuff.

It is a platform that proffers a pirated version of the content stream from Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. If you don’t want to spend loads of money every month on those platforms, then head over to this and exploit the best out of it.

Features Of Movies Counter

The features of any website or online platform to watch free movies can make it or break it. Therefore this site prefers various features to give a satisfactory experience to its users. Explore a wide variety of video quality, ease of navigation, filtering options, appealing user-interface, and so much more.

The features of the websites are quite simple, and you don’t have to be a tech geek to use the website. Unlike complicated and technical interface and features, it has kept it all straightforward. As compared to others, this site offers content without commercial interference. Below is the array of features that you will come across on the website.

  • Download the movies and save them to watch offline anytime.
  • Easy to use and its immensely appealing user-interface makes it easier to understand the features and find your desired movies.
  • Compatible on all kinds of devices.
  • The files for downloading in the platform are highly compressed as compared to other websites. Your CPU power will not be consumed to download the stuff.
  • It offers fast downloading speed as compared to other pirated websites.
  • Download the movies, series, or shows on your mobile devices without getting your battery consumed.
  • Unlike other websites, this one does not crash while streaming the movies.

Google Trick To Download Movies On This Website

You can download any type of content from this website. All you need is a good browser and an internet connection. Open the browser, it could be any browser Google Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox. You can also use the anonymous web browser. Most people use the anonymous web browser to elude from the cookies and temp files. Open the browser and paste these lines mentioned below,

intitle:index.of? format MovieName

Format: The word ‘Format’ mentioned in the above script has been replaced with the type of format in which you want to watch your movies. You can replace it with MP4, MKV, or AVI. These formats work fine with this trick.

Movie: The next step is pretty obvious, you need to replace the word “movie” with the name of your desired movie, and then you’re all set.

After getting done with the process, you will come across a couple of options. You need to choose the one which identifies with the name of the server. The top 3 results are always the best to choose from, and you can select any of them to download your movie successfully.

Was it too complicated to understand? Don’t worry; we got you covered. There is another trick which you utilize to download the movies. Press the CTRL+F, a small box will appear in the top right of your screen. All you need is to type the name of your desired movie to locate the movie. The box which appears in the top right corner of your screen can be utilized easily to find and download any movie. Make sure you read the given instructions thoroughly and apply them as they are to make the rick work.

CAUTION: Some people are not familiar with such pirated content websites. this is one of them too. The website consists of piracy and we are not responsible if you access or explore such websites and face any consequences. It is recommended to use Nord VPN to make your internet connection and identity secure.

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Best Alternatives Of Moviescounter To Stream And Download The Movies, Series, Etc.

There are other websites as well, which can help you download movies, series, award shows, TV shows, etc. as well. These websites are also pirated, which can be accessed in the majority of the countries. These websites also proffer the high-quality videos which you can stream and download with ease.

All these pirated websites mentioned below do not have the license to upload this stuff online. However, it is recommended to use any type of VPN to evade the risk factor of coming across the type of consequences. There are plenty of alternatives to this site but the Government keeps on banning or blocking them. Therefore we have listed top-graded alternatives that you can access in most counties and stays live all the time. Now, let’s take a deep dive into the list.

1. IceMovie


IceMove is considered one of the platforms to stream HD movies online and download them at a fast pace. The website is pretty popular because of a wide variety of categories to choose from. The best part about the site is that it also indicated the IMDb score of the movie, too, which makes it easier to find out the best movie. The dark-themed user-interface of the platform seems exceedingly appealing, and you can count on it anytime to download the movies.

2. GoMovies


If you are looking for a legit alternative to this website, you can rely on GoMovies. Unlike other websites, it is pretty convenient to go through the website and search for your favourite movie. The user-interface of the website is easy, and anyone can operate it. The arrangement of the movies, series, and other types of shows are also made accurately.

Another alternative: Movie4Me for latest Hindi dubbed movies

3. LookMovie


LookMovie has a vast fan base from all across the world. The website is easy to use, which indicates all the required information to stream and download the content. Just like the GoMovies, it can also be accessed with ease, and you don’t have to be familiar with the paired websites to understand how it works.

The user-interface of the website is also pretty simple. The best thing about this platform is that you can enjoy your movies or series without commercial interference. The website is immensely popular in the USA, Canada, and India. If you are fond of Tamil and Hollywood movies, then LookMovie fits best for you.

4. MoviezWap


When it comes to downloading high definition movies online, you just can’t miss MoviezWap. The website is a great rival for the platform listed here on the list. It has a massive fan base, and its ease of navigation and user experience makes it easier to find the content in no time. Under the hood, its library is pretty huge, which also contains dubbed Hollywood movies and Tamil movies. You can come across some advertisements on the website, but that’s not much of an issue. It comes with great separation of genres and a user-friendly interface.

5. KuttyMovies


The website has been on the internet for a very long time. It is undoubtedly an unrivalled platform when it comes to downloading the movies which are not available on other platforms. It is always updated with the latest collection of movies. It proffers its users to download the dubbed movies with the top-graded video and audio quality. The reason why it attracts the users is its dubbed movies that can be downloaded in various regional languages.

6. DownloadHub


The website has never failed to stand on its name and satisfy the users. Dozens of people daily visit these websites. It has gained trust and credibility among numerous people for downloading the quality content with top-notch video and audio quality.

Categories Of Movies Available On This Website

There is a huge array of categories that can be accessed on the website. If you love watching movies south dubbed, Punjabi, Hollywood movies, etc. then this is all that you need. You can stream online and easily download the most popular films on the platform, which have various types of resolution.

The category is packed full of good stuff. From old movie collections to the latest movies, you can find all there on this site.

The numbers of movies and series available on the website are never-ending, and you will be tired of scrolling through all the content. Let’s take a look at some types of categories that you will come across in this site.

  • Hollywood Dub

Find out the best Hollywood movies with a high-quality resolution. You will also be able to discover the dubbed Hindi movies. Experience watching the movies with different languages and focus on the movies rather than keeping your eyes stuck on the subtitles.

  • Punjabi

If you are someone who loves watching comedy movies, then you just can’t miss the wide range of Punjabi movies included in this site. There is a top-notch collection of the best Punjabi cinema movies to download. You can also watch Bollywood movies which are dubbed in the Punjabi language. Some Punjabi dubbed Hindi movies available on this site are Singham, Lukka Chippi, Qismat, Shadaa, and so much more.

  • TV Shows

This platform is packed with a wide range of shows which can be downloaded. It is very much popular to explore TV shows. The websites consist of a type of TV shows like The Kapil Sharma, which you can enjoy watching with your family as well. You don’t have to stick with your TV at any particular time anymore. Access this platform and watch all your missed shows today.

  • Bollywood

The websites are one of the most popular places to stream and download the oldest to latest Bollywood movies. You will be able to access all the movies in the most exceptional quality and top-grade audio as well. Love for Bollywood is never-ending and this makes this bond stronger with its wide variety of Bollywood movie collections.

  • South Dubbed

If you are devoted to South Indian movies, there is no better website than this website. People who find it complicated to understand the south Indian movie can now enjoy their dubbed version within the site. These movies are also available with subtitles. Some South Indian movies which fall under this category are Airaa, Maurya, Run Raja Run, Guntur talkies, and much more.

Types Of Resolution Formats Available In This Platform

This platform never fails to proffer customer expertise in comparison to other pirated websites. It enables users to access their movies in many types of formats. Following is the list of formats that you will be provided in the platform to download the movies. With that being said, the quality of the audio will also be changed as per the format of the video.

  • DVDrip, DVDScr, HDrip, Bluray, 1080p, 720p, 480p

Types Of Measurements Available On This Site

Following are the measurement available in each of the movie on this website,

  • 4 GB dimension videos
  • 2 GB dimension videos
  • 1 GB dimension videos
  • 600 MB dimension videos
  • 400 MB dimension videos
  • 300 MB dimension videos

The Streaming Facility Of The Movies Counter

As mentioned earlier, that website is known extensively for downloading the movies. It also allows users to stream the content online with the type of video and audio quality. You can stream these movies online on any type of device, whether its mobile, tablet or personal computer. It does not matter if you have a week’s internet connection.

The website adjusts the quality of video automatically to provide buffering free experience. You can use the JIO connection to stream the high-quality video without any lag or buffering. In today’s world, especially in India, it is quite easier to get access to a fast internet connection because of JIO. You can stream the movies in high quality even with the weak connection and get an un-interrupt experience of watching movies.

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The List Of The Domains Of Moviescounter 2020

There are several domains available on this website. It enables its users to stream and downloads the most popular and latest movies released recently. Movies, including Tamil, Malayalam, Dubbed English, and Hindi movies, are all free. You can go through all of the pirated content without paying any charges or payment for any subscription.

You can watch the movies and shows without any limitation. Some people do not prefer going to cinemas and pay money, and instead, they choose to rely on pirated movies. Keep in mind that watching pirated movies is a crime, and we will not be responsible if you ever come across such difficult situations. But, still, the website has extensive internet coverage accessed by millions of people each day.

  • Moviescounter.net

These websites take a very minimal time to load and come with a mobile-friendly user-interface. You will be able to access this website on mobile phones and enjoy watching the latest movie series. Award shows and numerous TV shows.

  • Moviescounter.in

Dozens of new and old movies are available on the platform to download. There is an array of top-notch Bollywood and Hollywood movies that you are going to discover on this site.

  • Moviescounter.pro

It is considered as one of the best sites to download movies. There is a huge category, and all of the content is arranged properly. It will be very convenient to find out your desired movies on the website.

  • Moviescounter.me

It is also considered as one of the best websites to access your favourite movies. There are numerous movies available on the website with top-graded video and audio quality.

How To Download Movies From Moviescounter?

Step 1) Search for the Moviescouter on Google.Step 2) Then click on the top results, which will be the latest version of the site.**Step 3)** Open the website and search for your desired movie and then choose it from the suggested option available on the screen.**Step 4)** click on the download button and select the desired format.Step 5) Select the preferred storage where you wish to save the files, and you are all set.

FAQs About Moviescounter Website 2020

1. What Is Moviescounter?

It’s an online platform where you can stream and download high definition movies, series, TV shows, and award shows. There is plenty of stuff available on the website, which is accessed free. There are no hidden charges, and you can access all the movies and series without any limitation.

It is not legal to access piracy websites. However, there are websites like the MPPA (Motion Picture Association of America). It is recognized as one of the most popular websites which also serves the pirated content.

3. Is It Safe To Download Movies Or Series From Moviescounter?

People often face issues while downloading movies or TV shows from pirated content. The pop-up ads and other commercial interference never settles down and keeps on popping out on the screen. Most of the time, the users end up clicking on the unwanted links and download some unusual stuff. It is recommended to install an ad blocker and a VPN to elude from the unwanted links and secure your connection.

The audience of India prefers watching the Dubbed Hollywood movies, and there are a bunch of dubbed movies available on the platform. All these movies can be accessed in the high definition quality of both audio and video. The topmost reason why It has an extensive network is its Dubbed Hollywood movies.

5. Is Downloading Cinemas From Moviescounter Safe?

Keep in mind that such sites are not protected from downloading the movies, especially the recorded movies from the cinema. The website does not have a license, and they only proffer the copyrighted content. If security is not a significant concern for you, then you get along with the website.

Disclaimer (Important)

All of the content available in this article is only for educational purposes. We intend to inform the people about the pirated websites and do not promote copyrighted stuff. Accessing the pirated content is not legal, and we also consider it as an online offence.

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