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Mp4moviez: Latest Bollywood Movies To Watch in 2020 – Is It Legal?


Mp4moviez is an extremely popular platform that allows people to watch movieson their phones without paying a visit to the cinema halls. It provides all moviesat the comfort of the home. You can simply download the latest movies on any device. It saves time and is also free of cost as it is a piracy website. However, it must be noted that piracy is illegal. Downloading movies from such website is also economical. This is a great place to find movies of different kinds for different age groups.

The website is simple and clean and has a proper listing of categories and detailed information regarding each and every movie. However, it is a pirated content publisher that is not legal in many countries. That is why they prefer to change their domain name every once in a while. Further, one must note that the website is blocked by many search engines. This is the reason why if you search for the keyword “mp4moviez download” on the internet, no results will appear which can redirect you to the correct website.

It is a popular site where you can come across good Hindi web seriesto watch. In the category list, there are several options you can choose from. It has web series from almost all platforms including ZEE5, ALT Balaji, Ullu app, Amazon Prime, Hoichoiand even Netflixtoo. So there is no need for registration, no signup, no need for payment and no additional installation of extensions at all. If you are looking for downloading movies in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil or any other language you’re comfortable with, the site has got it all.

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Quality Videos Are Available On Mp4moviez

Viewers in search of high quality videos to download their favorite movies don’t have to look too far. If you like to watch movies in top class quality, the site offers you the best solution. Users can download their favorite movies in the best quality from the site. The best part about this website is that you can get all your favorite content without having to shell out any money. There are no hidden or subscription charges for the content that you wish to watch. The website is also very user friendly, even if someone is accessing it for the first time. Some of the most recent movies are available in HD quality.

It is a platform that offers good quality videos of movies and shows from different genres. If you like watching shows available on various streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. It can help you get all the content for free. These platforms ask for monthly subscription, but with this site, you can get access to all that content absolutely free of cost and can even watch it later when you’re offline. The website provides users with the pirated versions of their favorite shows that are there on all these platforms.

This website is a trustworthy website and has created a good user base. People are using this website for quite some time and have been very loyal to the website for downloading all the content they wish to watch. In addition to the main link of Mp4Moviez, one can also find several proxy URLs to the site that are available for the users to download content.

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Different Features Of MP4Moviez Website

Various features of a website tell us how successful and popular it will be among the viewers and audience. When we use a website to download latest movies and other video content, it is very important that it is easy to navigate. If a website does not provide easy navigation, users will not be able to stay on the site and might not even prefer returning to it. Keeping this is mind, the website has been made to make sure that the user can easily navigate through the website without any problems.

Even if the person is visiting the website for the first time, he will be able to navigate through the website very easily. The website has very simple features which are complicated on the back-end by very easy to use. This is why people prefer to use it over other websites. But when the features of a website are not easy to understand, it gets very difficult for a person to understand its functionalities and he might leave the site.

It has got some of the best features for users. As compared to other websites in this league, the platform offer simple and easy to comprehend layout to the users. Some of the features that make the website a favorite among users include the following:

  • It allows the users to download content and save it so that they can watch offline later
  • The user interface is very easy and even a beginner can use the website. There is no technical knowledge required to navigate through the website
  • The website is completely compatible with desktop as well as mobile and people can access on smartphones
  • For users who use an Android phone, the website offers an additional feature of and people can download app on their phone
  • While downloading content from website, limited CPU power is needed. As compared to the files downloaded from other similar websites, And the files are more way compressed and can be downloaded easily
  • The content from the website can be downloaded on mobile phones too. Using the website on your phone does not consume much battery power of the device and you can download movies on the go
  • When compared to similar website, this site downloads videos at a much faster speed
  • The website has regular updates and all bugs are periodically fixed. The problem of the website crashing while watching movies online is not there anymore.

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Google Trick To Download Movies On MP4Moviez

The best part about downloading movies on the site is that unlike most other platforms, you don’t have to invest anything here to download content. All you need is a computer with an operating system and a good Internet connection. You can use any browser of your choice to access the website. Popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer can easily help you access the website.

You can also access the website in incognito mode. There are many users who do not wish to reveal their identity on the Internet while browsing websites for pirated movies. While keeping that in mind, Mp4Moviez offers the freedom to stay anonymous. In fact, the feature also enables the user to browse freely without worrying about browsing history being tracked.

In the search bar, key in intitle:index.of? format MovieName

Format: Replace the word format with the video format in which you want your content to be downloaded in. The different formats you can use are MP4, MKV, and Avi to download your files. All these formats work perfectly with the Google trick and you can use the trick to download movies.

Movie name: Replace the movie names with the name of the video or the movie that you wish to download.

Once you have put in your search query, there will be several results appearing on your screen. From the results, you will have to pick the one that has the most probability of being a server number. These are most likely to be the correct links. Also, the first three results of your search results are the most correct ones. So, try to use them as much as possible.

You can also use a simple shortcut to find your preferred result. You have to press Ctrl+F and you will have a small search box popping up on the top right corner of your window. In this box, enter the name of the movie that you are searching for, and it will take you to the result that has the name of the movie that you want to download.

Best Alternatives To MP4Moviez In 2020

There are several other websites that can be used to download the latest movies. These websites also offer pirated content to the users. These sites also offer very high-quality videos for download and they can prove to be a useful alternative to MP4moviez website. Especially since the websites are piracy websites, they can go offline. All these websites also offer movies and shows without any legal licenses. Therefore, the stability of these websites is not guaranteed. These sites always remain under the radar of anti-piracy organizations. Hence, a website might get blocked every now and then. So, it is always good to have some alternatives at hand if wish to continue downloading movies.

So, here are the best alternatives to choose from:

1. DownloadHub


This is a popular online streaming website as well as good for downloading movies that offers pirated version of latest movies, shows, and all the other video related content. This is one of the most popular platforms available for downloading Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and all other regional movies and other video content. Some of the most recent movies are also available in HD prints on the website.

The website is very easy to use and even beginners can operate the website very easily. One can open the website and download movies on phone as well as on the laptop. All movies available for download are free of cost and you do not have to spend any money to download the movies, unlike streaming platforms for which you need monthly subscription.

2. Kuttymovies


This is a popular platform for downloading movies and series in top-notch quality in various languages such as Marathi web series, Telugu web series, Tamil web series, Kannada web series, etc. This platform also allows you to download shows that are extremely popular among the masses.

All movies available on this platform are totally free of cost. Apart from downloading and watching the movies, you can also stream movies online. You can download movies and watch as per your convenience on your choice of device. You can choose to watch on your phone, laptop or smart TV. You will get the downloaded file and you only need to play it on any platform.

3. MoviesDa


There are a number of platforms for watching regional cinema. However, one of the most prominent among those is MoviesDa, which provides the superhit movies in HD version. Finding regional content on the Internet in very good quality might not leave you with many options. However, with MoviesDa website finding regional content for downloading and online streaming is no more a problem. The website has large collection of Tamil movies that can be easily downloaded for free. In addition to this, the website also has good library of Bollywood, Hollywood, and other regional language movies available for the users.

All movies available on MoviesDa is in HD quality and the sound is also of good quality. It’s very important to note that MoviesDa is one of the simplest websites to download movies from. Even a beginner can download movies on MoviesDa very easily.

4. Moviezwap


One of the most interesting websites to download movies from the internet is Moviezwap. Here, audience can discover movies in different languages including Hindi, English, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. In addition to these movies, people can also find Pakistani movies in this platform as some people find Pakistani movies very entertaining.

All the movies available on Moviezwap are of superb quality. The video and audio of the content is great. One can watch the movies on different devices, right from their smartphones to their laptop or even on their smart TVs at home. The website is very easy to understand and beginners can also download movies very easily and watch later.

Apart from movies, TV shows are also available on this website. TV shows are very popular these days, and since there are multiple seasons of several episodes each, people tend to binge-watch the shows, which means watching many episodes one after another.

5. Isaimini


This is a popular movies downloading platform which has different movies that people can watch as per their convenience. The movies are available in different languages from Hindi and English to local languages like Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada movies, and Marathi. For the local audience who wish to enjoy English movies in their local languages, they’re available in dubbed versions.

The movies are available in good quality and people can simply download and watch the movies later. The user interface of the platform is simple for great user experience, and any beginner can also download the movies quickly. The platform is absolutely free to use and anyone can download movies for personal use at any moment.

Since TV shows are very popular these days, Isaimini also brings to the audience a wide range of TV series for the entertainmentof people. The TV series have some exciting content, and since they are of longer duration, people prefer to watch several episodes at a time. Thus, they can download the complete season at once.

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1. How Many Resolution Formats Are Available?

As compared to various other websites available, formats available with the site are numerous: 420p, 720p, 1080p, HDRip, Bluray, DVDScr and DVDrip. All movies can be downloaded in a format that you wish to watch in. You can also choose a format based on the kind of video player you are using. For example, all formats might work well on your laptop, but not all might be suited for your phone. So you need to make a selection accordingly.

2. What File Size Of Films Are Available?

Different measurement of movies are available on the MP4Moviez. You can select any of these. Your internet speed and which device you’re downloading on might impact your decision. Make sure that you only select the measurement that can be downloaded quickly.

  • 300MB dimension videos
  • 400MB dimension videos
  • 600MB dimension videos
  • 1GB dimension videos
  • 2GB dimension videos
  • 4GB dimension videos

3. Is It Safe To Download Movies Online?

Well, yes and no both. It depends upon your method of doing it. If you are tech geek then you might be using piracy sites with privacy. It can be with the help of Nord VPN, Tor browser or anything that helps in anonymous surfing.

Since MP4Moviez is a website that makes pirated movies available for download, the main website domain might come under the scanner and be blocked by authorities. That’s why, there are a multiple other domains that people can use to access the website and its content. All the movies in various languages are available in all domains and viewers only have to find out the link that is working so that they can download movies easily.

The interface of all the domains is similar to each other and once you understand the website, you can download the movie from any of the domains.3

mp4moviez.vipmp4moviez.inmp4moviez.promp4moviez.fmmp4moviez.ccmp4moviez.memp4moviez.fump4moviez.nnmp4moviez.usmp4moviez.mlmp4moviez.cfmp4moviez.clmp4moviez.ccvmp4moviez.commp4moviez bizmp4moviez wsmp4moviez. memp4moviez hd

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The latest link sometimes might not work if the website is blocked within the region. In such scenario, you should try another link. This might happen over and over again and it is recommended that you should check with all links each time you discover that a link has been blocked.

Disclaimer (Important)

All the content written here is for educational purposes. We do not strive to break any rules and privacy policies. We do not help or promote pirated content in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and we consider it a serious offense. We aim to inform the people about this issue and leave on them to take charge.

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