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If your country is on lockdown, as it should be, you are likely either working from home or indulging in some of the traditional fervour of Netflix and Chill. And, if you have kept up with the viral trends around, you will likely know about “My Secret, Terrius” now.

This South Korean thriller web series that is available for free streaming on Netflix is something you would have never predicted. Conspiracy theories have been floating around that this series was successful enough to predict the incidence of the novel coronavirus pandemic that we are now suffering from.

The web series takes you through a roller coaster ride but it is the first episode of the 10th season, at exactly 53 minutes, the story tells you of things that have been exactly happening around the world now concerning the novel coronavirus. While the clip with that conspiracy theory has been circulating on all the social media platforms, things escalated when people starting joining the dots of the show to the ones that are happening in the current world. And the most striking part is the fact that this series was released in 2018.

My Secret Terrius Web Series


My Secret Terrius – Plot

If you look through the synopsis of the movies, it says, “A secret agent who detaches himself from the world after a failed operation tries to unravel the mystery behind a neighbour’s death.”

But, as usual, and cliche crime thriller as it might sound like, the actual story of this web series left people in a complete state of shock. If you thought the 2011 movie, Contagion seemed a lot similar to what is happening right now, watching “The Secret, Terrius” is going to leave you with your mind blown.

The part of the story that everyone has been raving about is the first episode of the tenth season, especially the 53rd minute of the episode.

In that part, we find a doctor handing over some of the documents to a pivotal character of the show stating that they need to conduct further research but the current reports suggest that it is likely a mutant version of the coronavirus.

When the character asks whether it is similar to MERS to which the doctors suggest that MERS, SARS and Coronavirus, they all fall into the common family but the coronavirus is responsible for attacking the respiratory system. During the 2015 MERS epidemic, the mortality rate was at 20% but the same has been tweaked and mutated in the coronavirus to an extent that it can stretch the mortality rate to a whopping 90%.

Just when these clips started surfacing on the streaming platform of Netflix, it started trending and took a spot among the highly searched options on Netflix.

Even though this is just a web series, the parallel similarities of the plotline behind this has left people in a state of complete shock. The kind of similar situations is equally worrying and at the same time, terrifying as well.

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My Secret, Terrius Plot

Star Cast And Crew of My Secret Terrius

If you are not into watching South Korean movies or shows, the faces of the cast would likely be new for you. But, don’t worry, we have sorted out some of the elite star cast in this movie that you need to know about.

  1. Seo Yi-Sook as Kwon Young Sil
  2. Jung Si-a as Bong Sun-Mi
  3. So Ji-sub as Kim Bon
  4. Son Ho-jun as Jin Yong-Tae
  5. Jung In-sun as Go Ae-Rin
  6. Im Se-mi as Yoo Ji-Yeon
  7. Kim Myeong-su as Moon Sung-soo
  8. Sung Soo as Ra Do-Woo
  9. Kim Yeo-jin as Shim Eun-Ha
  10. Uhm Hyo-Sup as Shim Woo-Cheol
  11. Kang Ki-young as Kim Sang-Ryeol

Characters of My Secret Terrius

1. Kwon Young Sil

Kwon Young Sil

2. Bong Sun-Mi

3. Kim Bon

4. Jin Yong-Tae

5. Go Ae-Rin

Go Ae rin

6. Yoo Ji-Yeon

7. Moon Sung-soo

8. Ra Do-Woo

9. Shim Eun-Ha

My Secret Terrius Shim Eun-Ha


10. Shim Woo-Cheol

The series has been directed by Sanghun Park and written by Ji-Young Oh. The series has been produced by Agnieszka Pajak. It was released back in 2018 and has 32 episodes in total.

More About My Secret Terrius Web Series

The genre of My Secret Terrius is a romantic-comedy mystery. The series was created by Kang Dae-sun. The series is written by Oh Ji-young. The director of the series is Park Sang-hun. It has a total 32 of episodes. The series was produced by Kang Dae-sun, Yoo Byung-Sul, Namkoong Sung-woo, and MBC.

Initially, it was released on MBC TV Network on 27 September 27 and ran up to 15 November 2018.

My Secret Terrius – Wach Worthy or Not?

Let’s be honest, nobody would have known about this series currently if it wasn’t for some Netflix users who disclosed the hidden gem. The series does have the traditional South Korean mix of murder, vengeance, and drama but what sets it apart from the other available options is the amazing coincidence to what is happening now.

It is worth the watch, after all, the 7.1 IMDB rating does live up to the standards. But, if you are not on the lookout for something that could further accelerate your anxiety surrounding the current situation, we would suggest that you refrain yourself from watching.

How to Download My Secret Terrius Web Series

My Secret, Terrius is available for you to stream online on Netflix. The one downside to this is the fact that it isn’t available in all countries, especially India. So, you can’t stream it online if you are in India. But, if you use Nord VPN, then you can tweak the same and might get access to the episodes with a Netflix account.

Here are the easy steps to download My Secret Terrius Web Series:

Step 1) Before we get started, we must mention that you’ll need a Netflix account to watch or download the My Secret Terrius web series. Now just open Netflix and login to your account.

Step 2) The list with pictures of multi-profiles will appear. Choose your profile.

Step 3) Now, you can navigate through categories or simply search the “My Secret Terrius” on the top.

Step 4) Click on the first result. If it shows unavailable to you, it means it’s not for your country. If you still want to access it, just download and connect to the Nord VPN.

Step 5) After connecting to the Nord VPN’s the USA server, just hit on the Refresh button in your browser. If you’re using the Netflix app, then close and re-open it quickly.

Step 6) Once it shows available and if you can see a play to watch My Secret Terrius, just navigate to episode 1 and start watching it.

How to Download My Secret Terrius Web Series or Watch Online?

You can watch My Secret Terrius Web Series online or Download Offline in Netflix App. Its available in Netflix Korea version. You can signup on Netflix app and search it. Since its available only in Korea you can use use Nord VPN to access it.

My Secret Terrius Web Series Leaked?

Yes Some of the websites like DownloadHub, KuttyMovies, and DVD Play etc might have leaked it and have made it available for download. Various anti piracy agency are working on to get the download disabled on all this sites.

Is My Secret Terrius Web Series available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and English?

Currently the show is available in Korean only but it does have subtitle in English. We have tried to contact Netflix asking if the show My Secret Terrius Web Series will be available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and English or not. We havent got any response yet. Once we get it we will update this post.

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