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Netanyahu Discharged From Hospital With Heart Monitor After Dizziness

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discharged from hospital with heart monitor after dizziness. Netanyahu was discharged from Sheba Medical Center after the hospital confirmed that comprehensive tests were conducted, revealing no abnormalities.

Cecilia Jones
Jul 17, 2023823 Shares102847 Views
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discharged from hospital with heart monitor after dizziness. Netanyahu was discharged from Sheba Medical Center after the hospital confirmed that comprehensive tests were conducted, revealing no abnormalities. However, as a precautionary measure, doctors implanted a heart monitoring device to closely monitor his health in the future.
According to the hospital's statement:
Our diagnosis, at the end of all the tests performed, including the laboratory tests, is that the reason for the hospitalization was dehydration.- A statement made by the Sheba Medical Center
According to Sheba Medical Center, Netanyahu's heart was found to be "completely normal" during a series of comprehensive and routine examinations. These examinations, conducted while he was fully conscious, included an electrical test of the heart, all of which yielded entirely normal results. The medical center confirmed that there were no concerns regarding the prime minister's cardiac health.
In the statement, Sheba Medical Center clarified that no heart arrhythmia was detected during the examinations. As per standard practice, the medical team decided to utilize a subcutaneous Holter device. The implantation of this medical device will enable the prime minister's dedicated medical team to continue monitoring his health closely on a regular basis.
Netanyahu, 73, had been admitted to the cardiology department of Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan since Saturday afternoon. Concerns were raised over the lack of transparency regarding his medical condition, as information was only being released by the hospital in coordination with the Prime Minister's Office or directly from the office itself. Unnamed officials within the political and medical systems expressed dissatisfaction with this lack of openness.
The hospitalization occurred after Netanyahu complained of dizziness, which he attributed to spending several hours under the sun on Friday during a severe heatwave across the country. A joint statement from his office and Sheba Medical Center confirmed his hospitalization for medical observation based on his doctors' recommendation.
In an early Saturday evening video statement from Sheba Medical Center's emergency room, Netanyahu reassured that he was feeling "very good" and undergoing further routine examinations. He explained that his dehydration occurred during a trip to the Sea of Galilee on Friday, where he had neglected to wear a hat and failed to consume water.

Netanyahu discharged from hospital after 1-night stay

On Saturday, Netanyahu was transported by convoy from his residence in Caesarea to the hospital. Reports stated that he was fully conscious and able to walk without assistance. Accompanied by his wife Sara and son Avner, Netanyahu received medical care at the hospital.
While news outlets like Haaretz and Walla mentioned that Netanyahu had lost consciousness at home, neither the prime minister's video statement nor Sheba's official announcement addressed this. Additionally, an unsourced report from Channel 12 News claimed that Netanyahu had experienced chest pains prior to his hospitalization.
Various political figures, including President Isaac Herzog and opposition leader Yair Lapid, expressed their good wishes for Netanyahu's health and a speedy recovery. US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy also tweeted, referring to Netanyahu as a fighter, and requested prayers for him and for Israel. The prime minister expressed gratitude for McCarthy's kind words, and prayers, and emphasized the friendship between their two nations.
Netanyahu tweeted saying:
I am feeling fine and ready to hit the ground running to continue strengthening the unbreakable bond between our two nations. Looking forward to see you again soon.- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Former US vice president Mike Pence also sent his good wishes, tweeting: “Praying for a swift recovery for my Friend and a Great Friend of America, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. G-d Bless Netanyahu.”
Unlike past instances where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu designated a ministerial colleague to temporarily fill in for him during trips abroad or scheduled medical procedures, he currently does not have a formal deputy. In January, when Netanyahu underwent a routine colonoscopy, Shas leader Aryeh Deri assumed his responsibilities temporarily. However, Deri was later removed from his ministerial positions by the High Court of Justice, citing his appointment as "unreasonable" under a judicial oversight law that the government seeks to limit.
Netanyahu currently leads a hardline Israeli coalition government, which has faced significant internal opposition due to proposed judicial reforms. Legislation aimed at curbing judicial scrutiny over political decisions, the first of its kind since a temporary halt in legislative efforts in March, is expected to progress through the committee stage and be enacted into law around July 23, coinciding with the Knesset's summer recess.
The proposed reforms have strained Israel's relationship with the United States, leading to President Joe Biden's decision not to invite Netanyahu to the White House and expressing concerns about Israeli democracy's future.
Additionally, Netanyahu is currently facing a lengthy corruption trial, with charges including fraud, breach of trust, and bribery. He vehemently denies all allegations, portraying himself as the target of a political witch hunt.


In October, Netanyahu experienced health issues during Yom Kippur synagogue services, leading to his hospitalization at Jerusalem's Shaare Zedek Medical Center. After undergoing examinations and remaining under observation overnight, he was released the following morning.
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