Netflix apparently used footage of a real train crash in their new movie “Death Note”
Netflix apparently used footage of a real train crash in their new movie “Death Note”

Netflix has been able to create a buzz for itself for a long period of time. This streaming service is one of the most popular streaming services in the global market. The reason why Netflix has been able to make a name for itself is that it has a great collection of shows and movies which people love to watch. For a long period of time, Netflix has been producing and creating content on its own. Most of the contents that Netflix has created over the years have been very much popular in their platform.

In the month of February 2010, two trains which carried hundreds of people collided outside Brussels. This train crash was one of the worst train crashes in the history of Belgium which ended up killing almost 19 people and injured a lot of people. Almost 10 years after the train crash, all the victims of the crash were given a reminder of the crash with footage that apparently Netflix used in their latest movie called “Death Note” which is a story of a fictional train crash.

A lot of people who were somehow affected by the train crash 10 years ago are very furious because Netflix used a real video of the train crash. According to victims, it is not a pleasant experience when you simply sit to watch something entertaining and you end up watching a video of the train crash, which you were actually a part of.

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The Belgium newspaper has come out and interviewed a few of the people who were the victims of the crash about the movie on Netflix and none of them were really happy about the situation. According to Netflix, the train crash story is a fictional movie, but all the survivors are sure that the footage that Netflix has used is from the 2010 crash outside Brussels.

This is not the first time that something like this is happening. Previously, live footage of different accidents or attacks have been used in different movies. People have always had mixed feelings about all the use of original videos in movies. The producer of the movie has come out and apologized to the people who have felt offended and he has also said that they will try to remove the video from the movie so that victims of the 2010 attack feel comfortable.

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