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Netizens say these are the 10 albums each Okay-pop fan ought to personal


A recently viral community forum post has netizens in settlement after itemizing the 10 albums that each Okay-pop fan will need to have of their music assortment.

These are the 10 albums:

1. ‘Web optimization Taiji and the Boys’ – Web optimization Taiji and the Boys (1992)

2. ‘To Anybody’ – 2NE1 (2010)

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  • ‘Fashionable Instances’ – IU (2013)
  • ‘Fundamental’ – Brown Eyed Ladies (2015)

5. ‘130 Temper : TRBL’ – DEAN (2016)

6. ‘Younger Without end’ – BTS (2016)

  • ‘1 of 1’– SHINee (2016)

8. ‘Dawn’ – DAY6 (2017)

9. ‘THE WAR’ – EXO (2017)

10. ‘The Good Purple Velvet’ – Purple Velvet (2017)

Netizens commented on the viral publish:

“OMG my music tastes are precisely the identical. That is so cool.”

“DAY6 is on right here! I’ll cry.”

“I agree with Brown Eyed Ladies being on right here.”

“There are such a lot of songs from right here that I like.”

*“There is not any BIGBANG?”*

“Web optimization Taiji is acknowledged for certain.”

Is your favourite album on right here? If not, what album would you wish to see added to the record?

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