Bitmap Books, writer of outstanding tomes full of gaming background and pixel art, is gearing up for its launch of the most recent publication in its own”Visual Compendium” series. Atari 2600/7800: A Visual Compendium covers Atari’s game console background in its lowest and highest points.

The Atari 2600 has been the very first video game console to control American living rooms. The luminous and glowing images of its matches are burned into the minds of individuals who played with them. We barely even require an art publication to remember scenes such as this:

Or this:

For elderly people like me, that the 528-page volume is going to be a trip down memory lane. I hope to say”Oh, I remember this one” a whole lot. I plan on calling my disinterested kids over and telling them stories until they get tired and return to watching YouTube. “Hey, kids! Come read about back when Activision was not only producing Call of Duty!”

For gamesters not quite as early as I, Atari 2600/7800: A Visual Compendium may function as a learning instrument, or even a paper-based museum. They see gambling as it was if the matches were great but maybe not so good that we could not pull ourselves away to go build tree plantations.

Then there is the 7800 aspect of things. That is a small puzzle to me. My father bought an Atari 5200, the machine involving the 2600 and 7800, however from the time the 7800 published in 1984 my mom moved us throughout the nation with her husband, along with my Atari days were finished.

Therefore I don’t have any idea what Alien Brigade is.

Or Desert Falcon.

Boy, those Atari 7800 programmers enjoyed orange, did not they?

I am excited about learning more about both methods when Atari 2600/7800: A Visual Compendium starts in April. Preorders are available currently at Bitmap Books, together with hardcover, softcover, and limited edition copies heading for #24. 99, #29. 99, and Number 49. 99 respectively. That is $approximately $32, $40, and $65 in American dollars, which sounds a nice price for an over 500-page publication. Plus they comprise a PDF copy, so collectors may simply put in on a shelf and stare at it appreciatively.

Flip through the gallery below to get a complete group of pages.