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SRL Betting: The New Way To Enjoy Cricket


Betting on matches has always been one of the ways sports fans do to express their support. With the advancement of technology, betting sites now have a new way to bet on sports: Simulated Reality League (SRL) betting.

SRL is a computer-generated game that uses real-world data to create virtual simulations of sporting events. Like real games, SRL matches follow legitimate leagues’ schedules and kickoff times worldwide.

Cricket, as one of the biggest sports with over 2 billion fans worldwide, is one of the sports that can be simulated using SRL. Today, punters worldwide can place bets on SRL in India even during the off-season, when the actual game has been suspended or the league is on break.

Getting to Know SRL

SRL is a product of computer graphics that simulate an actual sports game, aiming to provide users with the most immersive experience.

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After the technology collects the necessary data, artificial intelligence and cutting-edge graphics are used to create a computer simulation of the game. Fans can bet on the outcome of matches that have already happened or predict the results of future matches.

However, instead of using the actual results of games, winners in SRL matches are determined using data from a series of hundreds of previous matches.

Besides match statistics, SRL collects other data like player transfers, loans, and drafts. For example, if a high-value player like Cheteshwar Pujara has been transferred to a different team in the past 200 games, this will affect the SRL outcomes. His statistics will be transferred to the new team and used to generate more accurate data.

The most sophisticated SRL software goes one step further and uses factors like team chemistry to refine the data.

Betting on SRL Cricket Leagues

Multiple SRL cricket leagues are available in India, such as Indian Premier League SRL (Premier League SRL), Big Bash League SRL, and Super Sixes SRL.

The IPL Simulated Reality League (Premier League SRL) is a simulated version of the famous yearly cricket tournament. It uses an algorithm based on years of statistical IPL data to create digital versions of the IPL teams. Just like with real IPL matches, fans can bet on these simulated teams in an attempt to predict the outcome of games.

Big Bash League SRL works similarly to Premier League SRL, only it simulates the renowned Australian Big Bash League. Both live and pre-match bets are available for betting.

The Super Sixes game is currently the only international cricket championship simulated virtually in SRL cricket. It currently includes the following countries: England, India, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Apart from these three, there are also T20 International SRL, Pakistan Super League SRL, and SA T20 League SRL.

The SRL cricket format is also similar to the real IPL championship. It follows the T20 format, meaning all simulated games are T20 matches with a maximum of 20 overs per team. However, one key difference is that an actual T20 match typically lasts for three hours, while an SRL match lasts two hours. This can be a major time-saver for fans who enjoy cricket matches but do not have plenty of time to spare.

Its similar format makes SRL games grow in popularity among the online sports betting community, especially those familiar with cricket betting. Many platforms are now adopting this trend. Typically, punters can choose between betting on the outcome of the match and in-play bets.

You can even bet on SRL with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Sportsbet.io, for example, allows punters to use popular tokens like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and more to make deposits and withdrawals virtually in real time. This is a more convenient and secure way to bet on SRL cricket matches than traditional methods such as credit cards or wire transfers.

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