A Newsen ‘Blind Item’ report relating to a woman group member has made its strategy to the web lately.

The blind report referred to as the woman group member a “dummy” and referred to her as “F.” The woman group member apparently succeeded in bringing her boyfriend together with her on her group’s worldwide occasion that befell in the beginning of this yr. Nevertheless, on the day of the departure for the abroad occasion, her boyfriend forgot his passport, and “F” insisted that she should trip on the identical airplane as him, inflicting a lot bother for her company. The company ended up altering her flight tickets 13 instances from the debacle, which price the company ten instances that of the unique airplane ticket value (500,000 KRW, $400). The woman group member apparently missed rehearsal as nicely as a result of she arrived late. 

Whereas different members had been in rehearsals, “F” apparently uploaded photos to her SNS of the unique location, resulting in resentment from the organizers of the occasion. Sadly, attributable to F’s actions, the group was not capable of obtain their full efficiency price attributable to breach of contract. 

What do you make of this blind merchandise report?