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When you are the spouse of someone as famous as Dj Khaled, you are bound to be famous too. Nicole Tuck is an American woman who was born on 7th December 1975. She is mainly known as her hubby’s manager, but an unofficial one.

There is not enough info available about her on the net, but we have tried to gather as many facts as we could about here. If you wish to know a bit more about DJ Khaled’s wife Nicole Tuck, you should give this article a read.

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Nicole Tuck Wikipedia

1Nicole Tuck Real NameNicole Novacane Tuck
2Nicole Tuck Date of Birth 7 December 1975
3Nicole Tuck Age Age as of November 202044 years 1 Month
4Nicole Tuck GenderFemale
5Nicole Tuck Height5' 7"
6Nicole Tuck Weight65 KG
7Nicole Tuck Eye ColorBlack
8Nicole Tuck Hair ColorLight Brown
9Nicole Tuck NationalityAmerican
10Nicole Tuck HometownNew York, USA
11Nicole Tuck Zodiac SignSagittarius
12Nicole Tuck QualificationBBM from Fordham University (2005)
13Nicole Tuck Marital StatusMarried
14Nicole Tuck EthnicityNon-Vegetarian
15Nicole Tuck ProfessionBusinessperson
16Nicole Tuck PartnerDJ Khaled
17Nicole Tuck Income~$5 Million Per year
18Nicole Tuck Net worth$15 Million

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Nicole Tuck Facts to Know

Here are some facts about Nicole Tuck Biography that you would like to know:

1. They met before Dj Khaled was famous

Nicole met Dj Khaled at a time when he was not as famous as he is today. They met in the 90s and it’s been more than 11 years that they are together now. They make a happy couple and also have a son together.

2. She has her own business

Many of you would assume that she is dependent on Dj Khaled. But that’s not true. She started her own ABU apparel business in 2011. It may not have been as successful as she thought it would be, but at least she tried.

3. They have a son together

nicole tuck family

Like we mentioned before, Nicole and Dj Khaled have a son together named Asahd Tuck Khaled. He was born in 2016. He is a cute kid and can be often spotted in the media with his parents. Just so you know the couple already have another one coming.

4. They got engaged in 2016

Although the couple met in the 90s, they got engaged just four years back in 2016. This was the year when Dj Khaled popped the question to his lady love. He proposed to her just before their son was born.

5. Nicole uploaded her labour video on Snapchat

Yes, you read that right. Dj Khaled recorded Nicole’s labour video and shared it with his fans on Snapchat. The recording starts just a few minutes before she pushes his son out in the world. This moment was witnessed by millions of fans on his social media profile.

6. They may have got married secretly

All we know is that Dj Khaled proposed to her in 2016. But no one knows or has any knowledge of the couple ever got married. Looking at their current lives, we think that the couple may have got married secretly after their engagement in 2016. However, there are no media reports or photos of the same.

7. Her hubby was the brand ambassador of her clothing line

ABU Apparel was established by Nicole in 2011. In case, you didn’t know she had her husband as the brand ambassador for her clothing line. This helped her boost sales. However, she failed to maintain the sales later.

8. Nicole Tuck Husband: She is taller than him

This is something that the couples cannot hide like they hid their marriage. The difference in their height can be seen and we don’t mind that at all. Nicole is 5 ft 7 inches tall, whereas Dj Khaled is just 5 ft 5 inches. Despite the height difference, they both look good together. After all, it’s the love that matters and not the height.

9. They have their birthdays only a few days apart

There is no doubt that Nicole and Dj Khaled are made for each other. Even their birthdays are just a few days apart. In 2018, the couple celebrated their birthdays on the same day. What we mean is that they shared their birthday party. The couple received watches worth $159K.

10. She is a fitness freak

Dj Khaled may not be a fitness enthusiast, but his wife is. You can often see Dj Khaled commenting on his wife’s workout routines. Well, we have to say that her workout routine has paid off as she looks great even in her late 40s. she is introvert and you won’t find much Nicole Tuck news these days on the internet.

11. She drives a Bentley

Nicole has a Bentley of her own which is worth $70,000. that is not even the full worth of Nicole tuck in 2020.

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Nicole Tuck latest Pics & Instagram updates

Here we can find the below listed Nicole tuck images and some of her social media updates. you can follow her Instagram account to get updated with her personal life.

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FAQs about Nicole Tuck 2020

1. Who is Nicole Tuck?

Nicole Tuck is the one and only wife of famous American DJ “Khaled”. and she is known as the unofficial manager of her husband and coming to her personal life it’s not much is known before meeting DJ Khaled.

2. Who is DJ Khaled married to?

Khaled met his life partner for the first time in the 1990s and also got married to her only. this 44-year-old singer and his wife, Nicole, 44 have been together for more than 11 years till now leading a happy life.

3. How old is Nicole Tuck?

Celebrity Nicole tuck was born on 7 December 1975 and as of today, she is 44 years old which is the same for her husband. you can read more about her personal life in this article above.

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Nicole Tuck and Dj Khaled make a great couple. They have been together for a long time and are perfect for each other without any problems. and this year they even had a second baby boy. After this article, you know Dj Khaled’s better half.

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