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Nikane Madeira - A Canadian Rapper From Toronto


Rapper Nikane Madeira is from Canada. He still hasn't done anything to further the rap genre. He is thus well known as Kiana Madeira's brother.

Quick Facts About Nikane Madeira

Full NameNikane Madeira
Birth DateMarch 2
Birth NameNikane Madeira
Other NameEfflo Tu
Birth CityToronto
Birth CountryCanada
Gender IdentityMale
Marital StatusSingle
SiblingsKiana Maderia, Kyla Madeira

Nikane Madeira’s Early Life

He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His family has practiced Christianity. Unfortunately, he has never been told anything about his parents since they have remained hidden. The same may be said about his two siblings, Kyla and Kiana Madeira. Regarding his academic background, he must be highly educated, but he has not yet provided any information.

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Although Nikane Madeira is Canadian, he is of mixed heritage. His forefathers hail from several nations. He has a mix of Portuguese, First Nations, Irish, and African-American ancestry. His mother gave him his First Nations, Irish, and Black ancestry, while his father gave him his Portuguese.

Personal Life Of Nikane Madeira

Nikane Madeira is an extremely secretive individual who has never shared any information about his personal life. similar to how the famous brother has been living his life, privately. In addition, his sister has been dating a man in her personal life.

His sister seems to be in a serious relationship. Additionally, none of the siblings have been involved in any rumors or scandals of any type.

Nikane Madeira With His Girlfriend Having A Good Time
Nikane Madeira With His Girlfriend Having A Good Time

The Career And Professional Life Of His Sister

At the age of barely five, the actress started performing. Kiana Madeira's parents assisted her in signing a contract with an agency when she was only ten years old.She began holding auditions around the same time as well.

The actress was cast in the Canadian television series "Little Mosque on the Prairie" in 2007. After seeing his 1978 movie "Grease," she was inspired to become an actress like John Travolta. She had her debut role as Rachel in the movie Spy: Blog Wars in 2010.

She was 26 years old at the time. She then appeared in the TV show "Really Me" as Julia Wilson. However, the actress gained further notoriety after landing the part of Sierra in the 2015 film "Bad Hair Day."

The Swap and the Macdonald Hall film trilogy were two of the movies she appeared in during this time. The actress then joined the SyFy network, where she was cast in a number of films and television programs, including "Dark Matter" and "Wynona Earp."

In addition, the actress played the role of Angel Trujillo in the 2018 Facebook Watch series "Sacred Lies." She played the role of Moe Truax in the 2019 season of Netflix's Trinkets web series. Odiseas Georgiadis as Noah Simos, Dana Green as Jenna Block, Quintessa Swindell as Tabitha Foster, October Moore as Vicky Truax, and Brandon Butler as Brady Finch are some of the other famous people that appear in the same episode.

His Sister’s Dating Life

Lovell Adams-Gray and Kiana Maderia have been in a passionate relationship. Loved by him, Kiana Madeira remained at his side through good and difficult times. The pair met in 2016, and they started dating in January 2017.

They've been dating for more than four years. The fact that both the actress and her lover, Lovell Adams-Gray, are religious suggests that this was probably where their relationship began.

Both are accomplished actors four years later, and their romance doesn't seem to be waning any time soon. When they first met in 2016, Lovell posted a picture of her on Instagram as part of the Women Crush Wednesday event and referred to her as an inspiration. But when the pair made their relationship public on January 2, 2017, their friendship developed into something more.

Their Instagram became a site of mutual appreciation not long after they started dating. Everyone was able to see how much the pair loved one another. Wedding bells have not yet rung, but it seems like the lovely pair will exchange vows soon. They have been together for more than four years, and they have been engaged for one year.

Nikane Madeira’s Career

Nikane is a rapper, as was already said. Although he may not yet have much influence among hip-hop fans, his career is booming. He goes by Efflo Tu in the hip-hop scene. Nikane hasn't released any music in a while. He also deactivated his Instagram account. No one is aware of his current activities since he has cut off communication with the media.

Physical Appearance Of Nikane Madeira’s Sister Kiana

She even has a light skin tone, lovely brown eyes, and long, dark brown hair. Her breasts are 32 inches in diameter, her waist is 24 inches, and her hips are 32 inches in diameter. She also has a lovely face, curly hair, and a slender body type.

Nikane Madeira’s Social Media

He doesn't seem to be active on any social networking sites. In order to avoid the spotlight, there's a good probability he avoids social media.

Net Worth Of Nikane Madeira

Rapper Nikane Madeira has been recording songs for a while. He is still developing, so it will take time for him to become very wealthy. He has a far lower net worth than some of the most well-known rappers. His estimated current net worth is $50,000 or less.

In terms of his sister's wealth, Kiana Madeira has a net worth of $1 million. The majority of her net worth was accumulated throughout her fruitful ten-year Hollywood career. Kiana is only just starting off in her career. In the next few years, she'll be making several additions.

People Also Ask

What Is The Religion Of Nikane Madeira?

He is a Christian.

What Is The Nationality Of Nikane Madeira?

He is a citizen of Canada.

Why Nikane Madeira Is Famous?

He is well known because of his sister, Kiana Madeira.


As the brother of model and actress Kiana Madeira, Nikane Madeira has international fame. Kiana Madeira has made appearances in several movies and TV programs, including Bad Hair Day. We wish him the best of luck and hope that he will be successful in the future.

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