Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty)

21 year-old Ryan Hernandez plead guilty last week to fees linked to this 2016 theft of”confidential Nintendo documents linked to its games and consoles”. When his home has been raided by the FBI this past year, however, they also discovered”over a million videos and pictures of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.”

Hernandez was initially captured in 2017, after he and a buddy got hold of a Nintendo worker’s”credentials”, which as this US Attorney’s Office report states permit them download”stolen data, such as pre-release info concerning the expected Nintendo Switch console”, which will afterwards be leaked into the public before this program’s launch.

The FBI turned into Hernandez’s home in October 2017, also facing the two representatives along with his parents that he”promised to prevent any further malicious action and confirmed he knew the consequences of any upcoming hacking”.

annually later though he had been back ,”hacking to several Nintendo servers and stealing confidential advice regarding different popular video games, gaming consoles, and programmer tools”. Hernandez was publicly bragging about it on platforms like Twitter, and conducted a Discord referred to as”Ryan’s Underground Hangout” at which”others and he discussed Nintendo goods and shared info about potential Nintendo network vulnerabilities, and he shared a few of the confidential data he’d stolen”.

This caused a raid in June 2019 on Hernandez’s house, in which the FBI not just discovered storage containing”tens of thousands of confidential Nintendo documents” and hardware used to play pirated games, but also proof that he had a significant group of child porn”piled in a folder that he tagged’Bad Stuff. ”’

Since Hernandez plead guilty to the Nintendo-related and child porn charges–both national offenses –prosecutors and his defence lawyers are advocating that he spend three years in prison. He can, however, serve around 25 years when the judge sees fit, provided the size of the possession of child porn charges.

He’s consented to pay $259,323 into Nintendo, and will now have to register as a sex offender.