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Nioh 2 Tips For Newcomers

Nioh 2 Tips For Newcomers

Nioh 2 is a implausible sport, nevertheless it’s onerous as hell, and for those who’re new to the collection it may be daunting. Listed below are a handful of very fundamental ideas that will help you out for those who’re a fresh-faced new participant. R.T.F.M. Look, I do know it sounds mundane, however do the

Hilda Workman
Mar 19, 2020

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Nioh 2 is a implausible sport, nevertheless it’s onerous as hell, and for those who’re new to the collection it may be daunting. Listed below are a handful of very fundamental ideas that will help you out for those who’re a fresh-faced new participant.


Look, I do know it sounds mundane, however do the dojo and tutorial missions. Nioh 2 simply kinda throws you into the combination with little or no rationalization, and doing these ranges will make all of the distinction. Extra importantly, dojo missions will ultimately offer you objects that offer you talent factors. And for those who miss one thing, you possibly can learn particular person ideas within the Amrita Reminiscences part within the menu.

Wolf it Up

Once you begin Nioh 2, you’ll be given the selection of three guardian spirits, every of which makes use of a special Yokai kind. Every kind affords a very totally different and legitimate playstyle, however for a complete newbie I’d advocate the wolf, Makami, which makes use of the Brute Yokai kind. The Brute kind is large and direct and doesn’t require the finesse of the Feral or Phantom varieties.

Weapon Mastery

Nioh 2 is about experimentation, and there are tons of weapon varieties, every of which scales to a special stat. I’m an enormous fan of weapons like the huge Odachi and the difficult Kusarigama, however my favourite are the twin hatchets. What makes the hatchets interesting is that they are often thrown by holding down the Triangle button, turning them right into a medium-short vary projectile. This may be very helpful for those who’re taking part in conservatively and are working up towards a wall. They’re additionally simply extremely highly effective. That mentioned, experiment with different weapons! The Kusarigama, for instance, is implausible for those who’re the type of participant who loves making use of standing results like poison. Discover out what weapon works for you and construct round that.

Spend Your Talent Factors

Nioh 2 has a talent level system not dissimilar to Ultimate Fantasy X’s Sphere Grid system. You achieve factors in a tree through the use of that weapon or talent, and talent development will be checked within the Standing submenu. Be sure to spend these factors, and tailor your picks to your playstyle.

Ki Pulses

Your ki (what Nioh 2 calls stamina) is commonly the figuring out consider victory. In case you or an enemy runs out of ki, you’re useless within the water and liable to deadly grapples and closing blows. Not solely do it’s important to watch your ki, you additionally need to learn to correctly execute a ki pulse. You do that primarily by urgent R1 when the ki particles return to your physique following an assault. Not solely will this restore a major quantity of ki, nevertheless it’s additionally important for purifying the darkish Yokai realm that Yokai enemies will emit. I’d additionally extremely advocate getting the Operating Water and Flux abilities within the samurai talent tree ASAP. They make it in an effort to execute a ki pulse by dodging and switching weapon stances. Finally you must also work your approach to getting Flash Assault after flux, which provides an assault to a profitable weapon swap ki pulse.

Burst Metropolis

The Burst Counter is an important mechanic within the sport. In case you see an enemy glow purple, meaning they’re about to unleash a burst assault. Urgent R2 and Circle will unleash a counter that may allow you to disrupt them, doing huge ki injury and normally leaving them weak.

A Grave Matter

Whereas taking part in Nioh 2, you’ll come throughout each bloody and benevolent graves. Bloody graves will summon a revenant of a participant to combat towards, whereas benevolent graves will summon an analogous NPC to help you. Farming bloody graves is clutch, because the ghosts of gamers drop not solely unique high quality gear, but additionally Ochoko cups, that are required for summoning NPCs and different gamers to your sport on the shrine. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for assist, but additionally don’t over-rely on the mechanic. Finally, you’re going to need to study to play the sport by yourself, and typically summoning could make you miss the nuance in how a boss combat works.

You’re A Wizard

Magic isn’t only for wizards and goths anymore. Even for those who’re not specializing in magic, you must think about grabbing the 4 fundamental talisman abilities (hearth, water, lightning, and purity) for additional injury towards bosses. Ideally, attempt to get sloth, metal and barrier talismans too. Sloth slows down enemies, metal will increase your protection, and barrier talismans significantly improve your ki regeneration. The extra you utilize magic, the higher you’ll get at it, identical as ninjitsu.

Kodama Pawn Stars

Promote spare objects to the kodama at shrines. You need to use the rice they provide you to purchase elixirs and different objects. It additionally provides you amrita (souls). Have to stage up however you’re simply shy of the mark? Promote objects. You’ll get souls, which can aid you stage up, in addition to presents and forex to spend later.

Lock It Down

For sooner promoting, “lock” the objects you wish to hold in your stock after which hit R2 to “examine all.” This lets you choose every little thing you haven’t locked and promote it in a single big batch. It simply saves time.

The Status

One thing Nioh 2 takes from its predecessor is poorly explaining how status works. The lengthy and quick: simply by taking part in the sport and doing sure duties, you’re going to get Ungyo and Agyo titles that may be spent on status factors. These are mainly free upgrades that exist within the “titles” menu. Don’t forget to spend these factors; it’s free actual property.

These are some tiny child starter ideas to assist a fully newbie get began in Nioh 2. We might clearly go deeper on this topic, however since Nioh 2 is such a wealthy sport, we’d be right here all day. Take a look at Heather’s evaluation for extra. And take a look at to not die an excessive amount of.

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