Photo: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic (Getty Images)

Noah Centineo immediately became the resident heartthrob over at Netflix, starring at adolescent rom-coms such as To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Sierra Burgess Can Be A Loser, also The Perfect Date. This week that the sequel to To All The Boys has fallen (P.S. I Love You), therefore Centineo is doing the promotional rounds including a cover story for Harper’s Bazaar which includes cringey modifiers such as”a celebrity first, and also a thirst snare next” and”his voice, delicate as denim although husky with a cold”

as soon as you wade through all those descriptions, you understand that Centineo recently shaved his head, exposing a scar that he got in age 6 in a trampoline accident; he is relationship supermodel Alexis Ren; also he is sober. He informs HB he has been”to the past few years, after a crazy period that began when he had been 17 and stopped the day ahead of his 21st birthday. Back thenhe and his team were roving the celebration scene. ‘There is a syndicate of, for example, 500 to 1,000 children in the amusement industry which are trying to create it appropriate today that they all perform Monday to Monday is celebration nightly. ”’ Even though Centineo’s own partying more closely resembled taking”Molly and discuss five hours and enjoy get to the underside of some quite intensely philosophical existential concerns,” he states within those couple of decades, he attempted”Everything. There was not really much I would not do. I neverinjected anything, that is great. I smoked a great deal of things. I was very mad, guy. It was a very dark period in my entire life,” because he was dealing with his parents’ divorce by several years’ past.

Nowadays his habits luckily demand healthy pastimes:”I enjoy bathrooms. I enjoy meditation. I enjoy journaling,” albeit with”plenty of freaking out,” as he begs for the remainder of his profession. “I need to do films that fuck up you, cerebral movies… the kind where you can not sleep afterwards,” he says, a far cry from the To All The Boys movies. Discover more about the young guy HB has dubbed”over the Internet’s Boyfriend” over at Harper’s Bazaar.