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Is Mining With The NVIDIA Tesla T4 16GB Mining Hashrate Possible?


As a result of the growth of ASIC-resistant altcoins, GPU mining is on the rise. As a result, miners of all sizes are on the lookout for high-performance GPUs capable of mining their coins profitably.

Let's examine how well the NVIDIA Tesla T4 16GB mining hashrate performs.

Specifications Of The NVIDIA Tesla T4 16GB

  • Turing Tensor Cores: 320
  • NVIDIA CUDA® Cores: 2,560
  • Single Precision Performance (FP32): 8.1 TFLOPS
  • Mixes Precision (FP16/FP32): 65 FP16 TFLOPS
  • INT8 Precision: 130 INT8 TOPS
  • INT4 Precision: 260 INT4 TOPS


COPYRIGHT_BP: Published on https://bingepost.com/nvidia-tesla-t4-16gb-mining-hashrate/ by Kelvin Farr on 2022-10-25T07:22:25.843Z

  • GEN3: x16 PCIe


  • Capacity: 16 GB GDDR6
  • Bandwidth: 320+ GB/s
  • Power Consumption: 70 watts

Mining Hashrate Of NVIDIA Tesla T4 16GB For Each Algorithm (Power Consumption 65 Watts/Hour)

  • DaggerHashimoto [ EtHash : (ETH) & (ETC) ] Ethereum Mining Hashrate : 30 MH/s

TESLA T4 vs RTX 2070 | Deep learning benchmark 2019

For the first time in cryptocurrency mining history, NVIDIA enterprise-class GPUs are now supported! NiceHash QuickMiner fully supports all Quadro and Tesla GPUs.

With a few clicks, you can monetize your idle time if you have a powerful workstation or a server equipped with Tesla or Quadro graphics cards.

Most importantly, NiceHash QuickMiner is secure, which eliminates the need to worry about unscrupulous unsigned third-party miners.

Large-Scale Mining With NiceHash QuickMiner

Which Enterprise Cards Are Supported By NiceHash QuickMiner?

NiceHash conducted an evaluation and created a one-click optimization profile for the following cards:

  • Tesla A100
  • Tesla A40
  • Tesla T4
  • Tesla P40
  • Quadro GP100
  • Quadro P2200
  • Quadro RTX 4000
  • Quadro RTX 8000
  • RTX A5000

NiceHash QuickMiner includes an incredible feature that will save you a significant amount of time and effort when tuning your graphics cards for mining!

When your rig shows up in Rig Manager (and is running NiceHash QuickMiner), you can immediately optimize its mining performance by clicking the OPTIMIZE button and then selecting one of the following options:

  • Manual: This is the default setting; nothing is altered. NiceHash QuickMiner is not a GPU manager.
  • Lite: Only minor optimization is performed.
  • Moderate: Moderate optimization is used.
  • High: high optimization is used.
  • Efficient: Optimization is carried out efficiently.
  • Efficient low: Use a lower clock speed than the Efficient profile if the Efficient profile is unstable.

NiceHash QuickMiner offers an excellent tool that will significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to optimize your graphics cards for mining!

When your rig appears in Rig Manager (and is running NiceHash QuickMiner), you may optimize its mining performance instantly by clicking the OPTIMIZE button and then selecting one of the following options:

This is the default configuration; nothing has been changed. QuickMiner by NiceHash is not a GPU manager. Lite: Only a few modest optimizations are made. Moderate: A moderate level of optimization is employed. Extremely high: extensive optimization is employed. Efficient: Optimization is accomplished in a timely manner. Use efficient low if the efficient profile is not constant.

The optimization feature is supported on the GTX 1000 series, RTX 2000 series, RTX 3000 series, GTX 1660, GTX 1660 Ti, GTX 1660 Super, and TITAN V graphics cards. Please keep in mind that we are constantly working to improve these enhancements, which necessitates rigorous testing and evaluation of performance. Our statistics will almost certainly improve in the near future, providing you with more performance and efficiency. Simply restart NiceHash QuickMiner to apply the most recent optimization to your GPU. Additionally, you can view the most recently utilized raw data. Optimization at a moderate level may not be acceptable for all cards. Lite is optimized to run on 99.9% of all video cards.

The optimization technique overclocks your graphics card, which means it runs at speeds higher than those specified by NVIDIA. This indicates that the stability of your card may have been compromised. It is strongly advised that you begin with Lite optimization and give it a day's worth of testing. If everything appears to be functioning normally, you can try Medium. Additionally, do not enable Autostart with Windows until all optimizations are complete. As a result of NiceHash QuickMiner's initial overclocking, you may become locked in an endless restart loop, which may result in an abrupt system crash if the clocks are set too high for your machine. Disconnecting the Internet connection while the rig boots may be beneficial in this circumstance, as the excavator cannot mine until data from the servers is received.

Additionally, refrain from using MSI Afterburner. NiceHash QuickMiner includes all the necessary components. The MSI Afterburner can only modify QuickMiner's parameters, and the ensuing behavior can be quite surprising.

Prior to using the Optimize button, ensure that you have not configured Force P0 for Cuda. Memory overclocking will almost probably be enabled in this case, resulting in a system crash.

Optimize was designed to be a complete solution. This implies that after installing Windows 10, you will require no other tools or applications other than NVIDIA drivers and NiceHash QuickMiner.

Is Tesla T4 Good For Mining?

They are not particularly well-suited for mining and certainly are not among the most popular GPUs. However, certain Nvidia Tesla graphics cards have mining capability. If you already own a Tesla GPU and intend to mine, you must first check to see if it is supported.

If you conduct an online search, you will come across a wealth of conflicting opinions regarding the usefulness of Tesla GPUs for crypto coin mining.

The reality is that some of the early Tesla series GPUs are simply not capable.

The Bottom Line

Tesla GPUs are not optimal for mining.

They are an outstanding source of information for data scientists. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a mining setup, you may want to consider other types of GPUs, such as CMP GPUs (Cryptocurrency Mining Processors). As long as a sizable number of crypto coins remain resistant to ASIC mining, GPU miners will continue to have plenty of opportunities.

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