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Online Activities for College Students During Lockdown


How is your lockdown going? If you’re like most students, you’ve found lockdown to be frustrating and boring. The coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines have put a damper on college life. After a series of outbreaks tied to college parties, colleges and universities have begun taking a firmer hand in restricting how students gather and socialize on campus. Many schools have gone to online-only instruction, and this has seriously limited the amount of fun that students like you have while self-isolating at home or in locked-down dormitories. So, what is a student to do to keep busy, active, and engaged during the latest lockdown? In this article, we’ll look at some terrific online activities that can help keep college students learning and living their lives during the lockdown.

How To Spend Lockdown When You Are A College Student

  • Collaborative Playlists.Students feel connected when they are working together. Setting up a shared playlist for a class, a team, a club, or an activity and asking each student to contribute a song is a great way to help students feel like they are part of a bigger group.
  • Virtual Dance Parties.Break up boring classes or endless Zoom lectures with quick one-minute dance-offs in which students dance to a song of the day or one of the playlists they worked together to create. These quick breaks can help student get out some of their energy and refocus on the work at hand.
  • Group Watch Parties.Gather students together to watch a movie that is streaming for free on an online service and set up a group chat or video discussion to share thoughts about the film. Watching together can help students feel more connected.
  • Video of the Day.Get your group of friends together to share a YouTube video of the day. Everybody takes a turn, and everyone else watches the video. Seeing what other people pick can be a great way to learn about others and bond with them.
  • Improv Games.Video conferencing services like Zoom and Teams can be a great way to play improv gameswith classmates and friends. With a little creativity, you can play a virtual version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?You can also play other party games like charades, Pictionary, etc. using the same technique. Anything fun will do!
  • Door Decoration Tutorials.Your dorm may not have in-person floor meetings, but your RA can still host virtual floor meetings. One great idea is to host a door decoration tutorial night where your RA demonstrates crafts and projects that can help turn a dorm door into a work of art.
  • Hobby Show-and-Tell Webinars.Students have interesting hobbies and a wide variety of interests. Consider sharing your hobby with friends and classmates in a webinar and have your friends and classmates take turns sharing their own. You’ll all learn something new!
  • Pet Photo Competition.Everyone loves a cute animal photo. Students can share their best pet photos on social media with a dedicated school, class, team, or group hashtag and then vote a winner to crown the group’s best pet photo.
  • Trivia Competitions.Many online services allow for real-time quizzes, games, and trivia competitions. Professors can host an online trivia night for students to compete to answer questions about course content. Friends can get together to create fun and wacky quiz ideas and then let the winner choose the next day’s competition topic.
  • TikTok Competition.Host a virtual film festival by challenging classmates or friends to produce their best TikTok videos and then share them with the group. Have everyone dress up in bowties and evening wear, get the popcorn and have fun at a virtual premiere party. Offer Academy Award-style prizes for achievement in silly categories of your choosing.

Virtual activities are a great way to feel connected and stay in touch with friends and classmates during the lockdown. But schoolwork is important, too. With quarantines and lockdowns facts of life, many students are finding it difficult to focus on the dull parts of online schooling, particularly the growing number of essays students are asked to write as more as classwork goes online.

Get Your Assignments Done To Have Time For Leisure

It is very fun to read about all the things you can do during the lockdown, but we also didn’t forget about the fact that you have some academic assignments to deal with. Why is it so hard to study during the pandemic? There are numerous reasons. First, background stress doesn’t go anywhere. The situation we find ourselves in is unique and not reassuring from the beginning. We don’t have any prior experience to lean on, and it builds up lots of stress. Even if you think you feel relaxed, you most probably are not, and it affects your ability to study. Again, that is why some extra activities are so important — to decrease the psychological pressure.

You are forced to study in a new environment. Even if you have studied remotely before, today the situation is different — lots of libraries are closed, lockdown exhausts providers’ capability, and connection can be unstable, etc. That is why, again, you need to make sure you are not behind schedule with your assignments, but also not to stretch yourself too thin.

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